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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Thanks to All for Coming Close

First of all, SORRY for making so long post.

Knocking the door locked at outside
softness of the fingers burning in the factories
Speaking to the one dead in himself
hope of expectation dying at roundabout
such things really meant to only one person who survive in. Doesn't matter how close we go, we are always miles step away from reality. The thing which is clear to the person is always blur to ourselves. Though many of us are broad minded and very sensitive with our heart but go for the one which is very humble to our souls. Same thing is with me, when I spend my life with the books and only books. Plenty of novels I went through this year and there are very few which left footsteps in my mind and obviously touched my heart. Every writer is best in himself but it is only reader who tells him how much successful he has been. There are different types of writers among which few write for passion, few write for their loved ones, few write for money, few write for fame, and rests enjoy the scenario and beat of life instead going head or toe of any balderdash.
When somebody asks my favourite book, I really find myself confused and struck somewhere in the stories which I really lived when reading. Weather it was Child/God by Ketan Bhagat or Paradise Lost and Regained by Ratnadip Acharya or any other, every story is unique in its way and really touching.
I pay my utmost thanks to all the writers for writing such amazing books, meanwhile your determination is always admired at my end. Doesn't matter how much distance between us is, a feeling of lingering chit-chit is much enough to heal the worse mood.
Now lets come to the topic...
Here I am listing books with minute detail which I really admire for entertaining me:

@Dreams - Joginder Rohilla
I loved the learning therapy concept.

#IAm16ICanRape - Kirtida Gautam
Amazing extract from the actual Nirbhaya rape case. Pihu character is much lovable. Unforgettable book for me.

1st Job And 10 Mistakes - Uttam Kumar
A good step to guide freshers roaming in the market before the job, during the job and after the job.

3 @ A Time - Diptendu Shekhar Chakraborty
Really 3? Dear they were 6 and I wish that lad was me.

Among The Stars - Dhasa Sathyan
From the very beginning of the book, you keep me engaged till the last except few chapters.

Adhira Love: Lost & Found - Aditti Gaur
Oh my god, though I didnt give it more review point but I love the Adhira, wish she were alive, we will live together.

A Little More Than Love - Priyankaa Bansal
I will not forget "Rajat and Diya" characters of story "The Last Adventure" and "Latika" of "Being Me" of this anthology.

Asha Ke Pankh - Neelam Saxena Chandra
No words to appreciate it. Not only Neelam but also other co-writers have performed their work well and made this book an amazing read.

Bharati And Her Theory of Everything - Anil CS Rao
Dear, you took me in the future and put me there happily. First time I read any book which was starting from Chapter Minus Two instead Chapter One.

Boarding House - Vandana Singh
Kanyadan means gift of virgin daughter. I learnt it from this novel. Black are being neglected but what about those who have white skin but black heart? Novel talks about this global issue and the survival of character in this with the leaning she got in boarding house.

Checkmate - Hrishikesh Joshi
Your really did great job. Dialogue writing between those terrorists is really amazing. Really it was checkmate.

Chords Of Life - Kruti Mehta
One of the best anthology I have ever read. Believe me, It is amazing with perfect blend of everything.

Child/God - Ketan Bhagat
At first, I thought it is your real story. It is only book which I rated 5 out of 5. Believe me, you are far better than your brother. It touched me a lot.

Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused - Praveen R. Rathod
I personally loved this book, in the first half it was okay okay type, but as it matured I liked it, specially the topic it left with the readers. Kavya was really loving. Had she been in real, I would have proposed her.

Endless Life - Surinder Deol
It was the story of my type, which I wanted to read for years. Connected with the WTC, it raises so much social queries present in India.

Even God Doesn't Know- Rajeev Pundir
You baffled me at last, "The gravitation of their love had transformed them to feel to be in the state of levitation" I really loved this line in the book. Story is common but present very well.

Fizz... - Kannan
One of the mind blowing stories which one can not imagine ever. Seems you have deep knowledge about this. After reading your novel, my friends blamed you to have earthquake in India which centered in Afghanistan.

From Afar - Frank Scozzari
It made me familiar with Russia, story has plenty of emotions of a male who is lost by everyone.

Guruji's Ashram - Sunil Sinha
With mind blowing start, this book is perfect taste of love, lust, determination, meditation and inspiration. I got very late your purpose to write this book. Among my favourite. Lust should me diminished here. 

Hama Guri Goes To School - Aditi Bose
So sweet child, he will shake you when vomit blood. His talks lovingly. It took me back to my childhood.

Her Resurrection - Soumyadeep koley
It happens only in India, where a girl in rural area in nothing just like a piece of meat. You have presented her character in beautiful way.

Hey Dad! Meet My Mom - Sandeep Sharma & Leepi Agrawal
It is among my favourite novel. Rishi, Rishi and Rishi... he came in my dream too after completion of this book. I missed Shaktiman, as he used to do telepathy with Geeta Viswas.

Hidden Husband - Shikha Kaul
I loved it throughout. Specially when her lover comes at her home at the same time which she was habitual and their children fell in love with each other.

I Dream Of Clyde Monro - D Everett Newell
The poems you have dedicated to your beloved ones are amazing.

Innocent Desire - Dhisti Desai
I want to live that life of dreams which she lived. You opened amazing secret after half of the book.

I Will Not Regret Losing You - Abhishek Agrawal
Written for teen agers, this book is good spice of love and young mischief. Trip to Nepal is impressive and written well. 

KLASS-A Man Is Lifeless Without A Passion In His Life - Prita Yadav
Among my favourite, When Jo comes to know about her mother and family, that scene is really touching. She is reasonable irritating but inside lovingly too.

Life Is A Bitch - Asmit Rathod
You presented the story of real life. Really it happens that a graduate comes on road when life bitches. I loved the concept of singer of truck driver.

Lines - Vaibhav Mukim
Music is in the heart, where there is nothing, there is music. Really you are right. I loved it. Also, the unique concept of upside world, where gravity turns up.

Logicops - Vaibhav Mukim
What an amazing concept it is. Really admirable and I wish it should be in real in future.

Love is Blind - Tasneem Sara
Really love is blind. Amazing literature, and sweet character Kena made me fall in love with the book. Story seems damn original.

Paradise Lost & Regained - Ratnadip Acharya
A deer is much enough to teach we human what is wrong and what is write. Everything is connected to the other. The example of rolling down from top of the hill was really amazing.

Riding God's Axe by Siva Sadasivan
This book will make you travel throughout Kerala via different railway stations and meet with people of different region of India and world. Nicely written.

S.O.A.R - Success Over Adversity Reigns - Abir Mukherjee
Stunning business concept. Presented in well manner with three stories running together. Amazing part of the book is couple of South Indian and East Indian language, when lad is unable to speak Sneha properly and speaks Snega and shows loyalty when kissing her passionately.

The Bobble Heads Of My Life - D Everett Newell
In the end when you told the real life incidence which turned real, really shocked me. I could feel what you have felt with this bobble.

The Eight FBian Hearts - Harsha Shastry
Sweet story, with the taste of multiple love stories. Situations are the enemy of human they turn them apart and then bring close. It depicts the same.

The Outlander-Rise And Fall Of An Empire - Abhijit Haldar
Goodbye is not always good as nothing is good in goodbye. I really loved this sentence. Your plot was amazing. Had it been properly edited, it could be best for everything. I salute your thinking power.

The Pocket Love Story - Ajitabha Bose
Sweet and memorable book. Small than the android phone of Salis Afaque, this book is quick read and best source of entertainment.

The Trial Of 2091 - Sarang Gupta
Future droids are still roaming in my mind. Unique concept. I admire your effort and believe me, you have been successful in presenting the effort of your 5 years to shape this story. Biochips, new city, all things are beyond imagination.

The Unfortunate Kidnapping-Tale Of Destiny - Pratima Srivastava
Best blend of literature. Amazing collection of short stories. I still feel Yug's tryst with destiny and find myself sunk in the flood of Allahabad.

The World Is In Me - Sheeraz Khan
Can you please give me that goggle? I want to go to second world. Amazing fantasy world with the earlier lands of India and Pakistan. The way you have ended the book is awesome.

Things End But Memories Last Forever - Kumar Milan
First attempt. Your way to end every chapter with a quote is unique, accident scene enthralled me a lot.

When The Heavens Smiled - Ritesh Arora
A pure form of love. It depicts that it all depends in your determination and God's will. Sweetest love story novel I read in 2015.

Workout Your Soul - Sonia Singh
It gives peace to your soul while talking about almighty. It brings you more close to God and his deeds.

Zindagi... The Story Of Life - Vastvik Amera
A collection of short stories, this book will give you a glance of different corners of life. One side it dances in the memories of Kedarnath incidences and on the other hands lingers with intoxication. Good mesh up of stories.
I do not end here, I beg apology to make delay in reviewing

The Whispered Raga by Sudipo Roy Choudhary
Return Of The Hypotenuse by Sunil Mishra
Every Heart Has Something To Say by Madhurima Haldar
Illicit Canvas by Joanna Dzinks
Philia and Sophia by Nikita Hingad
As Life Has No Undo by Abir Mukherjee
Once Upon A Nightmare by Nat Goodale
Minstrels' Prize by Nance Bulow Morgan
Voices of the Silent Creek by Vikkas Arun Pareek
I am not a terrorist by Sunil Sinha

I am heartily thankful to Komal Priyani, Nehali Lalwani, Arpita Chipkar, Kalpana Mishra, Vaidehi Sharma, Vishal Sha, Rishiraj Sen, Nidhi Author, Amit Pandey, Akshara Singhal, Niekita Tak, Dhivya Balaji, Enakshi Johri, Ashiya Ansari, Amit Yadav to be with me with a pleasant smile.
Also, I would like to pay my thanks to Tushti Bhatia, Salis Afaque and many others for showing me a different face/phase of life.

If destiny is in the favour, surely we will meet someday and share our experience of life. Nothing is far from us, we are away just a phone call. We will let our heart to dance on the music of that time which will be stopped for aeon and nobody will snatch that moment from us.

I Wish you all Happy New Year 2016, may god bless you all and give strength to beat the shadow of sorrow.

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Reviews on "Riding God's Axe: Train Journeys Across God's Own Country"

Review Point: 3.5 out 5
Author: Siva Sadasivan
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Genre: Non-fiction/Travel/Memoir
ISBN: 978-93-52017-64-7
Pages: 162
Book Type: Hardcover

As subtitle tells, it is a real life experience of writer in throughout the South India specially Kerala state. He narrates his life and experience from the very beginning of time when one starts to remember things for future and look back from future. The Island express, The Tea Garden Express, The Poorna Express, The Nilambur Passenger and many other trains which writer has spent a time of his life. Meanwhile the places he had visited earlier are also depicted in the book. To know what he has felt and how touched the originality of things which millions missed in their life, go through the Riding God's Axe.

Strength of the Book:
South India in itself holds a damn natural beauty and writer has take equal benefit of this. Describing the experience very beautifully writer takes readers in an unending journey which is full of experience and unique moments.Writer has described the beauty of the places wherever he traveled via train. The way of narration makes readers familiar to the places which they never been. Somewhere interesting dialogues of people are also included. Throughout the Journey, he met many people and talked with them, all he has put in the book. The Parasuram Express section is written in a different perspective which is really impressive. To talk about people sitting at the door of running train, chikan biryani from NVRR, the place kozhikode, Spanish friends, support to Barcelona and all others put smile over face of reader. Writer has also described his family in his jounery as his sister, his father. He shows father instillation train for love in him.

Weakness of the Book:
Sometimes book becomes boring as writer depicts a scenario too long. People who expect it have it a proper story with a justified ending would surely be disappoint. Somewhere writer has collapsed the things which arise the interest of reader, i.e., The Poorna Express. The way of beginning is little weak.

Being unique creation of its type, this book is really an admirable pick up. Starting from the very earlier time of life, this book gives immense pleasure to readers in each and every chapter. Writer has tried much possible ways to make readers more familiar with the places and time which he had happened once. Besides, the things which everybody notices but ignore at the eleventh hour is presented very beautifully. Title and cover page completely suits to the story, also going with the same pace, this book will be loved by the travel-reader as the interest is maintained.

Side Point: There are two ways to present a book of journey:
With story
without story

In with story, writer makes a fictional plot for the book and narrates his experience of the place by adhering to the consistency of the story while making equal interest of the readers and bringing characters to the place reasonably. 
Example: From Afar by Frank Scozzari

This book is a non fiction creation and extracted from the real life experience in the valley of nature. Meeting with the beat of originality, this book makes readers travel throughout the place they never visited.

Review Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reviews on "Love Is Blind"

Review Point: 3.5 out 5
Authoress: Tasneem Sara
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 978-81-8253-492-6
Pages: 142
Edition: First

Samay is a teenager and lives in Bombay with his friend Ray. Both work in salon owned by Ray. Samay's mother lives alone in village. Her husband went so far from both of them to serve the world with his goodness. But he often sends letter to his son. Samay does not like his father at all. He reads his letter with no mood. Here at salon, once Samay meets Kena. Kena is simple and beautiful girl but physically disabled. He is dazzled by her simplicity and then slightly they come close. Kena tells him each and every secret of her life one by one and asked his too. Ray gives him complete freedom to co-operate with his salon and life with Kena. Then one day, when Samay visits Kena's home, after their dinner everything gets changed. Samay finds himself lifeless. What happened to Samay? What Kena did or how would she save him? Will Samay meet his father ever and love him? To know more, read "Love Is Blind".

Strength of the Book:
Amazing start. Book will bring readers in the valley of love. Emotions are described beautifully. Character justification is proper. Writer has touched the desire of readers and pinched them nicely with the proper use of literature. Dialogue writing is much effective. The way of narration makes readers to be more close with the life of Samay and Kena. Story goes on the same pace and doesn't let readers bore throughout the narration. Though, book is written with the male view but equal importance is given to male and female characters viz. Kena and Samay's mother. Ending is good and really different from other love stories.

Few Lines from the Book:
I wished I could reach out to her, and pull her in my arms. My feelings had nothing to do with her beauty. Undoubtedly, she was beautiful, like the ones who could melt you down in your seat. She had a magnetic face, with a speck of practical wisdom, hair that covered the swell of her breasts and skin the colour of cream. Her personality was full of charisma, but it was her simplicity that I found alluring. At times, when I stared at her, I found her a perfect epitome of sheer beauty.

Weakness of the Book:
In the last quarter of the book, story becomes boring and with lack of interest. Dialogue writing doesnt seem worthy for this part. Kena character is defined in such a way that she is normal person while it is earlier told that she is physically disabled. It makes readers confuse.

Authoress Tasleem Sara has presented a pure love story with the bites of romance emotions peep out from the heart. Each and everything is shaped perfectly to give book the best taste to meet the desire of readers. Title completely suits to the story, while cover page could me more impressive. On the other hand, readers may feel hatred for writer to give such different end to the book. Kena character in the book will make readers to fall in love with her.

Review Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reviews on "Chords of Life"

Review Point: 4.25 out 5
Authoress: Chords of Life: Symphony of the Darkness
Genre: Fiction/Love/Short stories
ISBN: 978-81-8253-553-4
Pages: 139
Edition: First

About the Book:
Book is a collection of 22 short and micro stories and equal poems. Giving emphasis on the importance of life, this book touches different aspects of human life. Consisting of matured stories, this book is targeted to the age group from 16 to 60 or above. Connecting the dots of life of all types of persons, this book is presented with the blend of emotions. Two more authors Zarfasheen Zia and Charly Priest have contributed in the book with their story A Human Connection and The Blogger respectively.

Strength of the Book:
All 22 stories are mind blowing and never heard before. Being unique of their types, these stories are extracted from the corridors of our life. From the very beginning, books maintains the interest of readers and does make them bore even for a while. Each segment of human feeling is present in the book. Also, Story alignment is amazing. Each story ends with the sweet poem which is closely related to the story in a different manner. No grammatical issue is present and book is properly mixed with the US and UK English style, which gives a different view to readers to have it peacefully. Dialogue writing is really good and much effective. Also, it has proper taste of literature.

Few lines from the Book:

It was a moment of eternal peace for her. She had died the day she was sold and was nothing more than one of the living dead, satisfying hungry souls. It was her time to gain the final freedom.

She was getting accustomed to her life alone. A smile adored her beautiful face and the thunder seemed to rhyme with her music. Her sleek and slender fingers were elegantly moving on the black and white piano keys.
                                                                                                                                        -(Let's go home)

I kept looking at his face, waiting for those big blue eyes to flutter open and his lips to curl up in that infectious smile which had ability to light up the whole world. My heart longed for him to move...even just a I would know that he was alive, that he would make it through this. But time stood still just like his body.
All that was left of him was his blood, now mixed with dirt and dust.
How was it possible? He was right there, alive and well and now he was gone? Even though we never talked, we still connected. I wish I had more time to dream with him, go to know him better and may be plan our future together.
                                                                                              -(A Human Connection) by Zarfasheen Zia

Weakness of the Book:
In few chapters, book has typo errors. Presentation could be more effective. Book lacks consistency from the beginning to the end. Cover page is not that much impressive.

This is one of the unique and impressive ways to present collection of short stories. This book is best spice for readers who are fond of reading but get less time. Language is simple but attractive. This book is perfect sum up of the creativity, imagination, hard work of authoress as well as a crisp of emotions, feelings, touching moments and humanity. It promises to readers an admirable read without any bang of boredom. Authoress has made characters alive in her narration. Book is not centralized on the characters of a particular age group but roams around the different stages of ages of different persons who are somewhere among us.

Few outstanding stories in the book are:
  1. You will hold my heart forever
  2. A Moment
  3. A Final goodbye
  4. Sandcastles
  5. Feel the rain
  6. Goodbye
  7. Mother
  8. A Human Affection

Review Point:
4.25 out of 5
Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Reviews on "When The Heavens Smiled"

Review Point: 4 out 5
Author: Ritesh Arora
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 978-9382665526
Pages: 168

Sarthak is an engineering student. He has two chap friends who are his roommate and partner in each sharing of life. He secures placement with good package in an IT company in Kolkata. With the help of Raja (his friend), he comes in contact with Sarangi, manager at The Grand Vilas, a luxury hotel in Kolkata. On the other hand, Sarthak has his mother alone at home in the different city where he stays for job. With his hard work, he soon gets success in his career. Meanwhile Sarthak and Sarangi come close and gradually fall in love. But everything turns complicated when one day Sarangi faces the worth. She fights for life and Sarthak feels himself completely helpless. What happened to Sarangi? Why Sarthak feels helpless? Will it make them apart or bring closer? Will their heaven smile? 

Strength of The Book:
This is a beautiful love story. Going on the same pace from very beginning, book has many of interesting and heart touching points which keep readers stick with the book. No balderdash in created throughout the book and presented the story in an amazing way. Love story is much romantic and makes readers actually feel its intensity. Story makes readers curious to what happens next. Starting of the book is very good and directly hits to the interest of the bookworms. Moreover, ending is done very peacefully with the smile on the face of readers. Love story is very unique and described in perfect manner by emoting each and every emotion. It focus on the doing of god and faith of people on him.

Weak of The Book:
Lack of literature. Character justification is not done. Friend season is depicted so long to bring the story on theme. Besides, the narration about the official life of Sarthak's life is weak and runs so fast.

Author Ritesh Arora has presented an amazing love story. This sweet love story makes readers to feel deep pain and joy while reading it. Book stands completely worthy on the expectation of readers. Those who are fan of love story would surely love it. The way of his narration is very strong which makes him different from other authors. Story completely suits to the title. Cover page could be more impressive. This book is the perfect sum up of joy, hosanna, sorrow, feelings, spirituality, professional & personal life, deep love and all the things which a person definitely faces in his life. With this story, Ritesh has secured a safe corner for himself in the heart of readers and place in the shelves for his book.

My Personal View:
After a very long time, I read such beautiful love story. It is one of the best love tales, I came through this year. God is always there to help us, its just how we see it and feel it. This novel gave thrust to my faith on that eternal power.

Review Point:
4 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Reviews on "The Bobble Heads of My Life"

Review Points: 3 out of 5
Poet: D. Everett Newell
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Type: Poetry
ISBN: 978-81-8253-631-9
Page Count: 156

About the Book:
Book is the collection of 80 poems and 3 short stories. Stories are the real incidence of author's life. Sticking to the perplexed and threatening situation of author's mind, this book brings readers more close the reality which is always there but ignored. These poems have deep meaning which convey a message to readers for the existence of natural and supernatural powers which exist in the world.

Strength of The Book:
Book takes readers more close to the theme, narration is based upon. Really touching poems are written which have deep meaning. Poems are written in beautiful way which maintains the interest of book throughout the book. Few of poems which writer has dedicated to his dear ones are really amazing. All poems are written in best way as per the given titles. Writer has given a thrust on city Gettysburg to make readers more familiar to the place. It gives readers close look to the imagination and the thinking of author.

Few of The Amazing Poems are:
Alone At Gettysburg
Corner Stores
Don't Be Ass, Show Some Class
Four Eyes
125th Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary
Icy Relationship
My First Home
Need A Reset
One Less Hug
Shades of People
She Keeps on Keeping on
Unlit Candles

Touching the heart of readers, this book is a quick read. The experience of paranormal activities in his real life, is quite enough to threaten readers and make them realize the presence of supernatural power. Few of poems of this book are best sum up of feelings and make readers to feel their heart heavy. Moreover, if you wanna read poems, which are beyond love and all, you must go through the book. Title also completely suits to the story. Author has much ability to express his thoughts to the people who are completely unaware of. In addition, standing worthy on the expectation of readers, this book is a journey of entertainment of pinch for heart and mind.

Review Point: 3 out of 5

Review By:
-Kamal Paneru

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reviews on “Fizz...”

Review Point: 4 out 5
Author: Kannan
Genre: Fiction/thriller
ISBN: 978-93-52017-64-7
Pages: 239
Target Audience: Above 12 year old

Syed Ashraf Pasha is of forty and the third in command in the Pakistani Army. He with his army friend Borg, plans a mission in his mind to shake India and the entire world without having blame of done anything. He calls Qadar to strengthen his mission as he has deep expertise in the nuclear field and wittiness with the intelligence bureaus. They plan to have a nuclear blast somewhere in Afghanistan near Pakistan border to shake the tectonic plates which directly relate to Himalaya.  But, it turns tough when one of their hired members discloses it to media. Rizwan, their follower comes to handle the further mission with Habibullah. How they arrange nuclear bomb? How they enter in Afghanistan crossing border? Will they be able to succeed their mission? Will India face the bitter taste of their plan? What western countries will do to fail their plan? To know, go through the novel Fizz...

Strength of The Book:
Writer has chosen a platform which is beyond the imagination of common people about the terrorist. Dialogue writing in precised way makes the interest a lot. Narration doesn't let readers to feel bore even in a single line. All issues are stated in straight forward way. Issue which is much sensitive and problem for entire world is chosen. Writer has maintained the dignity of all the high authority people of India, Russia, China, Pakistan, USA and other countries while writing dialogues. Moreover, beginning of novel is amazing and story goes till the end on the same pace. Character justification is done in best way by giving perfect ending to the story at right time.

Few Lines From The Book:

The advantage of having a scientist to detonate the bomb, rather than a soldier, is that he can take a decision based on his knowledge and wisdom. Soldier is trained to follow instructions, while a learned man evolves by questioning the orders.

Silence won't serve any purpose. If you have the audacity to spoil something, you should have the ability to plan something else too. I knew the faith quotient I enjoy is negative.

He can't control even a single wife, but has two. In a way, he is like your unofficial prince of India - he wants the power but not the responsibilities. Even power, he cannot digest.

Weakness of The Book:
Characters after characters are introduced chapter by chapters which makes readers confuse. Though narration is best but few incidences of past (i.e, Qadar' Aunty, Rizwan) are written unnecessarily. As written for Indian and out of the world, this book makes readers to have feeling of HATE for Pakistan.

Fizz... is based on terrorism activity in unbiased way. As everybody knows, human mind adapts negative thoughts quickly, this book is an example of negativity. Just for entertainment with the curiosity with page after page, this book is really amazing to be read. As directly blaming Pakistani army and their thinking, this book is not able to get love from that country and all which favor it. Novel fills Indian with the feeling of patriotism and let them feel worried for the north Indian while reading the story. In our country, when a child is not able to spell Pakistan, he is taught to hate Pakistan. Child hates without knowing their point. In the same way, this book riddles readers mind of readers with the anger for Pakistan which is not good message for humanity at all. Title perfectly suits to the story but cover page is not a bit impressive. Novel also clears the dust of people's mind who think Muslims are not good in anyway. 

Saying of My Colleagues on Fizz... :
He shouldn't have presented this story. The earthquake which we felt on 26th October 2015, which center was in Afghanistan, may be terrorist caused it after reading his novel. It should be banned by government. Though you are writer and you have freedom to write anything but you shouldn't give others chance to harm human in anyway. But salute to the writer who has such mind blowing thinking which one can not imagine ever.

Review Point:
4 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Experience Matters: An Interview with Author Sunil Sinha

Guruji's Ashram is the debut book of Author Sunil Sinha. Touching different cores of life, this book deals with the adversities of societies and mental peace of people frustrated from the life. Being motivational, this book gives readers a way to think towards the positiveness. Come, join him what he shares of his life.

Let us know something about this author of amazing book “Guruji’s Ashram”.
First of all, let me thank you for finding “Guruji’s Ashram” an amazing book. 
There is nothing much to talk about me. I travel in a world that is black and white and I have no use of gray. I love adventurous sports. I am curious, determined, intense, passionate, and filled with desire. I always follow my heart and do things which I love to do. I am not afraid of losing/failing. For me, a loss/failure today simply means an opportunity of victory/success tomorrow. 

When you realized your potential of writing? On seeing appreciation for your work from all critics, don’t you think you had to start writing earlier?
Although I loved reading books of different genres of both foreign and Indian authors since childhood, I had never seen myself as a writer. I had not written anything other than business communication before ‘Guruji’s Ashram'. 
One evening, while I was on my evening walk, a thought came and a story started forming in my mind. Moment I came home, I narrated the story to my wife and kids. They were thrilled and asked me to write it. That evening I sat for three hours and wrote a summary of the story and asked them to read it. They liked and appreciated the story. That is when I decided to write a full length novel. At that point, I was not sure if any publisher would accept to print it. To my surprise Leadstart and two other publishers accepted my proposal. 
I believe, whenever something has to happen, it happens. Inspiration of doing something new comes on its own, you just have to listen to your heart. It is never late to do something you love. 

How was your journey up to the beginning of writing of Guruji’s Ashram and what conflicts you faced while writing it?

All through my life, I followed my heart and have done things that I loved to do, because of this, my life has been full of excitement and twist and turns. I had lived almost all my dreams but felt something missing. When I started writing, I realized that my thirst for doing something new has finally been quenched. 
I fell in love with writing during ‘Guruji’s Ashram.’ There was no conflict. I already had the story in mind, I just had to sit and type those thought in words. 

Readers are saying that you have exaggerated the erotic part in the novel? Please let us know your opinion on it.
I would not say I have exaggerated erotic parts. However, I accept that the scenes of my novel are explicit. In my novel, all the scenes are explicitly described whether it is ‘Love Making’ or ‘Rape scene’ or ‘Treatment of Cancer’ or ‘way of doing Pranayama and Meditation’ or ‘description of Ayurvedic Medicines or ‘distribution of Drugs’ or ‘Torture and Murder’ or most importantly- ‘the way the protagonist brings about changes in education system and takes a poor state to the path of development’. I would say all scenes of my novel are explicitly described.

What kind of support and ignorance from your loving persons you came through after Guruji’s Ashram? 
While writing novel I got all support I needed from my family. 
Readers of “Guruji’s Ashram” who did not know me personally appreciated it and encouraged me to write more but surprisingly, I did not get much response (support or appreciation/criticism) from most of the people who, I thought, were close to me. However, a few of them had gone an extra mile to help me out.

Though, you’re book is amazing but as being debut author, what type of struggle you faced to publish your book?
I have heard a lot about the struggles of debutant authors to get their book published. I think I was lucky on this account. My proposal of ‘Guruji’s Ashram’ was accepted within a month. 

There was a message in your novel Guruji’s Ashram so what’s your motto to write novel? Is this your hobby or you want something else? 
This story is targeted on people who are looking for peace and happiness in their life by following different kinds of so called “Gurus”, without realizing that most of these “Gurus” are in fact doing business and making money in the name of offering of  peace of mind and happiness. These “Gurus”, if stop being greedy and use the money they collect from their devotees/ followers for the benefit of people and help society, they can do a lot to uplift poverty and eradicate illiteracy and they could actually provide peace of mind and happiness to millions of people.
I started writing my first novel just for fun. But while writing ‘Guruji’s Ashram’ I fell in love with writing. Now I think I have to live with my love. 

Your novel was touching different aspects of life from teen age to older age. So does it give a glimpse of your personal life? How you distinguish your life and the character of your novel Guruji’s Ashram?
I would say the novel gives a glimpse of present day scenario of commercialization of spirituality of India. Different kinds of Gurus and Babas have cropped up who are looting gullible people in the name of spirituality. 
I write fiction. Once I decide a topic and story line, I gather the information and materials needed for my book from many sources like newspapers, internet, books etc, to cook up my story. 
Guruji’s Ashram may seem like someone’s real life story but I assure you that it is purely fiction. 
I think a writer observes events around him/her and writes about it. Whatever a writer writes, it come through the writer and not by the writer. 
Characters of my novel are fictitious. I only hope, one day, if I get the opportunity and the means, I would like to do what Tapas, the protagonist of my novel, did for the upliftment of poor people and the development of country. 

Who are your favorite authors and why?
I do not have any one particular favorite author, I love - Sidney Sheldon, Irving Wallace, Harold Robbins, Jeffery Archer, Ken Follett, Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins, Khushwant Singh, Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi - there are many more. They all great writers and have their own style of writing and they all are unique in their own way. 

Would you like to discuss your work on your upcoming novels? 
My next two novels are “I am not a Terrorist” and “Retribution.” Both these books will be published in 2016. At present, I am working on two more. That is all I can say at the moment. 

Any message to your readers and budding authors? 
I would like to thank all my readers for reading, appreciating/criticizing my book and giving me their valuable feedback. Their appreciations have encouraged me to write more books and their feedback/criticisms have helped me in improving my writing. 
I am a budding author myself. I am not in a position to give advice, at least, not yet.

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Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reviews On "I Will Not Regret Losing You"

Review Point: 2.75 out 5
Author: Abhishek Agrawal
Publishers: Red Ink
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 9788192932484
Pages: 207
Target Audience: Teen Agers

Aratya narrates his life to friends Vikas and Ankit while sitting on the terrace of his home. He recalls his past and presents it with the stitches of happy and sad moments. In his past, he has two best friends Rohit and Gaurav. One day in the marriage function, he finds Rithimaa and feels attraction for her. Soon he falls in love but time makes them apart. He tries to move on, keeps himself busy with his friends and catastrophe of life. After couple of years, he finds another girl named Riyankaa and puts effort to make life smooth with her. Meanwhile, he helps Gaurav to get his love and pushes himself in lot of trouble. Will he be able to make Gaurav to get his love? Will Riyankaa be with him for ever? What problem he faces and what factors centralize the story? To know more, go through the "I Will Not Regret Losing You"

Strength Of The Book:
Book is maintained with the same pace from beginning to end. Multiple twisting points, happiest and saddest moments are fabricated with the story. Character justification is done. Starting is really good. Dialogue writing is good. Book follows the theories about love and friendship and scattered beautifully on both pillars. It arises curiosity of readers and make them smile and laugh too in regular interval.

Weakness Of The Book:
Story plot is weak and very common. Narration is not done properly. Way of presentation is some childish type and not matured enough. After half of completion, story diverts from the theme and runs on the behalf of other characters i.e. Gaurav. Some of moments are not written properly which make story a fake look.

Starting with the words of Sudeep Nagarkar (author of many best selling novels) this book targets to the teenagers only. Those who are fond of love story and seeking for a new spice, this book doesn't stand on their expectation. But if you wanna memorise your teen age with your candid nature and originality, this book is best spice. Depicting the survival of friendship and the pros and cons of love with the time, this story is a perfect collection of different memories of life in teen time. Book completely suits with the title but cover page is not impressive.

Reviewing Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reviews On "Boarding House"

Review Point: 3.25 out 5
Authoress: Vandana Singh
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-84027-65-0
Pages: 193

About The Book:
Varsha is a small girl, lives in Rajnagar with her family which has her parents, elder brother Arjun and two younger sister Uma and Shreya. Shreya is mentally and physically challenged since birth. Her father is a medium class employee who hardly manages his family in that tiny income. They somehow grow and one day their father gets an opportunity to work in foreign. He walks away by leaving Arjun and Varsha at boarding school. Varsha spends her spell of age there and learns lot of things which she follows throughout her life. She carries a special feeling for Black people of western countries and as time passes, she finds herself trapped between the mentality of white and black people. What type of struggle she does in boarding house? What she learns from there? What mentality she has about Black people? Who she will marry? Why Arjun starts to hate her? To know all these, go through the book Boarding House.

Strength Of The Book:
Starting is good. Way of presentation is very good and appreciable. Instead discussing wholly about boarding house, writer has taken a different way to make people stuck with the book. Perfect blend of sad and happy moments, this book a good read. Book has many of interesting point to spread smile on readers face. Touching the reality of nations and thinking of people about racism and all other major issues, this story is wonderful mesh-up to control the upbringing. How a girl finds herself trapped between her own wishes and pressure of marriage put by parents, is beautifully presented in the book. Character justification is also done. Narration is good and enough to read bind readers till the end.

Some of the lines from the book: 

I sometimes wonder how certain Whites, despite their racial superiority, are white only in their skins, but what black hearts they have.

Western society is a boarding house society. Only sex is free, everything else has to be paid for.

Kanyadaan (the gift of the virgin daughter)

In his later letters, he wrote to me, 'I sometimes wonder if I am a product of my parents' love or lust.'

In India, there is a big difference and a real difference of values between the service and business classes. The service classes are highly educated, sacrificing, honest and sensitive and with values, whereas the business class is a moneyed class usually with a lot of easy money, often less educated or without the same value for high education, care for nothing except monetary gains, and many are insensitive to the suffering of the poor. Many, but not all have money but no class or values.

(this published content of the book contains copyright and is not for business use. If you do, you will be solely responsible for financial lose)

Weakness Of The Book:
Platform is not properly justified. Story deals with a serious topic racism which is completely away from the theme predicted by title. Multiple characters are introduced in the very beginning of the story which creates too much confusion. After first chapter, name of narrator is written at page 68. Dialogue writing is minimum.

As the title predicts story about, it diverts after few pages and speaks about the learning from the place. Those who pick up this book to read the ups and downs of market, this book makes disappoint. Racism spread in the world and survival of a lady between her choices and pressure of society is described in amazing way. Cover page could be more impressive to deal with the theme and factors covered by the book. Cover page says the story is fiction but writer has given it a real look so the story seems completely original without a single line of imagination. By discussing each thing equally with best narration this book secures a safe place in the selves of readers.

Reviewing Point:
3.25 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Reviews On "And The Heart Died"

Review Point: 2.75 out 5
Author: Aseem Srivastava
Genre: Fiction/Love Story
ISBN: 978-93-52013-31-9
Pages: 252

Living in hostel with friends DG (Digvijay) and Glass (Sarthak), Aswani is a Law student. His Tau Ji and gradmother finalise a trip to Kedarnath in June'13. All three go there along with his family. Here Aswani comes in contact with Suman, engineering student. Suman Weather turns worst and all they find themselves into the deep trouble. Meanwhile Suman and Aswani come close and he narrates his painful life to her where he had lived more life each day with the imbalance of family. At last he loses his friend DG and grandmother. Suman and Aswani fall in love and get success in their field. But will situation remain same? What would happen to their lives? What are the factor which make the story, covering the title? To know more, read "And The Heart Died".

Expectation Of Readers:
As blurb says that the story will revolve with the actual tragedy happened in Kedarnath. Though the work is fiction, but readers connect their lives with that unfortunate doing of nature. Readers' expectation with the book is, it would surely describe well what had happened there with them or their beloved one. 

Strength Of The Book:
Good platform is chosen for narration. Kedarnath tragedy of June'13 really pinched the heart of all humans. Each situation from hostel life to struggle factor, love to betrayal is described well. Story is properly knitted and goes in the same pace from beginning to end. Multiple happy and sad incidences are included to let readers be engaged with the book. Ending is really shocking and admirable. It makes readers to shed the tears for the pain of character. Character justification is also a positivity of story. Besides, what title depicts is, it is a heart touching love story with a sad ending. Law and lawyer section is described in good way by showing the reality of present time. No pin-out is created in this section.

Few Lines From The Book:

"I have never been to any school. Is it fun there?" I asked.
Karan replied, "I don't think so. My sister says that they punish her when she doesn't do her homework."
"What is homework?" I asked.
Karan replied, "I don't know. But it is something bad."

I aimed for the sky; but I forgot I was not a bird. I aimed for the heaven; but I forgot I was not an angel.

Weakness Of The Book:
Writer has not worked to describe the tragedy of Kedarnath. When relating to real life happening, this books falls on the expectation of readers. Narration and dialogue writing are weak and do not properly cope up with the depiction. Describing different lives of characters, story run away from the theme and let readers be perplexed with flow. Love story is weak and not that much crispy.

Book "And The Heart Died" is the debut novel of author "Aseem Srivastava". Those who are fan of love stories, can opt this book for good entertainment. Being first book on such Kedarnath topic, this book is good read and makes readers familiar with the personal life and fear of a social person who goes against wrong things. If you are expecting incredible love story and to read more and more about the mishappening of that religious place, then book will disappoint you. It doesn't stand worthy on the expectation of teen agers but surely promises happy reading to the readers of 20's and 30's. Cover page is not attractive and also title somehow not relates to the story.

Reviewing Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Money A Modern Addiction

As the world is turning to globalization, many fields are growing rapidly while few leaving breath from the world due to lack of interest of people or curse by technology. With the modernization of society and workplace, money has emerged out as a crucial factor which has overwhelmed each and every mind. Initially when population was less and technology was not so much advanced, needs of peoples were limited. But as time changed, technology spread its hand in the market and forwarded people have life of comfort. On the other hand, population rises rapidly which causes increment in the number of consumers and limitation in the availability of the key of happiness. People’s mind is filled with the thought that if money is in hand, happiness is at home. People are dying to earn more and more money. With the hike in population job opportunities come to limit which produces competition among people. Once, if there were 10 opportunities, there were minute people but at present for a single opportunity a fight occurs with thousands and millions people together.

Companies are trying their best to have best employee by providing all time best salary to candidate. If we talk about metro cities, survival of a common man has been more tough due to rapid exposure to modernization of place. There rich are being richer and poor still stand constant. They also want to improve their standard to stand equally or somewhere at a good position to be the real part of the city. In the temptation of money, many of graduates, post graduates and other people are following a wrong path which ends at prison or death. And it is just to make standard among rest. We are adapting western culture and trying to think out of the box which really take our mind to a different direction. This direction follows path only for money which considering right or wrong. At present, we are living for standard and show off. A man is ready to spend his 16 out of 24 hours in his office just to get money. In the grasp of thinking about money, man has forgotten about all happiness at present. He earns for future by ruining his health and present. A family is happy to having 3 BHK or a bungalow in rapid growing city without considering it that they are going to live in it. In this greediness of people, the thing which enjoying fruitful time, is corporate sector. They are looting people in the name of brand and people are paying high amount of money. For an example, a man who initially used to wear a shirt of 200 to 250 rupees now after earning money just to show off doesn’t talk about anything else except reputed cloths brand like Armani and Blackberry. Also in the same way, where a car of Maruti Suzuki which cost 4 to 5 lakhs gives complete comfort, a man for the sake of his standard goes for Audi and BMW.

People are not ready to believe that money can not buy anything specially a deteriorating health and relations. Money factor has made people far from their dear ones and put a seed of jealousy between them.

- (c) Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reviews On "#IAm16ICanRape"

Review Point: 4 out 5
Authoress: Kirtida Gautam
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
ISBN: 978-81-931360-2-7
Pages: 592

About The Book:
Aarush is a handsome teenager and grandson of billionaire Rudransh Kashyap. Rudransh owes a coaching center for IIT preparation. He has Arush, Gayatri his wife, Ananya his daughter in low, Mrigank his son and Navya his granddaughter in his family. Besides, Pihu is also an important part of their family. Mrigank with his wife and daughter Ananya lives in USA and Arush is grown under the look after of Gayatri. Aarush is possessive and extreme sharp with his mind. He is accused of rape of Shubhangi Tyagi who at Bangaluru is a software engineer of 25. Rudransh is the man of his words so he with lawyer Meghana tries best to reveal the truth. Will they be able to save Aarush? Who is telling lie? Either Aarush or Shubhangi? How pihu plays a role of mysterious person? What step will Rudransh take to let the victim have right judgement? Will a change in government rules and Indian constitution take place? To give your curiosity a platform, go through this amazing book #IAm16ICanRape.

Strength Of The Book:
Incredible platform is chosen which is slightly avoided by common people. As being a women, it is very hard for her to talk about rape and all. But authoress has done her work in best way. She has not only given light to the juvenile crime but also evinced the effect of a rape on both families and surroundings. To depict the emotions and thinking of each character of story specially when there are many is really a difficult task but authoress has given equal importance to all the mentioned characters and showed their emotions in a beautiful way. Book is written in the prospectus of both male as well as female. Many of topics which included in this story such as juvenile factor, freedom of women, our constitution, government rules, respect of a woman, are crafted perfectly. Book doesn't make readers bore at all. To keep the readers away from confusion between characters, these are properly segmented into chapters. Narration is admirable. All points are stated in straight forward way. To keep readers engaged with the new terms, appendix is also given.

Few Lines From the Book Are:

I want to sound like a sissy, but I miss my pillow and my bed. I don't claim to understand love. Love is not a regular emotion of my system. They say if you love someone, you can give you life for that person. I can't give my life for anybody. Does that mean I don't love anybody?
- (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
People should either think or not think, but they should not think they think when they postulate.
- (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
When I use the word stupid, I mean a person who is an emotional fool. When I use the word idiot, I mean a person who is low in intelligence. I use a self-invented word, stupidiot, for a person who is both stupid and an idiot.
                            - (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
I am too valuable to be forgotten.
                            - (Aarush of age 16 and accused of rape)
Human gather knowledge about their environment by two distinct methods-firstly, through their five senses, and secondly, through their minds. The person who gathers most of his knowledge using one of his senses is called a sensory type person. The person who gathers most of his knowledge using his mind is called an intuitive type person.
                                     -(Samvedana, They psychologist)
In transactional analysis, a winner is a person who responds authentically, by being credible, trustworthy, responsive, and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of society. Yes, he is not winner. He plays his game in such a way that no matter what you do, you can't win against him. Because, first, he doesn't play to win, he play so that other people lose.
-(Samvedana, They psychologist)

(this published content of the book contains copyright and is not for business use. If you do, you will be solely responsible for financial lose)

Weakness Of The Book:
Though depiction is good but when it comes to victim part (Shubhangi Tyagi), author fails to express her pain and emotions very well. Shubhangi Tyagi is the most sensitive character so it had to be described as well. Harry and Shrini characters are described too much unnecessarily which make story diverted from the theme. Vijay (the second accused of rape case) character is also limited. When describing one from the same box, other must not be neglected. Besides Ananya (mother of Aarush) is presented as only one sided, her second face with her son could me more descriptive. Ending of the book somehow disappoints readers with the conveyed message. Besides, Vaishnavi character was not needed anymore. Grammatical errors and typos also appear on many pages. 

When everyone is afraid of talking about a heart aching topic rape, Authoress Kirtida Gautam presents an interesting book on this topic. Based on the Nirbhaya Rape Case, Delhi, this story holds the breath of readers. Full of suspense and penetrating emotions, this book is an unforgettable ride. It is about "When it comes about physical, a boy of 15 is equal to a man of 25 . He gets this capability at the age of 12 or 13, so why to make him free to do anything (even rape too) till he ceases 18." Holding much avoided word "rape" in the title, this book deals with the psychology and mental state of teen agers as well as elder people before and after a rape case of their beloved. Striking on narrow and conservative thinking of women, this book leaves readers with many questions such as "amendment in constitution, "women's hesitation and fear to come forward after being raped, their support to other women, juvenile age, freedom of all women and teenager boys".

Reviewing Point:
4 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Reviews On "The Pocket Love Story"

Review Point: 3.5 out of 5
Author: Ajitabha Bose
Publisher: Author's Ink Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 978-93-85137-24-2
Page Count: 63

Ram comes to Ghaziabad from his hometown and takes admission in Journalism at IMS. Here he in the same class, finds a beautiful girl Tani and slightly falls in love with her. Tani is from rich family. Situation goes down when this love remains single sided. Will he be able to get her love? What problem he would face in college? To know more, go through the "The Pocket Love Story".

Strength Of The Book:
Language is simple. Story is maintained with the same flow. The way of starting it, is really unique. Some twist which are given to story are good. Book doesnt make readers bore and entertains them in appreciable way. It contains good crisp of love and separation with the pain.

Weakness Of The Book:
Little bit grammatical errors are here. It could be more entertaining but narrated in an okay type manner. It is somehow based on all time heard platform.

Author has played his role sharply. A story of length which generally becomes the part of anthology has been turned into a book. This is really an amazing way. It made the record of Smallest Love Story Book. If you wanna have a perfect entertainment with love story while having a small time period, you must go for the book.

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

wanna know more about Ajitabha Bose, the writer?

Interview By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reviews On "The Eight FBian Hearts"

Review Point: 2.75 out of 5

Author: Harsha Shastry
Publisher: Numerique Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 9789385167188
Page Count: 150

As the name "The Eight Fbian Friends" suggests, story is about 8 people. Vijay finds Sanita, Bhaskar finds Anaya, Pradeep finds Sujala and Vishnu finds Malvi in the world of look. They start to like each other with having blind date. Sujala has a dream of becoming and actress and Pradeep helps her in best possible way to achieve it. Vishnu has hell busy and tiring life of banking sector but he still takes out time to heal the time wiht Malvi. But what happens when they come to their blind date? How reality gets changed? How a moment changes their a well predicted future? To know the answer, a must read "The Eight Fbian Friends".

Strength Of The Book:
A well acknowledged platform is chosen for narration which directly relates the hearts of those readers who have felt the same in their life on social media. Story has the same flow from beginning to end. Writer has done his work cleverly and not made any confusion between the stories which depicting. Character justification is also present in the book. Climax part of the book is really appreciable and brings readers more close to the depth of story. Also, writer has given a light to the issues which are really hurdle in the life of a woman.

Weakness Of The Book:
Narration is weak. Beginning of the book is not able to bring the interest of readers and compels them to turn the pages. Few lines such as "“Lift it up buddy, before it is too late.” (it was used for phone) really seem awkward for narration. Radhika character, which is friend of Malvi disappeared suddenly from the book. Book leaves breath at many of places. Though ending is good but they way to present it is not really holding one.

Author has presented a well known topic Facebook with the crisp of emotions which are really touching and somewhere belong to the heart and lives of readers. This book doesnt stand worthy on the expectation of readers who want to have perfect crisp of 3L (Love, Lust and Literature) but promises best entertainment with unending climax and curiosity. It won't engage readers much with way way of narration but will be loved for the story concept.

Reviewing Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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