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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reviews On "A Little More Than Love"

Review Point: 3.5 out of 5
Authoress: Priyankaa Bansal
Publisher: Airavat Publishing
Genre: Love/fiction
ISBN: 9788193141441
Page Count: 158

About The Book and Author:
This is the debut English novel of Priyankaa Bansal. Before this, Priyankaa has proved her worth by penning in different anthologies and two Hindi poetry books named “Zindagi Ki Kalam Se” and “Rubaru”. Consisting 13 love stories, this book is targeted to the youth. Revealing the emotions of persons and teaching the new meaning of live, this book is knitted on the couples of Indian cities.

Just For You My Love
Devotee by nature, Rini is a simple girl. She lives with Dhruv who she loves a lot. Dhruv doesn’t believe in god at all. Life of these two runs happily. But a major accident changes everything in their lives. It is about how they recollect themselves and conquer support of Rini’s parents and adversity of life.

The Dumb Me
The story is about Ruhi who comes Delhi for training to complete her MCA. Here she gets blind with the speed of life and adaption of western culture. She meets with her roommate Aanya who teaches her way to live in metro cities. She comes in contact with her colleague Rohit and feels his inclination. Gradually love takes place between them.

Guardian Angel
Abhinav works in BPO and lives alone. She has an arrogant neighbor Maya. Maya is in her old age and lives with her daughter Kiara. Initially Abhinav was disturbed by her rude behavior but gradually he starts to love her company. He falls in love with Kiara and makes a happy family.

Love Was Hidden
Jyoti is in her 40’s and living happily with children and Shubham, his husband. But one day on Karwachauth, Nitesh, a friend of her husband enters her home and reveals hidden truth of her husband. She gets frustrated on seeing it but reacts normally. Her husband comes homes with a new wife but she still cares for her and at last becomes happy when comes to know the truth.

Silent Emotions
Parul is the student of PGDCA. She is oddity and dies for money. She prefers money instead relation. Raghav is her classmate. There a time comes when she becomes ready for marriage with a business man. Nothing matches between them but her greediness made her agree for marriage. Time changes and she meets an accident and gets a body defects. Her fiancé leaves and she realizes the value of original.

Blind Date
Arnav and Shamita did love marriage but there are fed up of their company. Fight is the daily schedule of their lives. Shamita finds a new friend Aman and Arnav finds a new friend Anya. They talk each other without seeing. Finally the day comes when they meet and gradually problem of Arnav and Shamita’s life disappears.

That One Call
Ritesh with his friend Swati lives in Noida. He loves Vanya though both of they haven’t seen each other yet. He talks with her on phone. Vanya is friend of Swati. Ritesh is an open minded guy. He approaches Vanya for marriage but because of disagreement from family side they do not get committed anymore. He at last does marriage with her against the wishes of his parents.

Being Me
Latika lives alone and works in BPO. She has a neighbor Aman who is just a simple guy. Slightly he falls in love with her but gets shock when comes to know about the truth of her life. He handles situation easily and make the situation for both ends.

Love: Lost And Found
Aditi has left her home due to the daily fights of her parents. She has a hatred feeling for all male. One day, accidently she comes in contact with Shekhar. As time passes, she becomes close to Shekhar and expresses her life to him. Shekhar has worse past and she helps him to get rid it.

The Last Adventure
Rajat and Diya are sweet couple. They love each other’s company very much. Diya has some wishes which she wants to complete before death comes. She is a patient of heart but wants to enjoy the life at fullest. It’s the journey of her survival and battle against death.

Dear Husband
Rohan is married to Ayesha. Ayesha is an independent girl and wants to live her life as she wants. She never shows any disagreement on any act of her husband. But time comes when she faces the worst and writes a letter to her husband and reveals her all emotions.

The Downfall
The story is of a school where Aparna, Ruchika, Sakshi and others work together. School is owned by Mrs. Sobha and her husband. Sudden change in the behavior of one of them and a factor of jealousy, start to ruin the reputation of the school. And a deadly times comes and when schools is about to be closed due to internal issues.

Strength Of The Book:
Book goes in the same pace. All stories are compiled well. Interesting to read, these stories are related to the heart. Worthy to read, these stories are written in well manner in line to let readers have best possible entertainment. Emotions are expressed well. No balderdash appears throughout the book. Stories really meet to the satisfaction of readers. Equally touching the lives of man of woman, this novel is a sweet reading stuff.

Weakness Of The Book:
Many grammatical errors appear which remain up to the end. Typos also occur in regular interval. Dialogue writing is weak, could be more impressive as per the theme.

Letting people feel a real dilemma, this book is a best collection of wonderful stories. Spreading happiness over the face of readers, these stories are really touching. Authoress has beautifully crafted innocent stories by penning emotions effectively. Title of the book suits to the theme but cover page is not much attractive. At a point, few of these stories compel readers to hold tears in the eyes.

Top 5 Stories:

The Last Adventure
Dear Husband
Being Me
Guardian Angel
Silent Emotions

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Friday, September 25, 2015

Reviews on “The Outlander-Rise And Fall Of An Empire"

Review Point: 3.5 out of 5
Author: Abhijit Haldar
Publisher: Blackbuck Publication
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 978163415400
Page Count: 244

Narration is about the battle field and a skipped warrior Roin Avon. He has not fought any fight till now and is confused whether his should move ahead or not. Story is divided into two major parts. On first part Roin with his stranger friend Horthur heads towards the Dorin Kingdom where fight would occur. Dorin Kingdom has been over took by Decallume after the death of Dorin. Roin has a special sword Stalwart. In the second part of the book, a war takes place where Avon plays his role and appears for his first fight to save the Dorin people from the dragon fire. What steps he follows to let people have breath of relief? Will he be able to win the war or be dead in the vengeance of Dercallume? What is Memeron Crystal and why it is the desire of every person? Why the sword Stalwart is special? To know the answer, a must read “The Outlander-Rise And Fall Of An Empire” book I of the “The God Triology”.

Strength Of The Book:
Author has knitted an amazing fantasy platform for the narration. Depiction of the emotions of a person who never appeared for a war before are really touching. Books run at the same from very first part to the end. Story is well planned. Showed map and appendix in the book let readers be more familiar with new words. Author has given equal place to each person and other things and also described well all the things before writing about. Book has received a good and happy ending which is actually the beginning of the next book.

Weakness Of The Book:
Too much grammatical errors have ruined the presentation. At many times, dialogues are just written without referring the person. It leaves bit confusion in the minds of readers. Many of new terms are introduced which cause perplexity at a certain place. Typos are also there. Very common grammatical errors make readers to skip the pages.

Young author Abhijit Haldar has worked beautifully for the book. If you do not want to see grammatical errors, just skip the book otherwise this book promises full entertainment with thrill. Touching the originality of battle field and emotions of warrior, this book is a nice crisp to have the same heard thing in a different manner. Ending of the book leaves readers with a curiosity of “what happens next”.

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

Also, if you want to know more about this teen author, read here a chit chat session with him.
Interview with Abhijit

Interview By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Curing Breasts? Take these herbs

In the present world everybody want to have a unique and eye catchy appearance among rests. Women are more intended to their look. Not only posture and gesture but also your body construction gives you appealing look. In the race of modernization beauty is defined by the figure of your body. Men call a girl sexy if she has good or perfect size. Breast size is a measure things for the look. Girls are more conscious to their figure. Being nurtured by the ignorance of fatty things and many other factor, girls’ appearance is being a common topic among people for gossiping. Women want to have good size of their breast. As age changes feeling of hatred comes in women if they do not find there breast size attractive among their friend circle. At last it leads to anxiety, frustration, irritation, change in behaviour and phobia of being called normal looking girl. Many of women also prefer breast surgery and use padded clothes to have good appearance of their breast. But what if you can get the freedom from any type of mental depression and surgery.
Yeah there are few herbs which cure your breast in best manner and let you live happily without any side effects and risks in future.

1. Puerariamirfica
Cultivated in Thailand this plant is majorly used there for the enhancement of breast size. This is safe to consume by women and free from any type of side effects. Besides this, it is also used to get rid the problem caused by menopausal symptoms.

2. Anise
This flowering plant is found almost everywhere in the world. Having licorice type flavour, this plant is related to cumin and carrots. Having much amount of natural chemicals which can act as estrogen in human body, this plant is highly recognized among people to have help of increment of breast size. Available in the market in capsule and other forms, this plant is also helpful to enhance sexual power and milk flow in woman body.

3. Fenugreek
This seed is known among consumers due to inducing childbirth as well as stimulating milk production to feed infants. By showing estrogen increment in the women body, it effects the breast tissues and leads to size increment.

4. Fennel (rezene)
Containing much amount of phytoestrogens, this seed is majorly used to cure illness and several other health problems. It induces milk production and sexual capability in the women body. Besides this, it is also used to help in getting perfect breast size with firmness.

5. Licorice (sweet root)
By producing estrogen in women body, it helps in quick growth of breast tissues. Many women favour this seed to increase breast size in minimal time period.

-(c) Kamal Paneru

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Reviews On “I Dream Of Clyde Monro”

Review Points: 4 out of 5
Poet: D. Everett Newell
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Type: Poetry
ISBN: 978-81-8253-577-0
Page Count: 121

About The Book:
Book is a collection of 90 poems and a micro story. Poems are generally motivational. Depicting the emotions of humans, this book leaves readers to be lost in the pain of survivors. Lori Wilson, Doug Hodges and Corey E Newell have also contributed in the book with one poem from each end. Writer has prepared this book after being inspired from Mike Meachem for the character Clyde Monro and from his family for narration of other poems.

Full of inspiration, feeling and purity of literature, all poems are really worthy to be read again and again by readers. Touching the humor of family, this book also gives light to social bugs. Few of poems reveal the hidden truth of history which makes readers to be more close to this book. Writer has dedicated his some special poems to special people.

Alonzo Cushing Medal Of Honor” to all that act in bravery, they know, they act, not void of fear but act in the wraps of it.
Can You Spell Satan, Have You Seen The Face Of Evil” to USA and all nations that fight for peace and freedom for all.
Christmas Celebration” to all Christian at Christmas time.
Do You Like, Like her” to all teenage boys and their first loves.
Fallen Officer” to all officers and their families that sacrifice for us to keep us safe.
Genius” to all who set goals and make them, that is truly genius.
Ghosts” to subject of ghosts and paranormal.
Laughter” to all of us, that have lost a light in this sometimes dark world.
Ok” to all that suffer depression during the holiday seasons.
Reach Out” to all that don’t have that someone to reach out to.
The Stump” to Lily Dale the author of “The Town That To The Dead”
Terrorism” In remembrance of France, Charlie Hebdo and all senseless killings.
Walk Away” to all of us who suffered a split with someone we invested a lot in.

Other Knocking:
Poet has also dedicated few poems to his relatives, family members and other people who are close to him. Writer has written a special poem “Mr. Chemical” to that chemical which caused death to his dad and cousin.

At the beginning, readers are to try hard to correlate the poems with the title of the book but as book matures, readers find themselves lost in the book and get the actual meaning of book at end. Proper ending of the book justifies the name. The way of pinning a micro story in the book is also unique. By writing poems for each corner of this world which has gained success to get appreciation from the readers. He has best imagination and presentation capability. All these qualities make him extraordinary poet. Few of poems which really impressive are mentioned here:

Alonzo Cushing Medal Of Honor
Can You Spell Satan, Have You Seen The Face Of Evil
Fallen Officer
Forget Their Names
Mind Is A Sponge
Monsters Of The Mountains
Mr. Chemical
Pyramid Of Man
Thick Or Thin
Walk Away
We Are Left Asking Why?
We Are Geckos
What Is A Dream?
Dirty Tin Cup (micro story)

Review Point:  4 out of 5

Review By:
-Kamal Paneru

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reviews on Novel "Paradise Lost & Regained"

Review Point: 4.75 out of 5
Author: Ratnadip Acharya
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-52013-17-3
Edition: 2015
Page Count: 252

A deer in the deep forest takes birth. Soon she starts to learn from her mother and surroundings. She grows under the look after by her mother and other members of flock. Mother teaches her each and every thing which occurs in the life of living being. Soon a tiger in front of her attacks on her mother and kills just to have food. Deer turns alone and after spending few more days at forest, she gets captured by men. They keep her in zoo where she learns new things which are beyond forest. Will she be able to come back to her forest life? What changes come in her life which make her to feel out of the world? How she regains her strength? To know the answer, go through the book “Paradise Lost & Regained

Strength Of The Book:
Amazingly set platform is depicted with the motivational chapters. The way of beginning each chapter with the quotation of well known philosophers is really admirable and gives strength to the book. These quotes properly suit to the chapters. Book is able to teach readers new lessons from the life which one generally ignores by giving no value. From the beginning to the last page, perfect literature is used for narration which helps readers stick with the book. With proper storytelling, chapters name like Death-The Twin Brother of Birth” , “The Voice Of Silence”, “Life Itself Is A Miracle are really touching.

Weakness Of The Book:
Book has little grammatical errors. Also, at few of places sentence repetition from chapter to chapter can be seen easily. Few of incidences are written unnecessarily.

The “Paradise Lost & Regained” is the best book to read by any aged person. Teaching to readers in every step of life, this book stands worthy to be read again and again. Perfect blend of emotions and literature is present in the book. Author has done a great job and chosen a really different way to communicate with the heart of readers. He really has ability to meet the perfection. By seeing is work, we can say that Ratnadip Acharya is the rebirth of “Mahadevi Varma” one of the greatest writers in Indian writing history.

Reviewing Point:
4.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Interview With Author Sheeraz Khan

Sheeraz Khan is the author of recently launched sci-fi novel "The World Is In Me". Book was published by Leadstart Publishing and is available in all major book stores and shopping sites of India. Sheeraz is wondering around age 20 and carries imagination in his dream. Lets have a chit chat with him, what he really is and what experience he has to share.

Tell something about you to make us know you a bit deep.
To say all about me in one word, ‘Dimensionless’ would be appropriate. Seeking to know what I want to believe has always been a tendency throughout my life. But sometimes, I put my passions aside and have a chill pill and in return this brake again inspires me to know more about life and I put it in a paper as a song. I want to live every moment of my life to the fullest and make my dearest people do the same, that is why their smile is my biggest asset. To follow it, I keep doing my thang (yeah! Just to see people smile because of me)

What you do in your free time? What you love?
I had a habit of always keep thinking What next? What next!!! But after my book came out I understood (to be exact my sister taught me) that you divide things and give each of them equal importance or else you will loose small memories which are important to remember when we grow up. I do chatting, complete the whole game in my phone or whatever I start. Yeah all those things, which a normal guy does like help mom in the kitchen, movies, pop and a little wondering with passion.

You published your novel “The World Is In Me” at this early age, what inspired you to write?
People who come across in our daily life, much ignorant they are regarding faith or hope. Like they want to believe only if the thing comes to their hand if not they don’t care. I wanted to show them have faith, even impossible things come to you or atleast you will learn to go and get it. Nothing is impossible in our life even if its just your strangest dreams. I believe in reveries.

What is your favorite genre? Who are your favorite writers and why?
The Genre is obviously my own category sci-fi in which I write my novels because in this genre we stop for a while from this bitter reality of life and imagine the possibilities. My favorite author is Veronica Roth. When I read just the first page of Divergent it gave me a feeling like “this book must be a master peace!”. She was aware of how things may turn worst if we neglect our future and the way of description was so admirable. Also, I love Chetan Bhagat. He describes characters in the best possible way like you relate yourself with the jealous part of you and how sometimes you deal with your darkside (see all the main characters of Night at The Call Center, Revolution 2020, Half Girlfriend… its obvious through the main characters in them)

Tell some of your favorite books?
No matters how many great books get released even from Veronica Roth, Chetan Bhagat or Preeti Shenoy, my love for fairy tales, Arabian Nights is indescribable. I want to feel like a kid all the time reading these. I hate feeling grown up.

What you earn from your readers?
I hope they will understand who they really are and what they are capable of. With my books and blog I want to be the reason for them to smile when they look in the mirror or remember me as a helping person. Even if I am able to do it for atleast one guy or lass it would be enough for me

Would you like to open clandestine about your new work?
I would like to give a sneak peak into it. Its going to be a trilogy with the title ‘’Game as Life’’ and I am trying my best to give my readers a dreamy feeling while reading book like... understand the meaning or situations in an artistic way.

Leave a message for your readers.
Don’t give up seeing the toughest times because I too do it in my real life and once my favorite singer Katy Perry told in one of her songs ‘after a hurricane comes a rainbow’. I seriously believe in it Haters blame you anyways but you earn something what you believe in right. So sometimes keep holding on and sometimes let it go (hope you understand the difference).

Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reviews on Novel Guruji’s Ashram

Review Point: 3.75 out of 5
Author: Sunil Sinha
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-52013-14-2
Edition: 2015
Page Count: 301

Tapas, who had a good job, had a bright future and about to marry the girl he loved. But fate suddenly turned against him. Series of misfortune made him frustrated and left him broken. That is when he met a Guru. From him learned about Pranayama and Meditation, and learned the teaching of Bhagavad Gita. With his Guru’s help Tapas started taking classes of Pranayama, Meditation, started giving Gita pravachan, and started charging small fee. Tapas had started this as a business to support his livelihood. As the time passes he became popular and more and more people started joining him. From a modest beginning, he went on to having a largest Ashram in India at Puri, Odisha and established many branches of his ashram in many countries around the world. A MLA, an Ayurvedic Doctor and an American were instrumental in his rise. Tapas was overwhelmed by the amount of money he had received from his ‘followers’. He started using this money for benefit of poor people of Odisha. His innovative way of thinking had given an uplift to the life of poor children of Odisha. As nothing, lasts forever… things started going wrong. What happens next to Ashram? What turning points come in Tapas’ life? Will he be able to conquer the adverse situations? To know the reason  go through the “Guruji’s Ashram”.

Strength of the Book:
Discussing “Baba-World”, a very popular theme among Indian, this book stands well on the expectation of readers. Beginning of the book is really amazing which fills readers’ mind curiosity. Narration is quite well with interesting twists in each couple of pages. Dialogue writing is effective which does not let readers skip the pages. Writer has done proper justification with the character. Writer has described each and every point in very detail, which shows his hard work and makes readers completely familiar with only-heard terms such as meditation, Geeta, Aasna, medicinal plants, diseases. Ending of the book is really good. 

Weakness of the Book:
Lack of literature. Sometimes narration goes down. All erotic parts of the story are elaborated too much which leave a negative impact. Dialogue repetition is also a major issue which is considerable as cause of lack of interest of readers. After the completion of one third part, book leaves its breath up to multiple pages because of weak narration in regular manner.

Author Sunil Sinha has done proper justification with the book. Story is quite similar to its title. Cover page could be impressive. Consisting love stories and deep personal life of a man, this book is really touching and compels readers to shed the tears. Those, who really want to have mind peace while being entertained there is none better option than “Guruji’s Ashram”. Worthy to read, this book has enough to touch the heart of readers and let them feel huge respect for Sunil Sinha for creating such work.

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Reviews On "3 @ a Time"

Review Point: 3.75
Publisher: Om Ji Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 978-93-84028-36-7
Edition: First, February 2015
Page Count: 192

Dipankar, who is not handsome and much dull in study, takes admission in MBA college at Khandala. Here he gets a good friend Sunny as roommate. At the very beginning of college, Dipankar falls in love with Deepa. But, gets big jolt when comes to know the truth about her. He diverts his mind and gets committed with Priya. Within couple of months of relationship with Priya, he meets another girl Sonali. Love takes place between them. Meanwhile another girl enters in the story, Ritika, who is girlfriend of Sunny, proposes Deepankar and again he becomes committed with another girl. On the other side, he is also engaged with Naina who lives in Pune. Besides, Pooja is also best friend of Deepankar. But story takes twist when all Priya, Ritika and Sonali come in contact. What happens next? Who Deepankar actually loved at last? Will he be able to be in college after these love stories? To know, go through the entertaining journey of 3 @ A Time.

Strength Of The Book:
Writing style is really good and suits best to story. Character justification is done properly. Every detail of a life of student is explained very well which gives strength to the story. Book doesn’t make bore to readers and lets them laugh on the stupidity of characters. Writer has touched the real desire of teenagers and people of their 20’s and 30’s. Dialogue writing is also a positive factor which makes book “a must read”. Author has presented the very common theme in effective manner.

Weakness of the book:
Typos and grammatical errors stick to story after couple of pages from start. As per the theme, book lacks literature which is the breath of love story narration. Writer has not worked much on other issues after love stories which are depicted in the book. Though the end is good but the way to end the book is a bit poor.

Full of entertainment, this book is best to read by youth. With best narration, writer has touched the heart of readers and got success to have appreciation from them for his work. Title and cover page do not properly match to the story. Book makes professionals to remember their old days spent in college and other turns at that spell of age. Those, who want to have spice of love, must read life of Dipankar with this novel “3 @ A Time

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An Interview With Author "Rajeev Pundir- An Experienced Face"

Tell something about you.
Well, to start with I would like to introduce myself as an Ayurvedic Specialist pertaining to Shalya Chikitsa (Surgery). I’m an emotional person and easily moved by the pain and suffering of people. Right from the beginning, the sad and complicated stories of human life catch my attention and disturb my mind to the extent of finding the reasons behind them. I think that life is unpredictable and mysterious, so as the human nature I remain very passionate about knowing the complexities of human behaviour.

When did you start your work on first creation and what made you pen down the thoughts.
During my college life I would write poems and short stories in Hindi. Those were the days when there were no computers and no emails and I had to post my work to the Hindi newspapers and magazines, a costly affair. Despite that, I would save money by curtailing other expenses and try my best to get my write-ups published. Unfortunately, I couldn’t succeed in publishing even a single story or a poem anywhere. One day, when I couldn’t endure the burden of unpublished material returned with the tag of formal sorry from the editors, I went to the roof of my ancestral house in my village and within seconds, pieces of the papers containing my thoughts inscribed over them were flying into the air and lost into the fields. After tearing my diary, I was feeling light and slept like a man free from bondage. But, I was wrong. Those small pieces of my diary got implanted like seeds into my heart and brain to be germinated later and I started to write again, though after a huge gap of twenty years. I was moved to write when I interacted with my patients and came to know their sufferings.

In the world of love stories, where do you see yourself standing and how you cooperate?
Hmm, love is an important longing and emotion of our lives man has craved since the dawn of life as the hate, greed, anger, jealousy and others. According to our vedas, the life in nature is governed by three main attributes namely; Satva, Raj, and Tam. And the presence of only one attribute cannot run the life. Whereas Love is Saatvik (Pure), the other falls under the domain of either Rajasik (Materialistic) or Tamasik (Impure). Therefore the subject matter of my stories and novels revolves around all of them including love making them a wholesome reading material.

What type of thoughts run in your mind when you sit to write?
Well, firstly, I try to grasp an interesting and compelling story from the happenings around me by observing and interacting with people including my patients and even strangers and sometimes through newspapers. Then, I decide the theme and weave the plot based on the aims and objects of the characters. The final job of writing starts with the development of characters as per their goals and interests. I take care that the actions of the characters should synchronize with their nature and self-interest. One more thing I do is that I portray the story as it is without justifying whether it’s good or bad, social or unsocial, legal or illegal or whatever, simply because they are relative terms. I believe that something good for a person may be bad for another and so on. So I don’t interfere into the main story.

As we know, you have faced many of rejection for work from publisher; will you please give light to it to let us know how you conquer the defeat?

Initially, I got a publisher for my Hindi story-book Saat Paheliyan in 2010 which increased my confidence to pursue writing English novels. When I finished my first novel ‘Life On The Edge’ in 2011, I started the submissions not only in India but worldwide through emails. Consequently, rejections started to pour in my mailbox. But after a painstaking perseverance, I was successful in managing an American literary agent named Ms. Jane Dowary who liked my work and addressed me as a wonderful writer. That day I got a confidence that at least I can write and will be published one day. The confidence gained through this exercise prompted me to start my second novel ‘Even God Doesn’t Know!’ Unfortunately, Jane couldn’t get success in convincing a publisher to publish my first novel Life On The Edge, which is yet to publish.
Ultimately, my perseverance showed the color and my second novel ‘Even God Doesn’t Know!’ found a home—Blackbuck Publications, New Delhi in 2014. Once I happened to read an article by Ashwin Sanghi where he suggested a writer should be thick skinned enough to deter any disappointment arising out of rejections. I too followed this rule and made myself immune to rejections. Now, I’ve a treasure of almost five hundred rejections saved in my email folder named Personal.

Your book Even God Doesn’t Know and Aquarium are appreciated by readers. How you take appreciation and criticism?
Appreciation and criticism are the two sides of the same coin. Where appreciation boosts your morale to write further, criticism encourages, refines, and polishes you to write better. Both should come with honesty and sincerity from scrupulous persons and means and not from those who either try to flatter or are quasi experts.

What you expect from your readers?
A writer’s success is defined by the number of readers he/she has. Readers are the ultimate king-makers. But I would like to suggest the readers not to get carried away just by the tag of bestseller. They must find and read new writers also and I’m sure they will get a few gems out of the sand--far better, far superior than the so called bestsellers. 

Any plan of new book? Would you like to discuss in brief?
A writer should never cease to write. During all this hustle-bustle, I managed to complete my third novel ‘Wedding Vows’. The gist of the novel is that—everybody takes wedding vows in some form or the other, religion-wise, but nobody cares for those vows afterwards.
Also, I'm writing my fourth novel ‘The Tracker and A Heart Stealer’. It’s the story of an electronic surveillance expert; a super tracker in police who fails to track the right directions in his own life. 

Message to your readers.
One more thing I would like to request is that the readers should apprise the writer about their views about the book for the betterment of one and all.
Love you all.

Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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