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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Interview With Authoress Sonia Singh

Tell something about you, including your hobby and rests. 
I am a mom and a wife. I taught Chemistry for over 10 years. I have Masters in Chemistry and Masters in Education. Teaching was my passion and I loved seeing my students becoming successful professionals. I came to US 9 years ago and became a Certified Cardiovascular Technologist so I could have a job with flexible hours as I wanted to be able to take better care of my family. I enjoy music, reading and cooking too. I believe in a disciplined life style as that is the key to a peaceful existence. I grew up in an army environment as my father was serving the Indian Army. He is a retired Colonel and a doctor by profession. Being from the army circle, we moved every 3 years thus being exposed to people from different cultures. It resulted learning in various ways about the faith and religions. This made me reflect and to understand that all faiths speak about the same virtuousness, goodness and Godliness. 

What you expect from your book and its readers? 
This book is written for the love of humanity and is an endeavor to unite the whole world on a plane of goodness. It introduces people to small changes we all make in our own lives so firstly we make our family a living paradise. 
Slowly we can spread this infectious goodness into the world and make it the best place it was meant to be. I am trying everyday to make people join me for just as we exercise our bodies regularly we need to work on our souls for only then can we attain any inner peace. Irregular workouts cannot give you toned bodies so how can sporadic faith workout give you lasting peace within? I want people realize that each and every religion teaches the same basic virtuousness in everyday life like taming your ego, loving your responsibilities, respecting other people etc. 

What make you to pen down the thoughts? 
To reach the realm of the inner you have to introspect and remain in faith. I wanted to write a book to prove to this divided world that we need to understand that each one of us is a child of the same God whose names are different in various faiths. The outer cannot demarcate our souls. Our everyday actions slowly build our inner peace and satisfaction. 

How long it took you to complete the book and what hurdles you faced throughout the progress?
Surprisingly it took me 3 months to write the book and another 3 to shape and configure it. It is based on my beliefs and life experience so did not face any hurdles, thanks to God. 

What is more important to you, either to write according to you or according to readers? 
I have written a real book based on goodness which is integral of any religion so just want to ask people to join me in my endeavor. The people are very intelligent and literate so I do not have to write to impress them in fact when they read a good book they will automatically value it. READERS ARE THE REFLECTION OF YOUR WORK, THERE CRITIQUE IS ALWAYS TRANSPARENT AND WE WRITERS SHOULD LEARN FROM IT. 

Do you believe in God? If yes then why if no then why? Any special moment when you realized that God is there or god is not there? 
Not one breath I can take without God. He is my ever loving, ever forgiving father. One incident I remember so vividly that while visiting Gurdwara I opened my purse and had only one note left so I used that in my salutation. When I reached home in 30 minutes someone rang the bell and it turned out to be my tuition kid saying he had forgotten to bring money so as he was passing by, he came to pay. If you have faith in God you can never be let down. My entire life is built on my faith and my confidence that my God has my back no matter what. GOD IS THE OMNIPOTENT AND OMNISCIENT OASIS IN THIS DESERT OF MAYA. 
Sonia Singh with son Karanbir

What are your future plans along your family? 
Education of my kids so they become well educated as well as good people, is my only life mission. EDUCATION DISCIPLINES THE MIND WHICH LEADS TO A CALMNESS IN THE SOUL. 

Give your opinion on self-publishing. Up to how much extent it is good as well as bad for and readers? 
Each success is ordained by the Almighty and also the extent so be it self-publishing or not it will be so. YOUR LIFE PATH IS STREWN WITH PEBBLES OF JOY AND SORROW WHICH SHAPE YOU. Learn to take the positive out of this path. 

Anything would you like to say to your readers? 
We all including me have to come together and increase faith in our lives. Each person is born in a specific faith so it is very important that we respect our own and also that of others. We all are so involved in the outer differences that instead of focusing on negativities we should slowly turn ourselves to look at the endless treasure within us. We are tired looking for peace from materialistic things, shopping etc but the route to the real, everlasting peace stems from one changing ourselves within, with small steps, so our final destination is that calm and satisfaction which are beyond money. Come let us keep our self-respect but not confuse it with our egos. Let us have conversations with our Master God in the form of prayer. We have to let go of our negativities to start adding to the positivity for that is the only way the math of our life will be positive. GOODNESS CANNOT BE TAUGHT ONLY CAUGHT. 

Any plan on new book? Would you like to discuss in brief? 
Yes in fact have already started writing. It is again something that involves all of us. My aim is to write books which add to us personally so we become better people, first for our family and the society and slowly begin a change so big so we can turn this world into a living paradise.

Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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