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Monday, August 29, 2016

Reviews on "A Road Not Traveled"

Review Point: 3.5 out of 5
Author: J. Alchem
Publisher: StoryMirror
Genre: Fiction
Page Count: 198
Edition: First, 2016

Book is about three faces motivational speaker Niorgast Stinvins, political advisor Doilin Flenk and journalist Bakintin Lenit working together for a mission. All things begin when one day Niorgast receives an unknown call to be present at a specific place. There, he meet with mind-turner software engineer Albormi Menhtis. Anbormi presents his idea to unit the world as one country. Skipping at first, all get motivated by his words and do proceed their work for it. Meanwhile, they work together firstly to manage the problems of Niorgast's country and then spread their hands. Will they be able to accomplish their mission? What hurdles would they face? Will government of their countries support their idea? What plans would they make for their mission? Why they choose to work for this mission? To know, go through the ride of A Road Not Traveled.

Strength of the Book
Quite impressive platform having this book is a way to have peace in the entire world. Connecting all professionals people at one place and tiding them with the single thread of depiction, novel goes well with really effective dialogues. Way of centralising on one person while describing all the other things, keeping on track, is amazing. Each and every turn is connected and goes very step by step. Buttered with the good way of narration, story turns crispy with short stanzas by character Albormi Menhtis. Writer has put more effort to make the done and doing appearing real. The way story is and the way shock has given to readers make it outstanding narration. God is with us is shown well with the example of Himalaya.

Weakness of the Book
At many places, writer diverts from the topic. Also, weak narration is presented after the dialogues at couple of pages. Bit grammatical issues along with mixture of US English and British English is also presented. Writer makes confuse readers describing other things in other manner. The pace and the tone of novel mismatches. Many times, it seems, story is not fictional and writer has introduced academic way. In between, story drops the interest and goes as pale. The last chapter is always strength of any narration but it goes quite simple as all the stuff is concluded up to the previous one.

At first attempt, to present such thing is amazing and beyond appreciation. Grasping title with outstanding story line, this book is a must read. Giving the unique and quite different idea of uniting the entire world under one roof is impressive. The way image of Albormi Menhtis is presented is best to define a motivational character and its effect. Yes! there are thousands of problems people are suffering from and many of them are just because of borders. Writer has insisted this thing quite well and provided better solution with an example of exchanging $1 with $1 gives $1 but exchanging 1 thought gives 375 ideas. Good ending is given to the story. Cover page really looks good and suits perfectly to the theme. Those who seek story other than love can have this bite of perfection. Author secure a place in the bookshelves of readers for his book.
Review Point
3.5 out of 5

Review by -
Kamal Paneru

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Interview With Authoress Priyanka Bansal

Tell something about social-media-away Priyanka?
The real me—a quiet person. I don’t speak much but prefer listening what others have to say. A deep thinker, observer and social gatherings is a big no. In short, you can call me an introvert who prefers doing her work her own way and encourages no interferences. You could simply say, no faking out with people.

Many of us have read your post on Facebook. All your thoughts are quite impressive. What’s the reason behind these thoughts?
Thanks much for such a compliment.
Yes, people tell me about my posts that they love all. Every one passes through a phase that changes (him) her completely. I think, I’ve been through such a phase that we all call, when life happens, and I, suddenly, grew up as matured.
But at the same time, the kid within me is still alive. If you sit with me just for 10 minutes, I promise you’d literally die laughing. Not forgetting to mention, this is inherited from late maternal grandfather. He was my backbone. I still get wet eyes whenever I think of him.
To feel his presence, I, many a times, curl myself in his old blanket, no matter what kind of weather it is. It heals my soul.

Please tell something in brief about all your three books. How they are correlated and distinguished?
Until the date on web stores, only two books have come.
Hindi poetry collection जिंदगी की कलम से  is a co-authored book with other 3 extremely good poets. I take all three of them as my seniors.
All of us—Ankit Gupta, Diwakar Pokhriyal and none other than Neelam Ma’am (Neelam Saxena Chandra)—picked up different topics to write upon.
The second book A Little More than Love is my solo work—a collection of love stories.
Thirteen love stories, redefining love. Each story is unique and none of it is a typical perfect couple story. From the young intense love of sixteen’s to the mid-aged couple’s love, reader will find all here. For more to know, you need to go through it. It’s hard to me to sum-up my work in my words.
The third book (title to be revealed) is again my solo work of 100 Hindi poems. It is near completion and would be out in a month or so.

An author never wants to have errors in his/her book. You could see some printing mistakes too in your English language novel were there. How did you manage the criticised phase of review for your book?
I always say editing is a big task—more than writing—and I respect editors from the core of my heart. All of us are living a hectic life and editors are humans too. Why isn’t allowed for them to make a few mistakes?
To err is to human.
Yes, it feels awful to see mistakes especially when readers point it out, but I keep things simple.
While writing my own novel if I can make mistakes in spite of being emotionally attached to it and feel the need to hire an editor for it, the job of an editor is just professional.
I do tell them where they failed in their work. But you know, being polite is not a tough job and I follow it.
From a reader’s point of view, I thanked all those who pointed out mistakes and promised them to give them an error free book next time.

Being an active mother and a wife, how you take out time for writing?
Yes, that is a tough job. Days are for family but mid nights for writers. When I was writing stories for my English work, my laptop broke down and out of 45k words in the book, at least 20k were typed on Tablet. It’s all about your passion. Many a times I survived only meals once a day. For your passion, you can’t blame time, you have to take it out anyhow.

Is there any secret for your readers you’d like to reveal?
I don’t think there’s any. I hope you all know that I’m face reader, signature reading expert and can sense vibes. I don’t know from where did I get it, but I understand human nature to a great extent and act accordingly. I see in a person’s eyes and can tell whether he or she is lying.
And to share something from book, one of the stories is my real life story. You need to figure out which one!

Who are your favorite authors/authoresses and why?
I don’t read much. Whatever and whosoever touches my soul is my favorite, no matter he/she is a new bee or a bestseller. I don’t follow tags. I follow emotions.
Currently (July 2016), I’m reading a Hindi poetry collection of Anulata Raj Nayar and loving it. The depth in the poems has shaken me deeply.

Tell few titles that you admire for such work that touched your heart and soul?
Recently, I’ve opened a small library at my place without any big names on list. But each book is such that you won’t get bored even after reading it a number of times. I pick up any book at any hour and start reading. 

What’s your thinking behind the tag of bestselling for a novel?
The bestselling thing is a business these days, but as I told earlier, I don’t run after it. Unless a book is read by thousands of readers without the author himself asking for any ratings or reviews, or buying, it isn’t a bestseller in my terms.

If we keep money factor aside, what have you earned and lost in this story and poem writing?
Two words
Respect and recognition

Would you like to suggest something to budding authors?
I’m still a learner and don’t find myself at a position that I should be giving any suggestions, still, unless your write up connects to a soul, it’s just a collection of words.


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Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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