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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Reviews On "Hidden Husband: Some Secret Never Leave You"

Review Point: 3 out of 5
Authoress: Shikha Kaul
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love/Mystery
ISBN: 9789384382070
Page Count: 239

Aisha is the HR in MNC and lives in Gurgaon. She has a small family and sweet friend Piyali. One day, she gets attracted by the attitude of an interviewee Raghav. Gradually they come close and fall in love. Both are from different communities and Raghav’s family has too narrow thinking on making relations with people from other communities. Then Aisha alone takes a step in love which pushes both of them in sorrow and frustration. Sameer her college friend enters in her life and puts best efforts to make things on track. Will he be able to make things normal? Will ever Raghav’s family accept Aisha as daughter in law? How will she manage herself in the rough time? To know, go through the Hidden Husband.

Strength Of The Book
Writer has given a light on the life of those who find themselves trapped between their families and emotions. Proper space is given to all the depicted characters. Very good vocabulary is used for narration. A flow is maintained in the story. Justice is done with the characters. Emotions are expressed well. On the other hands, book also talks about the survival of a girl with some social issues like eve teasing, girl insecurity. Curiosity in the mind of readers increases with the page turn. Happy ending is given by summarizing all the things narrated earlier.

Weakness Of The Book:
Weak starting is given to the book which compels readers to give up the book without turning pages. Literature is used partially and visible as negligible. Book lacks the soul of male characters so not able to grab the attention of male readers in further pages. Besides this, book completely leaves breathes after completion of three fourth part of the novel. 

Story completely matches with the title Hidden Husband but ending does not make subtitle suitable. Perfect crisp of girl’s mind, this book is written beautifully which makes readers to feel the flakes of the story running at front. Authoress Shikha has performed her work well. Book really touches the heart of readers and makes them more curious with maturity of story.

Reviewing Point:
3 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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