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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Reviews On "The Eight FBian Hearts"

Review Point: 2.75 out of 5

Author: Harsha Shastry
Publisher: Numerique Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 9789385167188
Page Count: 150

As the name "The Eight Fbian Friends" suggests, story is about 8 people. Vijay finds Sanita, Bhaskar finds Anaya, Pradeep finds Sujala and Vishnu finds Malvi in the world of look. They start to like each other with having blind date. Sujala has a dream of becoming and actress and Pradeep helps her in best possible way to achieve it. Vishnu has hell busy and tiring life of banking sector but he still takes out time to heal the time wiht Malvi. But what happens when they come to their blind date? How reality gets changed? How a moment changes their a well predicted future? To know the answer, a must read "The Eight Fbian Friends".

Strength Of The Book:
A well acknowledged platform is chosen for narration which directly relates the hearts of those readers who have felt the same in their life on social media. Story has the same flow from beginning to end. Writer has done his work cleverly and not made any confusion between the stories which depicting. Character justification is also present in the book. Climax part of the book is really appreciable and brings readers more close to the depth of story. Also, writer has given a light to the issues which are really hurdle in the life of a woman.

Weakness Of The Book:
Narration is weak. Beginning of the book is not able to bring the interest of readers and compels them to turn the pages. Few lines such as "“Lift it up buddy, before it is too late.” (it was used for phone) really seem awkward for narration. Radhika character, which is friend of Malvi disappeared suddenly from the book. Book leaves breath at many of places. Though ending is good but they way to present it is not really holding one.

Author has presented a well known topic Facebook with the crisp of emotions which are really touching and somewhere belong to the heart and lives of readers. This book doesnt stand worthy on the expectation of readers who want to have perfect crisp of 3L (Love, Lust and Literature) but promises best entertainment with unending climax and curiosity. It won't engage readers much with way way of narration but will be loved for the story concept.

Reviewing Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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