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Monday, September 14, 2015

Interview With Author Sheeraz Khan

Sheeraz Khan is the author of recently launched sci-fi novel "The World Is In Me". Book was published by Leadstart Publishing and is available in all major book stores and shopping sites of India. Sheeraz is wondering around age 20 and carries imagination in his dream. Lets have a chit chat with him, what he really is and what experience he has to share.

Tell something about you to make us know you a bit deep.
To say all about me in one word, ‘Dimensionless’ would be appropriate. Seeking to know what I want to believe has always been a tendency throughout my life. But sometimes, I put my passions aside and have a chill pill and in return this brake again inspires me to know more about life and I put it in a paper as a song. I want to live every moment of my life to the fullest and make my dearest people do the same, that is why their smile is my biggest asset. To follow it, I keep doing my thang (yeah! Just to see people smile because of me)

What you do in your free time? What you love?
I had a habit of always keep thinking What next? What next!!! But after my book came out I understood (to be exact my sister taught me) that you divide things and give each of them equal importance or else you will loose small memories which are important to remember when we grow up. I do chatting, complete the whole game in my phone or whatever I start. Yeah all those things, which a normal guy does like help mom in the kitchen, movies, pop and a little wondering with passion.

You published your novel “The World Is In Me” at this early age, what inspired you to write?
People who come across in our daily life, much ignorant they are regarding faith or hope. Like they want to believe only if the thing comes to their hand if not they don’t care. I wanted to show them have faith, even impossible things come to you or atleast you will learn to go and get it. Nothing is impossible in our life even if its just your strangest dreams. I believe in reveries.

What is your favorite genre? Who are your favorite writers and why?
The Genre is obviously my own category sci-fi in which I write my novels because in this genre we stop for a while from this bitter reality of life and imagine the possibilities. My favorite author is Veronica Roth. When I read just the first page of Divergent it gave me a feeling like “this book must be a master peace!”. She was aware of how things may turn worst if we neglect our future and the way of description was so admirable. Also, I love Chetan Bhagat. He describes characters in the best possible way like you relate yourself with the jealous part of you and how sometimes you deal with your darkside (see all the main characters of Night at The Call Center, Revolution 2020, Half Girlfriend… its obvious through the main characters in them)

Tell some of your favorite books?
No matters how many great books get released even from Veronica Roth, Chetan Bhagat or Preeti Shenoy, my love for fairy tales, Arabian Nights is indescribable. I want to feel like a kid all the time reading these. I hate feeling grown up.

What you earn from your readers?
I hope they will understand who they really are and what they are capable of. With my books and blog I want to be the reason for them to smile when they look in the mirror or remember me as a helping person. Even if I am able to do it for atleast one guy or lass it would be enough for me

Would you like to open clandestine about your new work?
I would like to give a sneak peak into it. Its going to be a trilogy with the title ‘’Game as Life’’ and I am trying my best to give my readers a dreamy feeling while reading book like... understand the meaning or situations in an artistic way.

Leave a message for your readers.
Don’t give up seeing the toughest times because I too do it in my real life and once my favorite singer Katy Perry told in one of her songs ‘after a hurricane comes a rainbow’. I seriously believe in it Haters blame you anyways but you earn something what you believe in right. So sometimes keep holding on and sometimes let it go (hope you understand the difference).

Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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