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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Reviews On “The Unfortunate Kidnapping- Tales Of Destiny”

Review Points: 3.75 out of 5
Authoress: Pratima Srivastava
Publisher: LIFI Publications Pvt Ltd
Genre: Fiction/Short Stories
ISBN: 978-93-82536-69-7
Page Count: 220

About The Book:
This book is collection of 7 short stories as well as novellas. All the stories are penned around the reality of persons suffering from different problems in their lives. Many of stories are really heart touching and make readers shed the tears with the flow of emotions expressed in the book.

Story 1
The Unfortunate Kidnapping

Kailash has three children and wife in his family and he lives on rent in the house of Mr. Kapoor, a retired army officer. Ganesh, the child of Kailash gets kidnapped in one evening. Story is really interesting and expresses the real emotion of entire family members. Amazing narration it is. Little bit grammatical errors are also there in beginning but great literature is used everywhere.

Story 2
A Dramatic Rescue

Virat, a eight year old boy with his family including sister, parents and servant does effort to save a child cat which is trapped at top of the building next to their house. Again mind blowing literature is written. Nice platform is selected. Story goes ahead with funny moments which leave smile over the lips of readers. Interest is maintained up to the end. Dialogue writing is admirable.

Story 3
Granny's Angel

Anindita, who is young girl lives with her granny. It is her only family. Gradually, she becomes doctor and gets married with a person who is of different city. Narration is about what she faced after separation from her family. Also, granny is define with Mr. Verma, her kind of brother. Writer has put hard effort in the story to make it alive. Each and every segment is stitched beautifully to let readers enjoy the book warmly.

Story 4
The Great Deluge

Mandu, who is rickshaw puller lives in a fractured home with his wife and 7 children. He struggles a lot when flood comes. It is about how he conquers the adverse situation and saves his family. Dilemma of interest remains up to the last. The way of story telling is appreciable. Writer has matured the story step by step. It fills the mind of readers with lot of thoughts about end. Nice ending is given to the story.

Story 5
The Herculean Dilemma

Mr. Vashisht is a semi government employee. Few problems in job distract his mind from family and all the things. Story goes on by explain how he supports his family and becomes support less while having each thing Writer has crafted the scenes in good and given nice and justified ending to story. Proper justification is not each character. Platform selection is very week. Story has not much potential to hold the attention of readers. 

Story 6
Pebbles Of Turbulence

Samir is just 6 year old and is much happy with her parents, 2 sisters and grandparents. Situation becomes worse when his mother dies and he finds unable to coax with life. What happens to his father and what changes come in his family is the tail of story. Broken scenario is created which doesn’t attract readers. Story is stretched unnecessary so long by penning old and much familiar thoughts.

Story 7
Yug's Tryst With Destiny

Yug, who is just 9 year old is sent to boarding school just because of having busy schedule of her parents. He always missed love of his father due to his business. In boarding school, he faces a lot of things in that early and acts as matured whenever meets to his parents. Really an awesome story it is. Meanwhile it makes reader to feel that they are reading the script of movie Taare Zameen Par. Full of emotions, this story fills the eyes of readers with the love and innocence of that nine year old boy.

Authoress Pratima Srivastava has done great job and presented a wonderful book to the readers. Full of literature and emotions, this book is the best ride of joyful and sad moments together. Almost all stories are heart touching and knitted in beautiful manner. Also, authoress has chosen nice platforms for stories and expressed the emotions in well defined manners so that readers can not skip pages and leave story without completing. Long sentence construction and minor grammatical errors lead to disappointment with the book. Title doesn’t suit to entire book but sub-title is the perfect sum up of the book.

Top 5 stories of the book are:
  1. The Great Deluge
  2. Yug’s Tryst with Destiny
  3. A Dramatic Rescue
  4. The Unfortunate Kidnapping
  5. The Herculean Dilemma

Review Point – 3.75

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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