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Friday, June 26, 2015

Reviews On "Logicops"

Review Point: 3/5
Author: Vaibhav Mukim
Publisher: Frog Books, Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-81836-99-6
Edition: First, 2015
Page Count: 110

The book is about the story of Parker, Vettel and Pratt, the police officers of crime branch who are indulged in solving each case logically and with innovative way by reading the mind of others. These officers have highly sharp mind and ability to read the mental state of persons standing at front or residing far away. Officers solve the cases and reduce the crime by visualizing things in mind and taking action before happening. Also, story goes with Chimney, the only family of Parker.

Strength of the Book:
Theme selection is very nice and drags the attention of readers. Narration is done is straight forward way without creating nonsense. Fragment in 28 chapters of mind catchy title having 6 sections, this book completely entertains the readers and does not let them be confused. Story telling style is really amazing and unique. Ending is also done in best possible way by solving mysteries and letting a wave of satisfaction over the face of readers. Dialogue writing is very clear and focused on point being described.

Weakness of the book:
Story goes so fast. Irrelevant chapters are also added. Much of persons are introduced which are useless and not required. After the first half of narration, story falls down and fabricates with unacceptable chapters. Proper justification is also not done with each character.

Author Vaibhav Mukim has great ability to make unknown things familiar with his words. Story suits best to the title and cover page of the book. This book will surely be loved by persons who read some different kind of fiction stories but it will disappoint readers who die for literature, love and all. Vaibhav has played his role very well in the book and presented a concept which is out of universe. 

Reviewing Point:

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

And The Last Day

Would you leave me now?” I asked.
Yes… I don’t want but I have to.” She replied. I noticed her eyes had ended the tears and the kohl had disrupted the existence of her beauty. My eyes were wet but I controlled my emotion and again drowned me in a silent sobbing.
What’s my fault?” I asked.
Nothing… but its over now.
Tell me at least once.” I regretted again and again. I was crying for myself. I was asking her to be back in my life again. But I forgot relations are not made by words. These are the purest form of two hearts feeling the same. Once she found congenial company with me but now without any broken word she was pushing me out from the empyrean of her love. I was missing her canoodle. I was missing her gentle touch. I was about to lose all things in front of my eyes. Like we can’t hold sand in our fist same thing we can’t hold relation by tears when other one is ignoring the meaning hidden behind these worthless water drops.
I don’t love you anymore”. She replied and broke down in tear again.
Why…???” I asked and hugged her tightly. She lay her head over my chest and shed tears a lot. I just felt how much I hurt her. I know it hurts when she says “ I don’t love you” but it hurts too much when she says “now I don’t love you anymore”. This anymore bears much and more than that. She didn’t reply and just cried. I rubbed her back and make her feel warm with my care.
"In our relation your love was like a melting ice piece, which was there but continuously losing its existence. I know how much I missed you when I lost my entire family in that catastrophe. I told you the tragedy at that time and you disconnected the phone by saying I’m in meeting. Can you imagine how much it hurts? You really can’t. You really don’t know the meaning of wait. I used to wait whole day just to spend few moments with you in the evening. But you always disenchanted me and came tardy. Have you ever realized how many nights I have spent without taking meal? No… you don’t know. Because I was running for you and you were running for money. Dear, I know money brings happiness, but you couldn’t distinguish difference between love and money. Love is not money. You can procure anything with your money even relation too. But you can’t buy feeling with it.” She said and I realized what I got what I lost. I lost my happiness. I was working to get happiness but she was my happiness. Her phone rang. It was her uncle asking her to be at home. I wanted to say her sorry. But as they say sorry works when mistake is made but it doesn’t when trust is broken. Once I promised her I will be with you in any situation and how silly I was. I couldn’t give her proper time when she lost her family. I had broken the trust and I was solely responsible to bear that peril.
Okay… I’m leaving. I won’t meet you now onward but…” she stopped her lips.
But I cant forget you… you were my only love… still I love you but things have been changed. Feelings have been changed and I too.”
Bye” she said.
bye… I wish you back in my life
Hmmm… but now not possible. Take care” she said and left. Her last adios was touching, to me, to her and to our relation. Tonight I didn’t take my dinner. Its 1:00am but I am not hungry. I am just realizing her spent time, when I ended my dinner in luxurious hotels and she waited for me to have dinner together. I am the only offender and couldn’t get better castigation then this. But still I am missing her from the bottom of my heart.

- © Kamal Paneru
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Monday, June 22, 2015

Reviews On "Asha Ke Pankh"

Review Point – 4 out of 5
Poetess – Neelam Saxena Chandra
Publishing – Airavat Publishing House
ISBN - 9789385137976
Book Type – Poetry
Page Count – 108


The book is a work of complete imagination and creativity and dedicated to the people who struggle a lot and don’t accept defeat from the adverse situations. Book has many of poetries of other poet and poetess too. Covering each and every corner of human life by relating with the nature to give a message of hope and respect to the decision taken, this book has total 86 poems. Touching the life of every aged person, this creation is the sum up of unique and admirable creativity of Neelam Saxena Chandra and other writers including Ruchita Kajariya, Uma Jhunjhunwala, Anup Jalaan, Shalabh Saxena, Somya Vilekar, Kusum Goswami, Madhurima Jaypuriar, Amod Kumar Rai, Geeta Soori, Dr. Dipika Rani Garg, Mitika Kakkar

Strength Of The Book:
As the book name indicates the message, book is knitted around the same by touching every bit of Hindi literature to let readers dive in the world of imagination. Starting is given to the book in awesome way with “Apni Baat” title. Book has best collection of poems to engage the readers. Every poem suits to its title the most. Additionally, poems create the virtual scenario in front of the eyes. As lines go down, poem becomes mature and ties the readers in amazing way. Moreover, these poems are more related to the real life of each individual and give message to give their best efforts for survival and better tomorrow. Some typical Hindi words like Mamatva, Vatsalya, Pramudit, Prafullit, Firkaparasti, Aahlaadit aggrandize the poems.

Weakness Of The Book:
Chapter alignment could be more proper. Few poems are irrelevant and do not touch the theme even with a single line. Though the book is based on a topic but doesn’t end with the same as it starts.

Neelam has really incredible power to think beyond expectation. Her each poem touches the heart of all readers. She has ability to create things visible when reading the poem. She really knows how to evince perfect combination of words, imagination and Hindi literature in her poem relating to everything present in this world.

Though all poems are beutifully written but listed ten poems are really heartbeat of the book:

  1. Amaltash Ke Phool
  2. Yeh Boondein
  3. Jane Kya keh gayi asha
  4. Jeet ki raah
  5. Aitbar karna seekho
  6. Muskuraati raat
  7. Shakuntala
  8. Tufan
  9. Lamhe
  10. Umeed (by Mitika Kakkar)

Review Point – 3.5 out of 5
Reviews By – Kamal Paneru

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Reviews On "Things End But Memories Last Forever"

Author Kumar Milan
Publisher - Author’s Ink India
Genre – Fiction/Love
ISBN – 9789385137204
Page Count – 160

The story is about engineering student Abhi who is the topper of his school. He is in love with Nikita (at first). Gradually situation changes and he finds himself in love with Riya who is a neighbor. Story changes when an accident of Abhi’s family happens on the way to Vaishno Devi. After it the survival becomes tough to Abhi and story narrates how he conquers his feared destiny to have brightness back in his life. Also flashback story goes together with his fight with present. To know more read the book Things End But Memories Last Forever.

Strength Of The Book:
The story is beautifully crafted with real appearing incidences. Dialogue writing is amazing. All characters are defined properly. Story goes in the same flow up to the end and somewhere deeply touch the heart of readers with described melodious moments. Dilemma remains till the end of the story and doesn’t let readers to skip out the pages without reading. Besides this, addition of very usual family drama makes narration alive by affecting the morale of story.

Weakness Of The Book:
Story goes so fast from the very first page. Grammatical errors leave negative impact. The entire story is circulated with the group of teen agers which is not able to drag the attention of readers of twenties or thirties. Writing style is not matured type. And lack of literature really makes readers depressed with the book. Irrelevant things are also embedded.

Title of the book doesn’t suit with the story. The way of narration is really unique and admirable. Story is fragmented in different parts which are scattered up to end. Ending is done in awesome way but the matter of the book could be more impressive with touch of more fictitious moments and thread of literature.

Review Points: 2.5 out of 5

Review By: Kamal Paneru

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Reviews On "Innocent Desire" of "Dhisti Desai"

Review Points: 3 out of 5
Authoress Dhisti Desai
Publisher Leadstart Publishing
ISBN – 978-93-84226-83-1
Genre – Fiction/ Super natural
Pages – 304


The story is about the happening and mis-happening in the life of Haven (girl) and Tenace (boy) who meet in college and fall in love gradually. While being in contact with Tenace, Haven comes to know about her inner strength got from her father, grandmother and other ancestors. She faces lot of problems which are caused by persons having natural and super natural powers. Tenace who is true lover and also from the category where she relates to, helps her a lot to get rid the adverse situation and brings her back to her normal life. To know more about Haven and her mystery, dive into the Innocent Desire.

Strength of The Book:

Well set platform is chosen by the authoress. Novel is the perfect mesh-up of love, drama, action, romance and the thing which actually not exist in our world. Chapters are beautifully crafted one by one and presented to readers with the view of each character of story. Justice is done with all characters very well. Perfect situations are tied up with the narration. Also, dialogue writing is really admirable. Story goes in the same flow and makes readers curious by revealing mystery one by one after couple of chapters from beginning. Name, place, characters and story all are selected very cleverly to engage the readers from across the world by making them familiar with the book. Moreover to this, erotic things are fabricated in awesome way.

Weakness of The Book:

Writing style is so normal. Beginning of the book leads to disappointment. Also, the actual story ends multiple pages before the end. Sometimes scenes are stretched overly which make readers to skip the pages.


Dhisti Desai has great imagination power and capability to make readers familiar to unknown & unheard things with her stunning work. Title suits best to the theme selected. Besides this, her works shows her dedication towards the story which compels readers to be curious with her way of presentation. She really knows what to writer, how to write and more specially where to write in her narration.

- Kamal Paneru

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Shayari By Kamal Paneru - 3

sard raatein jab aur qareeb aane lagi
wo meri rooh me samaane lagi
kapkapi si hoti rahi raat bhar
wo mujhe jaan jaan bulane lagi
behte rahe ishq ke dariya dilo me
wo dheere dheere apne raaz batane lagi
ek kasmkash thi uski yaado k anzuman me
wo apna pyar jatane lagi
sayad mareez thi wo ishq ki
meri baatein use marham lagaane lagi
kehte hain ishq mukar jata h ek arse ke bad
wo sadiyaan sadiyaan meri baaho me bitane lagi
Khamoshi jab bani pehlu uske bayaan ka
wo kisto kisto me mayusi apnaane lagi
Kuch jarurat thi use kisi apne ki
wo kaynat tak sath nibhane lagi
Ishq ke rang me bheeg jane k khatir
wo hatho me mehandi se naam sajaane lagi
Kaise bhul sakta hu uske dilkash andaaj ko
wo jab meri baaho me bikhar jane lagi
Lafzo ko see diya usne hotho ke darwaje pe
Wo dil ki awaz se mujhe gungunaane lagi
Muddat ho gyi ab uska chehra dekhe
aaj fir yaad uski ab aane lagi
Kaise keh du ki wo ho gyi hai paraayi
wo mujhe apni duaao me bhi sajaane lagi

-(c) Kamal Paneru

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Shayari by Kamal Paneru - 2

nazadikiyaan jo bad gyi to nazar jhukane lage
wo hame dekh kar kuch aur sharmane lage
muddat muddat dekha rasta hmara
jo hame dekha to palat kar door jaane lage
wo kaisi raat thi poonam kee, ki chandani hi nahi
wo jarra jarra apna daaman bichaane lage
unka palke sametna bhi hame ab sataane laga
wo dil me jab samaane lage
kuch aarzu ki diye jalte rahe dil me
kuch phool bhi yaado ki daaliyo par aane lage
waqt ki chaukhat pe ek aisa mod bhi aya
wo paas ho kar bhi bahut door jane lage
jane kya kismat ne gul khilaya aisa
wo hmari muhabbat ko aazmaane lage
lamha lamha dooriya badti chali gyi
na jane kyu wo gair ko apnaane lage

- (c) Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shayari by Kamal Paneru

Hazaaro bar unka naam likha hatheli pe fir b tanha hi rahe
In hatho ki lakeero ko jara sa bhi tarash na aya...

likhte rahe mitate rahe ek tera naam tha
jo reth ko bhi yaad ho gya

sannaate me goonjti hai meri khamoshi aise
dilo me pyar ki koyal kookti ho jaise

chaand bhi tha samne aur uska chehra bhi
fark itna tha k ek k chehre par daag tha aur ek k dil me

gunaah bhi aisa kia ki saja sar-e-aam sunayi gyi
ek toot k chahne wale ko bewafa btaya gya

maut hi sukun de sakti h ab mujhe
ye ishq k raste na jannat le jaye na zahannum

ek bequsur aashiq k dil pe bhi kya guzri hogi
jise barisho se muhabbat thi, uska dil tuta bhi barsat me

gore hatho me uske mehandi ne rang dikhaya
chupa na saki qaynat tak jab mera naam ubhar kar aya

Ishq k rango me kbhi uska aksh nazar na aya
jo kehta tha ki bewafaai ka mara hua hu main...

ye albeli hawa ki gustakhiya to dekho jara
uske aangan ki mitti ko meri aankho me dhool bna diya

- (c) Kamal Paneru

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reviews on An Anthology "Zindagi... The Story Of Life"

Editor: Vastik Amera
Publishers: Author’s Ink Publications
Category: Fiction “Life”
ISBN: 9789385137088
Page Count: 59

As the name indicates, book revolves around the centralize theme consisting of five beautifully crafted love stories. Covering real to dream world, love to passion, teen age to old age, innocence to maturity, the book is best mesh up of unique thinking of young writers.

Story 1
It Started Without Any Reason by Niharika Mishra

Writer has narrated a small love story of teen agers. Proper justice is not done with the story teller. Characters are scattered around the central person. Things run so fast like skipping the moments. Lack of patience is visible which leaves bad impression over the writer. But, story is given ending very cleverly which leaves smile over the face of reader for giving awesome breathes at end.

Story 2
Intoxicated by Yash Pawaskar

Appreciable work is done by the writer. Well platform is set to give light to well known but avoided message to humans. Dialogue writing is awesome and compels readers to be tied with the story. Curiosity increases with the pages and well knitted sheet of literature and incidences make it more worthy to admire. The way of presenting the things is very well.

Story 3
Am I Alive by Mani Khanna

Awesome penning by writer for the thing which is being neglected by youth. Writer has made things more real by evincing the feelings of a guy who has lost his wife. Line by line, story drags the attention of reader. Adorable netting of story with the cover of literature and real incidence of history make bookworms bow down in the respect of mind blowing work of writer. 

Story 4
The Dream At The 7th Night by Prateek Singh

Little bit confusing and wonderland platform is set by author to make dilemma of love from the starting to end of story. Pure love is expressed in the story with much common things by making more familiar with the story. Message and theme is not well set which doesn’t engage the mind of reader and lets him to turn the pages.

Story 5
Yours Forever… by Ajitabha Bose

A well known love story of young couple is presented by adding crisp of literature, interest and actual feeling of love. Narration best suits for Bollywood masala movie and fits on short stories. Nice plotting is done and proper justice is given to each character of story. Writer collapses the thinking of readers in amazing way by leaving them smiling face of best end.

Overall Book Review:

Writers have played there role very well but editor Vastvik Amera skipped his duty completely. No formatting is done in the book. Sentences are not enclosed in inverted commas too, so it creates confusion where dialogues are end and narration is start. Also, story sequencing could be done in better way. Besides this, grammatical errors are too much which start from the first page and goes up to the last. So the book doesn’t stand worthy to its cost. Short description of the theme, the book is about, could make it more impressive. Well described stories are included which tie readers and make them feel to respect the thinking of writers. Here is the ranking of stories as per their impression

1. Intoxicated
2. Am I Alive
3. Yours Forever…
4. The Dream At The 7th Night
5. It Started Without Any Reason

Review Point: 2.5 out of 5

Review By: Kamal Paneru

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Reviews On Novel Child/God

Writer Ketan Bhagat
Publishers Rumour Book India
Genre – Fiction/ Contemporary
ISBN – 978-81-929532-4-3
Page Count – 351

The story is about the Raghav Malhotra who has enjoyed ruined childhood & life up to the marriage. Completely careless, not sincere and moron Raghav is the husband of most beautiful wife Leela and brother of high professional Rishi Malhotra who is the author of blockbuster novels and scripts. Things change when he completes a novel and asks his brother to help in it. The big brother neglects his demands with buttering. The situations become worst with the rejection of book by publisher, demoralization by family and fight with the working wife. Its all about how he conquers the scattered things and how becomes sincere with the new entry of god in his life in the face of infant. Raghav Malhotra becomes “The Raghav Malhotra” with the time and finds his own strength but how… to know, you would have to read the book.

Strength Of Book:
Platform is knitted very well and justice is done equally with each character discussed. A unique topic is discussed which many of peoples are suffering from. Admirable literature is used to explore the attention of mind. Also, real social incidences are connected in the story to make readers more familiar with characters. Writer knows what readers want to read and hence briefed each thing very well. Readers won’t feel the story is running so fast. Step by step, authors has made story matured to grasp the mind of bookworms. Love, life, violence, frustration, tension, learning, situations and all the remaining things which a person really goes thorough are embedded very well to let reader feel he is reading his own story. Curiosity of reading next page doesn’t end up to last page. Perfect blend of one’s real life is presented in the novel with the spices of fiction. Centralized person played its role in amazing way and made story alive in effective manner. Also, Countless memorable moments are expressed.

Weakness Of Book:
Abuses and vulgar words are used too much. Though an author writes all the things which demands reader attention but it could be more impressive if it was without these shits. Besides this, I didn’t get any weakness in the book. 

Our country has got the precious writer and Ketan is best among rests. I have read many of Indian authors, but he is unique and adorable. I really have no words to say him thank you for writing such incredible novel. The art by which he crafts his views and make unknown things familiar is unbeatable. No such work is done in history and I am sure not going to be for next hundred years. And I accept as being an author I really can’t imagine ever what he writes in heart touching way. Outstanding work is done, nothing could be better than this Child/God. It must be converted in blockbuster movie. 

Reviews: 5 out of 5

Reviews By: Kamal Paneru

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letter from one of my precious readers

Once you promised me that your novel will be my birthday gift, but just because of you the “why should I love you is not in my hand yet”. Today I appeared in a mall to have freshness in the spoiled mood done by the catastrophe of those fucking eyes of boys. You know, what happened? First time in my life I went to a book shop which was not related to any type of education. The shop was related to heart, mine heart and somewhere deep inside of my bitch destiny. It was only you who made to addicted to novel. I still remember when I used to call it nobel instead novel. It was you who corrected it and also told me writers are not boring anymore. You made me known to “I too had a love story”.first time I cried just because of unknown. Don’t know why I kept my trust on you. Did I love you? No… sometimes it happens when you find stranger is better than known, you don’t have expectation with them, you can leave them whenever you are in mood. But you didn’t tell me what to do when this stranger becomes known even more than a friend. I valued you. Sharply I liked to share everything with you and those nonsense questions. Still I like my idiocy when I created balderdash and you said very loving “dear I will slap you, if you say anything wrong about you”. I really liked it that a stranger who has not seen me yet, saying to slap me on my mistakes. It made me feel that I am valuable for someone.

your reader