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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When I Told

It was sunny evening and the cool breeze of mid October was giving sense of winters. In a hall of 40 x 80 I was filtering the keypad of my laptop to write on the screen. Meanwhile, I got an email that I have been promoted to manager. I could see that the mail was from higher authority of the organisation in which heads of all departments were in cc including HR. I was happy. I wanted to share this view best people that what goddess Durga had given me and what their blessing had offered me. Yes, my hard work was not enough for this position. It was blessings from parents and seniors as well.
I told to several close people and here are their reactions:
Director: I always know the potential of my employees.
Manager: You have long way to go.
COO: Congrats!
Mother: arey waah! arey sunte ho (on phone) humara ladka manager ban gaya!
Father: Kamyabi mubaraq ho!
Brother: Cool.
Girlfriend: Congrats! This is first step, and you will be CEO one day!
Friend 1: Badhai ho!
Friend 2: Ye to kamaal ho gaya!
Friend 3: Badiya hai
Friend 4: Navratri khatam hone de, daaru pilana fir.
Friend 5: You deserve this.
Friend 6: Salary bhi increase hui?
Friend 7: Chal kuch khate hain aaj bahar se
Friend 8: Good! If they know your potential, one day you would be joining them as partner.
Me: Thanks to all. Goodnight!