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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reviews on "Gian Kumar Series"

Author: Gian Kumar
Book Type: Series
Genre: Non-fiction / Spiritual
Publisher: Celestial Books, an imprint of Leadstart Publishing
Year: 2015
Edition: First

Glance of Gian Kumar Series

Spread over the breath of spirituality, the series of Gian Kumar is unique collection of its type. Touching the depth of sea and heights of sky, this series revolves around the human inside human, that is God. Projected is a different manner with eye catchy titles, this series let people what in actual they are, what they need, what are their real desires, what are their aim of life and why they are sent on earth by that almighty. Collection of different worlds simultaneously in these three creations, this series is admirable for its work till the end and does not leave any place for being forgotten.

Book 1

Title: Know Thyself
Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-93-81836-87-3
Page Count: 336
This book is the collection of knowledge what a man should have about himself. Beginning step by step and then coming on the main theme to let readers know the actual depth of spirituality, this book talks about who The God is, what is the actual meaning of life, what is spiritualism and then consciousness. Author differentiates things which seem correlated in this world of mesh. In this running age of life, we surely are skipping own originality. Author lets readers to know how to control our mind as we want not what we be as mind wants, how body, mind and spirit remain together but are quite far away from each other with their own existence and importance. In the same way, author makes sex, love and spirituality transparent keeping in different jar of visualization.  Money has been the need and more than expectation a one can obtain in one’s life. Author shades light on it too to keep readers learnt how to give up the affection of money and others.
Line from the Book -
My desire demands; comfort, sex and ego.
My intellect decides to reason.
My awareness cries for unconditional love.
My consciousness determines what I really want.

Thoughts are born of experience and knowledge of the past.
We discover, beyond our sensory perceptions, personal opinions and desires — a new dimension of creativity, intuitiveness and imagination.

Book 2

Title: Think from the Heat Love from the Mind
Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-93-81836-88-0
Page Count: 358
At very first, the books another entry in the arena of revenge and love type novel. But the title contains deep of what anyone is unable to realize without grasping fingers of almighty. Teaching tricks to live happily in this world, author brings his experience in lime-light with the shadow of spirituality. Author distinguishes science, religion and spirituality from each other and then sews these with the cord of need of a soul. He opens new door for people to know the truth of their existence and their desire in more specified way when talking about awareness, truth and knowledge about self. Far beyond the world, author introduces the concept of Fourth Dimension. Then, dual & non-dual existence of human and this universe in the frame of space is defined by him placing each thing in its certain place. Moreover, author ignites the flame of know-more inside readers while gaining the truth of their own having.
Lines from the Book -
It is space and just space in this space-less, timeless, limitless Universe. Only when you perceive space do you realize that you are her and there in dualities.
When you are emotional, you actions are impractical and prejudiced. When you are spontaneous, you actions are intuitive and imaginative.
It seems that truth, in our relative life, was born only after someone was caught lying.
Truth cannot be apprehended in a relative manner; it differs from one to another.

Book 3

Title: The Ultimate Reality
Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-93-81836-89-7
Page Count: 318

Sharply focusing to the pace of human life, this book correlates human what he is and what he should be. Being more practical in this book, author brings pace and sharpness in his way. Letting readers be engaged with his earlier two book sinking in the devotedness and way of life, author here puts forward his thoughts and experience about the well-being of human kind. He talks about quantum consciousness where he defines Brahman as the energy to drive the world. Defining physical, mental, social and spiritual alignment as art of living, author goes ahead and serves his readers the difference between reality and existence, with three stages of existence. Self-knowledge, awareness and centre of life the way writer has defined will make readers more engaged in themselves in their life further. At last, writer concludes himself, not ends, with the focus of centralization that youth as well as adult must go for. Away from the passion and enliven fake things, centralization and spirit of awareness are more precious for having mind peace.
Lines from the Book -
Do remember, whatever success or greatness we may achieve in life through fame or fortune, as long as our body, mind and spirit are not aligned, we are bound to feel lonely and discontended, even at the top.
Until this energy realizes fulfillment, the spirit or
atman within keeps wandering in repeated cycles of birth and death until it reaches its origin, when it becomes one again.
The mind, with its dual characteristics, enjoys playing with us, separating everything in order to discriminate, choose and judge what it desires, until consciousness comes along within its limited space and time to reveal the identity of who we ultimately are.

Nothing could be better collection as it is. Gian Kumar has really put his real Gyan in his work. Focusing, the theme of human, decided by nature and God itself, this series has separately defined each and every aspect from the perspective of spirituality. The way, author has started every chapter with a saying is amazing, including that saying. Very simple English is used for narration. Knitted keeping the real world touched throughout, author has peacefully presented his thought with no arrogance of disinterest and avoidance. Gian Kumar series is of the finest creations over self realization and spirituality. This book does not end in these 1012 pages, but it begins actually at the end. It opens thousands of new door for readers to see things differently and positively knowing that the almighty is within us and will surely not lead us at wrong doing. Keeping trust on him, even not on him but a power that runs this entire universe and keeps it growing, will keep Gian Kumar’s readers remembering him with each passing moment of live. Author has sprouted his theories well and is able to secure his place in the heart of readers. When everyone is running for money, to bring such topics to read is really a daring task and then most important is presenting it in this beautiful manner. Last, not least, Gian Kumar has plenty of knowledge and I expect more books from his end in upcoming time as this series has cleared many of my own doubt about existence of universe as well as human life.

Review By
- Kamal Paneru

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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Reviews on "She: Ekla Cholo Re"

Sub-title: Ekla Cholo Re
Author: Dr Shayan Haq, Santosh Avvannavar
Edited by: Rajashree Ghosh
Publisher: NA
Genre: Fiction
Type: Novella
Page Count: 58

Set in the frame of Kolkata of the late twentieth century, story is about Raj and Kusum. Raj meets Kusum on highway and she narrates her life to him finding him a suitable and understanding person for the feeling she bearing in heart for years. She tells him how her father and mother distinguished her in nature as pretending boy and girl in the same body. Kusum’s mother used to see girl in her, while her father always saw boy in her and always insisted her to quit all girl’s habbit at once. Kusum faces the world bravely and let them know about her completely. Debu, her so called lover, becomes more close to her in her story of life. Meanwhile, Raj finds interest in her life more and feelings of sympathy and love for her grow in him. What happens next? Would he tell her his feelings? What is hidden in her story which makes him love her? To know more, go through this SHE: Ekla Cholo Re

Strength of the Book
Best option to quick read, this story has much moments to let readers be more indulged with the book. Both Raj and Kusum characters are depicted very well in this short journey of entertainment. Dialog writing is quite okay. Simple language is used to let readers finish the story at once. Climax in the ending is amazing that how Raj and Kusum both are connected to each other since earlier they meet. Besides, writer has more insisted the centeralised character to be present throughout the book. Being its type of unique book, this story stands more awesome in the way of presentation.

Weakness of the Book
To give Kolkata look to the story, writer has excessively used Bengali language in such small narration. 

Beating with the flow of narration, this book is quite good option to read in a gulp of interest. Proper blend of entertainment with quite interesting story and climax is presented in this book. Describing the pain of a person who is not NORMAL (Beyond the gendership of male and female). Generally, people do not like to interact with the people of other gender and the thing is well described in the story. Besides, the adversities for these kind of people in the society are also discussed. Readers will surely find it more interesting as story has quite running pace of entertainment.

Personal view
It was quite different experience to read such type of novel. As per mine thinking, it is quite difficult to express feeling of those people, avoided by the society and even parents, but writer has put his best efforts in it.

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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