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Sunday, August 16, 2015

An Interview With Author And Entrepreneur Ajitabha Bose

Tell something about you to let us know a bit deep. 
I was born and brought up in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. I moved to Delhi in the year 2010 for my higher education. I am a mass communication graduate and in love with cooking in my free time. I have written numerous articles, blogs and stories. I owe a production house as well known as Bose Documentaries Ltd. 

When did you come to know about your potential to write? 
I have been a consistent blogger ever, since I joined my college. I reached a much higher level in the year 2013 when I published my first novella, It's A Love Story. Apart from this, my short stories, If Only in anthology LOVE - A Sweet Poison and Your's Forever in ZINDAGI - A Story Of Life got published this year by Author’s Ink India Publications. Further, I edited an anthology The Untold Love Stories. I am currently working on my next book "The Pocket Love Story". It is all set to release in August, 2015. 


How you manage all the things related to your reel and real life? 
My life is an open book. I write what I feel or have experienced in my own life. I believe that love is one of the most beautiful expressions and emotions that humans are blessed with thus I try to incorporate it in most of my works to feel justified by myself. 

Tell the titles you have written for your readers and what response you got from? 
It’s A love Story (March 2013) 
If Only (December 2014) 
Your's Forever (June 2015) 
The Untold Love Stories (July 2015) 
The Pocket Love Story (August 2015

All the above stories are published. I had received huge appreciation for my first story (It’s A love Story). It was very motivating and overwhelming. “The Untold Love stories” was liked by readers from all over India. It received good reviews from everywhere. The Pocket Love Story has already created a buzz among the readers and I hope it does equally well. 

Would you like to discuss your work on your upcoming book? 
The Pocket Love Story is short love story which will make you relive your college days. It revolves around the lives of Ramachandra and Tani, where Ramachandra falls in love with Tani but it isn’t the same with her. She doesn’t like him at all. Gradually they become friends and enjoy each other’s company. To know more read “The Pocket Love Story”. It is probably the smallest love story book in India. Limca Book Of Records and India Book of Records are yet to confirm this. 

Who is your idol and who you follow? 
I don’t have an idol as such but I love reading Ravinder Singh’s book. I like reading love stories and I guess he is best in the nation when it comes writing love stories. He has a very unique way to depict emotions and love in his writing. Apart from this, I also follow Agatha Christie, El James, Sudeep Nagarkar, Durjoy Dutta and Chetan Bhagat

Who are your favorite writers and which are your favorite books? And most specially why? 
My favorite writers are Ravinder Singh and Sudeep Nagarkar. I have earlier mentioned, I prefer reading love stories. My favorite books are I Too had A love Story, Can love Happen Twice, It started With A Friend Request and 2 States. I Too had A love Story is my favorite among the list. 

What’s your aim? Where do you see yourself after 5 years with your hard work at present? 
Every author or a writer wants to come in the bestselling list, so do I. But honestly speaking I want my work to flourish! I have always been very bad in grammar and thus I am focusing on my writing these days. With the blessings of my parents, well-wishers and God, I may write an enormous story with some good English one day. 

Any message to your readers? 
You will find many grammatical errors in my stories. You won’t find good vocabulary in my writing. But, believe me; you won’t regret reading my stories. Thank you for everything you all have bestowed on me. Love you.

Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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