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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Time to Leave you

Time to take a decision
Time to say you a goodbye
Time to make your eyes shed tears
Time to let you miss me upcoming years
Time to end a relation
Time to justify our destination
Time to say I have no feeling for you
Time to say I, but, sometimes will miss you
Time to decide not to call you again
Time to spend moment alone in rain
Time to forget the days spent together
Time to adios past, a worst weather
Time to give you a deep pain
Time to spend time in vain
Time to not to fight next
Time to delete all of having text
Time to forget your number
Time to be alone from January to December
Time to make you realise I am not the right guy
Time to admit the truth with face of shy
Time to bring a tear at last going
Time to sting the moment at fake knowing
Time to read your eyes for the last time
Time to beat your love with hate rhyme
Time to not to wait for any phone call
Time to skip the heart from another fall
Time to be busy with self
Time to know 'I' myself
Time to not to remember the thing
Time to avoid the all the remembering
Time to fly in the sky of freedom
Time to shy in the lap of wisdom
Time to seek forward
Time to leave behind backward
Time to forget the smile you had
Time to stop talking while lying on bed
Time to not to trust you anymore
Time to crush you as no more
Time to skip those handshakes
Time to wash up these love flakes
Time to beautify the life ahead
Time to signify the worthless wait
Time to give you a deep ever silence
Time to play for you a ryhmeless violin
Time to say I will never come back
Time to say there is nothing I lack
Time to say I will no more care
Time to say I can leave with dare
Time to pacify myself in the best way
Time to feel I am always gay
Time to make this promise last time
Time to not to feel the wind chime
Time to get you away of my life
Time to love myself after 'a' life.
-Kamal Paneru

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reviews on "Pandora's Box"

Review Point: 3.75 out of 5
Author: Tushar Sen
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of leadstart publishing
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-84027-93-3
Edition: First
Page Count: 166

About the Book
Pandora's Box is the collection of 21 short stories namely The Devil's Workshop, The Ferret, The Satanic Provocations, The Moustache Gang of Eldorado, The Paying Guest, WW II: First Air Combat, The Cryptic Patient, The Free Fall, David and Goliath, Blood Thirstry Prototypes: Vampirical, Philosopher's Stone, Torrent, Pandora's Box, Adobe Acrobat, Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright, The Vicious Circle, Convicted?, Laughing Gas, Unnoticed, Hail Mogambo, and The Last Viking. These stories come from the past, as early 19th century and World War period, and present time as well. Touching the hidden facts of history in an uninterrupted manner, this book brings amazing stories in limelight.

Strength of the Book
As the name is, the book is. One of the finest ways to knit a book by letting people travel the time via these short stories. Writer has really done great job for writing such book. The way he has prepared platform for each and every story of the book and then moved well is amazing. Unbeatable concept of presenting stories in such new ways while entertaining readers is admirable. Almost all stories are quite interesting. Where on one hand, it talks about the time during Hitler Kingdom in story The Satanic Provocations, it deeply touches the ancient time with The Last Viking while narrating the saga of hero of Norwegian history of 15th century via the guide Emil appearing in the museum to enhance the knowledge of visitors. Besides, writer has finely maintained base of The Paying Guest and The Cryptic Patient and given shocking ending to the stories. Character justification is done quite well in all 21 stories. Stories are full of surprises and joy with sorrow. Writer has enlivened the characters in most of the stories. Those who are lover of historical will find it best when it walks around one of the powerful heads of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Pace of the book is much effective to bring ecstasy to the readers while going through each and every story. Literature is quite sharply used and most importantly wherever required most.

Few Lines from the Book

The stations are usually the most emotional places filled with tears of joy and agony.
The Paying Guest

She had asked him to not be late, but men hardly listen.
The Paying Guest

But, nevertheless, he rejoiced at the slice of niceness that his luck offered today when he bumped into her and spilled coffee on her speckless lavender shirt.
Laughing Gas

Weakness of the Book
Story The Ferret is quite weak while thoroughly depicting the life in the search of musk. The Satanic Provocations also in the same way makes readers disappoint by going aside of book's tryst with interest. Laughing Gas and Adobe Acrobat stories do not start with the interesting face and let readers to skip the pages. At last of story The Last Viking, conversation between Emil and his owner is written in foreign language and no translation in English language is provided for the same, it leaves quite negative impact when you end your book in such a way by depressing readers on last page.

Pandora's Box is one of the finest collection of short stories I came across. Amazing platforms and well set stories are the backbone of this creation. Cover page is not impressive at once but deeply it is designed quite attractive. Blurb is also interesting and brings readers close to the book. Book starts with touching story and with very little fluctuation of interest of readers, goes smoothly up to the end. Those who seek love story in each and every book will be disappointed with this though it has story The Paying Guest, but the majority of the novel is beyond love and all alike. Dialogue writing is effective. Sentence construction is quite well and the way Tushar has proceeded the story in the particular rhyme of desire of readers is the best part of the book. If anyone tired of reading same stuff again and again, must read this book which has variations in each and every chapter with full of interest factor.

Few Best Stories

The Devil Workshop
The Paying Guest
The Cryptic Patient
The Philosopher's Stone
Pandora' Box

Personal Opinion
I have never read any book of short stories with so much variation. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the very beginning to the very end of the book. It could be more pleasurable, if writer had given translation of the conversation took place in foreign language in the last page.

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Monday, April 4, 2016

Reviews on "Love Forever @ Rajpath: Approved... As Proposed"

Review Point: 3.5
Authoress: Kalpana Mishra
Subtitle: Approved... As Proposed
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Genre: Love
ISBN: 978-93-82665-64-9
Edition: First, 2016
Page Count: 222
Target Audience: Above teenagers

The story is about Shalini and Kartik working in one of the government department of Delhi. Shalini has no dream about life partner and getting married, the only thing she focuses on is her career. She is too conscious about her personal life. While delivering her way with each other happily, she comes in contact with Kartik, a man of her kind of dream world. Slowly she notices her inclination towards him as he is working in the same office. Them gradually come close and love sprouts between them in purest form. In love with him, she finds herself at cloud nine and her life takes u-turn when Kartik suddenly disappears. In the way to seeking him, Shalini faces a bitter truth of Indian culture still running in few backward places of nation. To make her relationship alive, she, with the strength given by her family and friend Raavi, tries all steps in well manner and put her best to save Kartik from the illogical concepts about relation having orthodox people. Will he be able to get her back? What step will he take to conquer the adversities? How will she cope with her personal and professional life? What is the truth behind disappearance of Kartik? Was it his choice or the slap of fate? To know go through Love Forever @ Rajpath. 

Strength of the Book:
Pioneer 27.03.16
Justifying the breath of theme, this book is written in well suited manner to keep readers close to the book. The way authoress has presented the story simply shows her hard work and thinking capability. While talking about love, writer has given platform to Zabaria Shaadi, one of the biggest insects in Indian culture at rural areas. Showing intense desire of a lady to get her love back, this book also discuss the pity condition of a person trapped between his aim and expectation with life and old traditions which are just to keep people inside the boundaries of compulsion. As being a debut author, writer has well managed the beauty of story and given it a matured face by being associated with the thing which is being ignored and killing the dreams of many youngsters. Email conversation was also a taste enhancer in this romantic journey. Ending is done quite fine.

Weakness of the Book:
Character justification is not done properly. They suddenly disappear from the story in regular way. Too many characters are introduced which add a somehow illogical and boring section in the book. Notwithstanding the pace, it has much fluctuation of interest and romance. Literature is the breath of love story and here is absent. Rural area of Kartik character could be described in more beautiful way as it is. Blurb tells much of the story which leads readers to skip the pages.

Love Forever @ Rajpath is a beautiful ride of emotions, desire, love, struggle and relationships. While on one hand it talks about the purity of love between two matured persons, it depicts the bitter taste of Indian culture on the other. Giving a glance of government offices, this novel touch the actual beauty of love-like relationship where lust is away from thoughts. Writer has brought an unheard and much ignored topic in her narration, Zabaria Shaadi, which is the strength of the story. Teenagers are not the target audience of this book. It discusses much matured topic of the actual problem of man trapped in the orthodoxy traditions and woman dying to get everything on track. Cover page is quite impressive and title completely suits to the story. Book makes people aware about the dirty traditions which are somehow associated with over beloved ones. The way writer has prepared the book will definitely not be liked by teenagers but secure a safe place in the shelves of rests.

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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Reviews on "In the Shadows of Death"

Review Point: 3.75
Author: Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Murder Mystery
ISBN: 978-93-83655-57-1
Edition: First, 2015
Page Count: 382

Sheetal Mehra who until few minutes ago was alive and working in an IT company, located at Kolkata, is suddenly no more. She is found dead in one of the official parties. Her husband Abhinav Mishra and other colleagues are the very first suspect of that murder. To solve the mystery of this unexpected murder, ACP Agni Mitra takes charge of this case and starting working upon with his assistant Arya. Meanwhile, Agni is also having a bitter taste in his personal life, as he is married to Megha. Agni holds both situations properly and proceed accordingly. Will he be able to solve the case? What can be the reasons of murder of Sheetal Mehra as she was naked in the toilet? What problems Agni will face while ablating the truth? How far he is from the actual truth? To know, go through In the Shadows of Death.

Strength of the Book:
Maintaining the curiosity of readers in every line, this book is knitted in very close manner of perfection. Step by step writer has revealed the things whenever required to keep the consistency through out the story. Character justification is properly done. Characters are given proper values as per requirement of the investigation of the case. Sharpness of Agni is really admirable. The way he concludes from the talks with suspects to solve the case is presented beautifully. At many points, writer has made characters alive. A girl dead at half naked state is very reporting work for readers which tie them to know whether she was raped or died during struggle to save herself.

Weakness of the Book:
Story runs of pace and leaves breath at mid. Much fluctuation can be seen. Also, the personal life of Agni could be depicted more beautifully as it appears as brief to entangle the situations of his professional life. Story starts with the scene of theme which is expected by readers in the later delivery of pages.

The actual theme of the novel perfect suits to the title "In the Shadows of Death". Amazing suspense and thrill based this work raises admiration for the writer in the heart of readers. Though theme is so common but the way he has presented the characters and their role does not say that this is debut work by him. Writer is right to say that no matter how far we are educated and having well-knowledge and power, but if there is any who is narrow minded thinking, he will definitely make us feel shaken from inside. Beauty of the theme has given a light on the pity thing running in our society. Depicted well, the story is stated not only for engaging readers with suspense but also to bring at front a part of human which is never beneficial to human-kind in anyway. Besides, cover page could be attractive. Blurb is not that much impressive but the book is.

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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