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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Reviews On "Among The Stars - A Collection Of Short Stories"

Review Point: 3.75 out of 5
Author: Dhasa Sathyan
Publisher: Notion Press
Genre: Fiction/Short stories
ISBN: 978-93-52062-22-5
Page Count: 236

About The Book:
Book is the collection of 22 different short stories. Arjun is with father and discussing the life while watching the stars at late night. Their discussion goes on with the stories. His father solves each of queries and makes his happy and grew one. All these 22 stories are taken out from different corners of human's life.

Strength Of The Book:
Almost all stories are really touching. The chosen way of narration is admirable and unique. These stories are depicted by writer in beautiful manner. Dialogue writing is amazing. Discussion of Arjun with his father after each story is also a best spice. Some of stories make readers feel hosanna and shed tears with the sorrow of characters. Besides, revolving around each age circle, this book is an equal entertainer with touching platforms. Excellent way of presentation really makes this book worthy to read by all.

Weakness Of The Book:
Few of stories do not match with the title. Writer has tried best to maintain the flow of book but it disappears with weak platform having stories. Also, one or two stories seem already heard and are tried to present with weak spice.

Author Dhasa Sathyan has secured a safe place for himself in the heart of readers by presenting this amazing collection of short stories. These stories are best to touch the string of emotions of readers. Book maintains a flow till the end and promises best read all the time. Having perfect crisp of emotions, this book appears as a "get rid" for all readers who are tired of having same stuff in all books.

Top 5 Stories:

Why Do Baby Cry?
Dream Of A Lifetime
The Lone Soldier
The One Who Never Was
Tear Of Love

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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