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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Reviews On "Boarding House"

Review Point: 3.25 out 5
Authoress: Vandana Singh
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-84027-65-0
Pages: 193

About The Book:
Varsha is a small girl, lives in Rajnagar with her family which has her parents, elder brother Arjun and two younger sister Uma and Shreya. Shreya is mentally and physically challenged since birth. Her father is a medium class employee who hardly manages his family in that tiny income. They somehow grow and one day their father gets an opportunity to work in foreign. He walks away by leaving Arjun and Varsha at boarding school. Varsha spends her spell of age there and learns lot of things which she follows throughout her life. She carries a special feeling for Black people of western countries and as time passes, she finds herself trapped between the mentality of white and black people. What type of struggle she does in boarding house? What she learns from there? What mentality she has about Black people? Who she will marry? Why Arjun starts to hate her? To know all these, go through the book Boarding House.

Strength Of The Book:
Starting is good. Way of presentation is very good and appreciable. Instead discussing wholly about boarding house, writer has taken a different way to make people stuck with the book. Perfect blend of sad and happy moments, this book a good read. Book has many of interesting point to spread smile on readers face. Touching the reality of nations and thinking of people about racism and all other major issues, this story is wonderful mesh-up to control the upbringing. How a girl finds herself trapped between her own wishes and pressure of marriage put by parents, is beautifully presented in the book. Character justification is also done. Narration is good and enough to read bind readers till the end.

Some of the lines from the book: 

I sometimes wonder how certain Whites, despite their racial superiority, are white only in their skins, but what black hearts they have.

Western society is a boarding house society. Only sex is free, everything else has to be paid for.

Kanyadaan (the gift of the virgin daughter)

In his later letters, he wrote to me, 'I sometimes wonder if I am a product of my parents' love or lust.'

In India, there is a big difference and a real difference of values between the service and business classes. The service classes are highly educated, sacrificing, honest and sensitive and with values, whereas the business class is a moneyed class usually with a lot of easy money, often less educated or without the same value for high education, care for nothing except monetary gains, and many are insensitive to the suffering of the poor. Many, but not all have money but no class or values.

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Weakness Of The Book:
Platform is not properly justified. Story deals with a serious topic racism which is completely away from the theme predicted by title. Multiple characters are introduced in the very beginning of the story which creates too much confusion. After first chapter, name of narrator is written at page 68. Dialogue writing is minimum.

As the title predicts story about, it diverts after few pages and speaks about the learning from the place. Those who pick up this book to read the ups and downs of market, this book makes disappoint. Racism spread in the world and survival of a lady between her choices and pressure of society is described in amazing way. Cover page could be more impressive to deal with the theme and factors covered by the book. Cover page says the story is fiction but writer has given it a real look so the story seems completely original without a single line of imagination. By discussing each thing equally with best narration this book secures a safe place in the selves of readers.

Reviewing Point:
3.25 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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