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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Money A Modern Addiction

As the world is turning to globalization, many fields are growing rapidly while few leaving breath from the world due to lack of interest of people or curse by technology. With the modernization of society and workplace, money has emerged out as a crucial factor which has overwhelmed each and every mind. Initially when population was less and technology was not so much advanced, needs of peoples were limited. But as time changed, technology spread its hand in the market and forwarded people have life of comfort. On the other hand, population rises rapidly which causes increment in the number of consumers and limitation in the availability of the key of happiness. People’s mind is filled with the thought that if money is in hand, happiness is at home. People are dying to earn more and more money. With the hike in population job opportunities come to limit which produces competition among people. Once, if there were 10 opportunities, there were minute people but at present for a single opportunity a fight occurs with thousands and millions people together.

Companies are trying their best to have best employee by providing all time best salary to candidate. If we talk about metro cities, survival of a common man has been more tough due to rapid exposure to modernization of place. There rich are being richer and poor still stand constant. They also want to improve their standard to stand equally or somewhere at a good position to be the real part of the city. In the temptation of money, many of graduates, post graduates and other people are following a wrong path which ends at prison or death. And it is just to make standard among rest. We are adapting western culture and trying to think out of the box which really take our mind to a different direction. This direction follows path only for money which considering right or wrong. At present, we are living for standard and show off. A man is ready to spend his 16 out of 24 hours in his office just to get money. In the grasp of thinking about money, man has forgotten about all happiness at present. He earns for future by ruining his health and present. A family is happy to having 3 BHK or a bungalow in rapid growing city without considering it that they are going to live in it. In this greediness of people, the thing which enjoying fruitful time, is corporate sector. They are looting people in the name of brand and people are paying high amount of money. For an example, a man who initially used to wear a shirt of 200 to 250 rupees now after earning money just to show off doesn’t talk about anything else except reputed cloths brand like Armani and Blackberry. Also in the same way, where a car of Maruti Suzuki which cost 4 to 5 lakhs gives complete comfort, a man for the sake of his standard goes for Audi and BMW.

People are not ready to believe that money can not buy anything specially a deteriorating health and relations. Money factor has made people far from their dear ones and put a seed of jealousy between them.

- (c) Kamal Paneru

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