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Sunday, April 26, 2015

nothing changed yet

Have you forgotten me??? I asked this question to you several times when you were not with me. Nothing to something, then something to confusion, then confusion to love, then love to ecstasy and at last loneliness. This is the unbearable truth of our relation. Today on April 26, 2015, I completed four years when I heard you last time at 10:40 of mid night. You were crying badly and I faced the anger of your catastrophe parents. I must not say but your mother is a bag like the “surpanch” of NH-10 movie. I woke up late by seeing you in my dream. We spent happiest moments together again. I saw, I was in the deep sleep, somebody knocked my door. My roomy refused to leave the bed due to the favorite sleep of morning. So I had to face that unknown face standing next to door. I opened the door with the yawning and got mind block when saw you in front of my eyes. Your spread and untied hair were telling you had taken your bath and your “tilak” told me you did worship. You were to temple for me and for us. You kissed my cheek and asked how I am. I took you in the balcony and welcomed the lord sun with folded hands.

I couldn’t sleep last night. You said.

I slept a lot. I said

Hmmm, I know… because I prayed to give you relief all the time.

Do you miss me every day?

I don’t think, I should answer.
You said and I read your eyes. Love was embroidered in your eyes and I could feel the beauty.

I shouldn’t have asked this question. I said and kissed your forehead. You hugged me tightly and I found it happiest moments when we saw 3 peacocks started to dance in the terrace of building next to ours. They were happy with us and aggrandized the happening of the moment. I felt so relax by hugging you after a long time.

When did you wake up today? I asked and rubbed your back.

I didn’t sleep for entire night.

Ummm…. Why?

I wanted you to see me the first on your morning. Here some four years ago, when left each other without our wishes. And I came here to start it again.

Wow… it’s a surprise for me.

We have waited for four years, now no more. Come to my home and ask me from my parents.

I love you.

I love you too, if you cant come to my home please take me with you for now and for ever.
You said and I hugged you more tightly.

I will never ever leave you even for a while.

I feel myself happy when you are with me and when I think about you.
I said and kissed your head.

Will you be happy with me forever? You asked.

Do you really need an answer?

you said and smiled.

You be fresh, I have to go right now. Today I want to spend my whole day with you.

Really? But please don’t go.

I will be back. We will go Aksardham temple will end our day at India Gate.

Wow… nice idea.

Okay… bye….
You said and left me there by kissing on my palm. you were descending from the stairs and suddenly you fell down. As I heard your scream my dream broke down. It was a terrifying dream. Though I know it was not real, but to pacify my heart I quickly opened the door and ran towards the stairs with bare feet. There was nothing but silence. My roommate ran behind me to know the matter.

What happened? He asked.

Nothing. I replied.

-(c) Kamal Paneru

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review Of "The Trial Of 2091"

Hats off to the imagination of Sarang Gupta. He has knitted the story in most effective way it could be ever. It has given a new way to think to reduce the crime in properly scheduled way. Story comes with the confusing startup but it is well explained with the image representation to bring smoothness in the mind of reader. He had pushed the story forward with a heavy plot which covers the prerequisite things to engage the booklovers. Every chapter brings reader more close the mystery solved and arises the curiosity to turn the page.

Writing could be more effective. Not all but somewhere chapters are not arranged properly. Characters are forgotten step by step, they must be evinced. Footling is also included to enhance the literature which is not that much impressive. Gibberish leaves the breaths of the story at many places.

Story goes slowly on very smooth way and doesn’t let readers to be bored. Better explanation is tied by creating a virtual scenario. The end of the story is awesome; literature is at its peak in the entire novel. Multiple stories are connected with each other very cleverly without creating balderdash. Author has revealed eureka with the depth of love and revenge which were dissembled.

Story is really a nice attempt to preview the e-future of human and surrounding. It tides the patience and curiosity up to the end page and leaves a smile over the lips and great respect for author Sarang Gupta for such creative work.

-Kamal Paneru

Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Monday, April 6, 2015

A walk to Heart Beat

Do you remember my words when I said “I love you” for the first time??? That was an amazing moment when I expressed these words with my eyes and you accepted me with you closed pearls. A drop of joy came out from your eyes and rolled over you xeric cheek. I do feel the warmness of that tear yet. Today on April 6, 2015 it has been completed 4 years when I saw you for the last time. Believe me, that was not last. I have seen you many times in my reverie and broken sleep of the endless nights. Feeling for you could not abandon from my heart yet. Let me tell you a truth, whenever I see you in my dream and you go far away from me. I forward my hand to stop you, I do fell from the bed. That commitment of kind of 3 months took me in the world of ecstasy. Doesn’t it make you happy that we didn’t do fight in our last meet? Both of us cried just by imagining the life after that day. We touched the real taste of love… I do feel that you hear me when I am all alone far from the world of friends, happiness and all. I left to make friends. I feel better to spend time in silence to talk with you instead to have fun in fucking fuckness of friends. Love gifted us a lot. Who says love ends with tears? We ended our meet with tears, not love. And I can proudly say that I haven’t changed my mind yet. Things are still same. Still I feel my heartbeat increased when I anonymously hear your name in the crowd of unknown faces. I feel little jealous when I see the couple enjoying together. We dreamt together to spend life in the valley of hill stations. Still I miss the moment when we talked about boating in Nainital lake. Now whenever I go there I see your face in the lake and ask how are you…??? Once I found myself unable to spend life without you even for a moment. Bust destiny decides something for everyone. You gave me your swear not to shed tears on your leaving. The best gift of my life was you and you gave me the best thing, that is called Love. As days spent my love for you increased in your absence but your swear tied me all alone. Nothing changed except years. Same feeling and love still present in my heart. Will you please come back atleast once to let me know how you are. I feel annoyed when they say take time and think about someone else to start new life. Why don’t they believe that love happens only once? Why do they hit their thinking on my love and me? I am happy with your virtual appearance in my life. I am happy that you enter in my dream everyday and pass a sweetest smile. I wish you to be back in my life just to heal my these four years which I have passed like decades. Whenever I think about you, always a smile sits over my lips. Then people ask why are you smiling? And I replied calmly by saying nothing.
Your Lover

Kamal Paneru