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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reviews On "I Will Not Regret Losing You"

Review Point: 2.75 out 5
Author: Abhishek Agrawal
Publishers: Red Ink
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 9788192932484
Pages: 207
Target Audience: Teen Agers

Aratya narrates his life to friends Vikas and Ankit while sitting on the terrace of his home. He recalls his past and presents it with the stitches of happy and sad moments. In his past, he has two best friends Rohit and Gaurav. One day in the marriage function, he finds Rithimaa and feels attraction for her. Soon he falls in love but time makes them apart. He tries to move on, keeps himself busy with his friends and catastrophe of life. After couple of years, he finds another girl named Riyankaa and puts effort to make life smooth with her. Meanwhile, he helps Gaurav to get his love and pushes himself in lot of trouble. Will he be able to make Gaurav to get his love? Will Riyankaa be with him for ever? What problem he faces and what factors centralize the story? To know more, go through the "I Will Not Regret Losing You"

Strength Of The Book:
Book is maintained with the same pace from beginning to end. Multiple twisting points, happiest and saddest moments are fabricated with the story. Character justification is done. Starting is really good. Dialogue writing is good. Book follows the theories about love and friendship and scattered beautifully on both pillars. It arises curiosity of readers and make them smile and laugh too in regular interval.

Weakness Of The Book:
Story plot is weak and very common. Narration is not done properly. Way of presentation is some childish type and not matured enough. After half of completion, story diverts from the theme and runs on the behalf of other characters i.e. Gaurav. Some of moments are not written properly which make story a fake look.

Starting with the words of Sudeep Nagarkar (author of many best selling novels) this book targets to the teenagers only. Those who are fond of love story and seeking for a new spice, this book doesn't stand on their expectation. But if you wanna memorise your teen age with your candid nature and originality, this book is best spice. Depicting the survival of friendship and the pros and cons of love with the time, this story is a perfect collection of different memories of life in teen time. Book completely suits with the title but cover page is not impressive.

Reviewing Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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