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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Reviews of novel “Checkmate”

Author: Hrishikesh Joshi
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Espionage Thriller
ISBN: 978-93-81836-94-1 
Edition: First, 2015
Page Count: 158

The narration is about hijacking of a plane having hundreds of hostesses. Story begins with the trapped Justice Ramkrishna Shastry who is compelled to follow the terrorists to deceive the country. Rules take place with the hardworking and more dedicated RAW agents Vikram Roy and Abhishek Jha who put their best efforts to save the hijacked lives and catch the terrorist. Story also gives light to the life of these agents that how they manage their personal and professional world.

Strength of the Book:
As the name Checkmate suggests, the story is well planned and written in good manner. Chapters are written separately and connected with each other very cleverly without making balderdash. Writer has shown its best creativity in the work it could be ever in such type of stories. In front of the eyes it visualizes the scene of all the things written. Also, writer has touched each corner which is prerequisite for the story. It gives amazing mindset to the reader and brings to the end with curiosity. Love, passion, strategies, profession all are expressed very well. Dialogue writing is admirable and seems too much real. Book ends with the mind blowing thinking and deep hard work of author.

Weakness of the book:
After taking an appreciable start, story falls down and goes very fast. No much interesting things are added to bind the reader page by page. It could be more effective if more relevant situations were added. Story is not centralized properly over a person and leaves readers to skip couple of pages. Failed attempt of literature is done in the book.

Author Hrishikesh Joshi has sharply done his work by engaging the readers’ interest with his creativity. Proper negotiation of words is used from first page to end. Story and the knitted platform are really awesome. Conceptualized with real things, this book doesn’t let reader feel the wastage of time. Narration deeply fits with the name Checkmate and hope soon gonna be converted into the blockbuster movie.

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Worst Interview Ever

Time 6:40 pm
Date 21st May 2015

(I shouldn’t mention the name of person and company)

I was waiting at the reception for last 20 minutes. A blackish skinned lady came to me and asked my resume. She disappeared within couple of seconds and I found myself engaged in the subway surfer to pass the time. Staff members were crossing me one by one to flush their tiredness into the abyss of bathroom.
Mr. Kamal?? A 45 aged person came to me and shook my head in yes to prove his guess right. It didn’t take me even a second to judge me he was the same person who talked me on phone and scheduled my interview in the evening as per my convenience.
Yes… I said and he asked me to follow him to a cabin. I was sure I was the only candidate appearing for interview.
Kamal, I am really impressed with you resume… Very quickly you have received many of things in your career. I admire your talent.
Thank you… I greeted his words and passed him a smile.
2 novels… such great things… here he started the interview round. One by one he kept on to make me mentally injured with his question.

Thanks sir…
Do you get royalty?
Yes sir…
How much?
Sorry… personal things… I can’t disclose…
My personal work.
You must… anyway… now leave this topic. Tell me what is word? He said and I gave him a weird smile. I appeared for interview in many companies, none asked me this question.
It is nothing…. Just the précised form of sentence. But not in all cases. After thinking a lot, I expressed my thinking.
No… word is the combination of alphabet. Now tell me what is sentence?
It is the combination of words. I replied him in his way.
Again you are wrong. Sentence is the thing which we used to express the feelings. He was proving me wrong again and again.
What is statement? In this world who has right and authority to give statement?
Statement is about the things which already exist. And I really don’t know if government has appointed the person to give statement.
No… statement is the thing which is universal truth.
You are saying the same meaning but by changing the words.
But you are telling wrong.
A person is great when he proves himself right with proving anyone wrong. I was annoyed with his question. He couldn’t say on it and took a glance of resume again.
Both novels are love based, why?
I do write what people want to read.
Most probably
But my third novel is not about love.
How do I know… it may be. Interviewer was playing dominating role there.
I can easily see in your resume, you write in both Hindi & English. Does it mean you are good in literature and English?
I really don’t know…. But the thing is people love what I write. I do not write by thinking it on grammar and literature. I just write what my imagination offers.
Okay… can you translate the things from Hindi to English?
I will try.
Hum dariya hain, tum ek jarra bhi nahi, Hum dhud hi lenge tum jao kahi’n…
Sir in the way of English literature, it has no proper meaning.
As I think.
Okay… tell me what is love?
I really don’t think I should answer this question.
Because this is not the thing I am going to write here.
How do you know?
It has been over a year I am indulged in the same field for B2B. I wanted to tell him an HR doesn’t know the business of the company, and you are the HR not involved in the business with clients. But I gave pause to my words and kept myself calm.
Okay tell me what is love?
I really don’t think I should answer this question.
Because I don’t think, it is related to the post I appeared for.
Really? I don’t think so.
But I do.
You should answer. Because you have written love already in your novel.
To write fiction is my hobby.
Okay… I will tell you. Love is nothing, just the feeling of sex. He repeated the same line for three times to prove himself right. But every time I gave him weird expression. I was not agree with his words but I had to keep myself silent.
Okay… I said and he smile to see my agreement.
Okay Kamal… Nice meeting you… now you may leave. Really that was an awkward moment for me. He didn’t take any written taste or something else and asked me to go.
Sir, no written test?
No… this is just an intro-meet.
You would have to come again. For next 3 rounds.
Sir, I can’t take leave again and again from my present company.
But, we can’t judge anyone in first meet. Do you have any other question? He asked and I passed him a bad smile. Anybody could easily see that I was not happy with that meet.
No… I replied genuinely.
Think again… may be you want to ask something.
No sir…
Okay Kamal… thank you. He said and forwarded hand for shaking. I grabbed his palm with both my hands which I leant during Then I passed him a smile with the heart and left the room.

- Kamal Paneru

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

tribute to the victims of Nepal Tragedy

I have great sympathy for the victims who got affected directly or indirectly due to Nepal earthquake. Its really painful to hear that the adult as well as the naive suffered from this hazard. Still i salute to their courage and patience. how they put their efforts and to conquer the decision of Gods and nature.
nature turns angry and takes revenge from those who are completely innocent. it is completely illogical to kill a naive brutally without letting him to see the world. 

Reviews of novel “From Afar”

Author: Frank Scozzari

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

ISBN: 9781625261939

Genre: Fiction Love & Travel

Edition: First, 2015


The story is about the Morgan Stanfield who is from California, United State. The character is truly mad about to have love and all with the girls which he searches from social networking site. He puts the trust on the women who meet there and at last gets fabricated with nothing from each lady. His passion towards the happy life and future makes him to travel the world specially the Russia country. Here he learns lot of things from the life and himself.

Strength of the Book:

Book has beautiful love stories of the main character with different women from corners of the world. One sided love is expressed with innocence and in its purest form it could be written ever. Each place which is mentioned is written in such way that virtual images of the city and things float in front of the eyes. The entire story is divided in 25 small segments to keep each and everything separate but connected with the stems of the flow and interest. It doesn’t let reader to be bored even anywhere. Russia country is described in the best manner to let readers be familiar with the place where they never been. The church, the museum, the lover’s bridge and all are revealed with utmost vision. It shows what a man can really do and how far go when he trusts someone blindly. Also the story warns people to choose their love and life partner from social networking websites. The literature is in its best form too.

Weakness of the Book:

It would lead the readers to disappointment who don’t love to read about tours and travels. Being an author, writer should respect the culture and identity of a country. In any form, German language must not be abused and people not compared with barking of dogs. Besides this, some characters in the starting are added unnecessarily.


Author Frank has written best thing with the love stories and beauty of the Russia country. He really knows what to write and where to write. His way of presenting the literature, love and the places together speaks his in depth work and dedication to the book. Also, the story ties the attention of the reader up to the ends of the page. Frank has much potential to engage the minds of the readers and nurture with the best poison of his work.

Reviewing Point:

4.2 out of 5.

Review By:

- Kamal Paneru

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

few observations

1) Silence is sometimes the biggest way to say a dear one that i need your attention.

2) Music in ears and legs with sport shoes doesn't always mean a person is jogging, maybe he is running away.

3) Smoking non stop does not mean a person is addicted, maybe he is too nervous to share himself.

4) Texting or calling someone in the midnight is not always to disturb or wish birthday, sometimes its just to say I'm alone and need a company that can make us feel better.

5) Closing eyes does not mean, one is sleeping or taking a nap, it also means that the person is thinking of someone with peace.

6) Getting lost into a song does not always mean that the person is liking it, sometimes each song has a personal memory associated.....

Source- Facebook

Reviews Of Hama Guri Goes To School

Author: Aditi Bose
Publisher: Cresco Books
Genre: Child Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-85202-02-5
Edition: First, May’2015

Writer Aditi Bose has put much effort in her debut novel Hama Guri Goes To School. The story tells the learning of a 6 year child from his mother who always takes a different way to teach him. It all about Hama, the main character of the novel becomes young from child in his childhood by analyzing and learning all the things which anyone neglects easily and the mother who treats her child with love to let him cover the lesson of life.

Strength of the book:
A nice killim is spread from the very first line to the end of the story to bring flow. Writing is very simple and easy to understand. It creates a virtual scenario in front of the eyes. Nice dialogues are written which leaves smile over the lips. Innocence of the child is expressed in much better way it could be ever. Each and every example put in the story teaches a lot to any reader either it is child or matured. True love of mother and son is evinced in each bag of chapters. Also, the story tells how important mother is. Little literature is also added which brings more interest and ecstasy in the story and doesn’t let reader to leave without finishing. Mother and son, both are equally described till the ending.

Weakness of the book:
In the middle, story goes down up to few pages. Considering the child age, tough blood examples are set in the chapter second from the last. Other characters, which are well known up to the half of the story suddenly go disappear. Right away from the middle Hard to believe conversation, between mother and son is punched.

Salute to Aditi Bose for writing such novel. The work is really awesome. Writer of the story knows the beat of the thread between child and mother. The story is split into various segments which do not let readers confused with the earlier written pages. Admirable platform is created to visualize the childhood with innocence. Good to read this book cleverly tides the interest of the reader from any age circle. It teaches a lot and give ideas to see the life with different angles so a must read the Hama Guri Goes To School.

Reviewing Point: 4.6 out of 5.

Review By:  Kamal Paneru

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