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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reviews On “Hey Dad! Meet My Mom”

Review Points: 3.5 out of 5
Author & Authoress: Sandeep Sharma & Leepi Agrawal
Publisher: Gargi Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Paranormal
ISBN: 978-81-9296-0998-2
Page Count: 157

About The Book:
Puneet Shrivastava who is of 29, works as manager in a bank and lives happily with his mother Mrs. Bina Shrivastava. One day, he sees a virtual boy Rishi, in front of his eyes. That boy talks to him day by day and moment and moment enters in his personal life. Then a virtual lady named Roshni also enters in his life and sheds tears. Rishi declares himself his future child and compels him to find mother for him. As time passes that boy and girl become nightmare for Puneet and at that time his girlfriend Myra tries hard to get him out from worst situation. To know who are Rishi and Roshni, why do they come in front of him time to time and talk only to him, how Myra saves Puneet, what’s the mystery hidden behind, go through the story Hey Dad! Meet My Mom.

Strength Of The Book:
Writers have given nice blanket to the story by opting a mind blowing theme for narration. Plot making is very nice. Book is knitted in such a way that it holds the breath and curiosity of readers page by page. Good scenes are created from beginning to end. Starting is done is pacific way which ties the attention of readers. Book covers the mind of teen agers as well as readers of their twenties and thirties. Also, amazing ending is given to the book by revealing all secrets one by one and doing justice with each character.

Weakness Of Book:
Literature is embedded only in few of chapters. Story goes so slow up to half. After half of completion, it leaves its breath during time period of college. Love story is weak in beginning and summed up in quicker way. In middle, poor dialogue writing compels readers to skip the pages. A bite of end seems unnecessarily addition to engage the readers.

Full of suspense and emotion, this book is best serve to crumpled mood. Title as well as theme completely suit to the story and theme. Book stands finely to engage the readers up to the end and leaves tear in eyes with admirably described plots. Besides this, book is best dose of true love and the relations of humanity.This is best spice to be converted in movie.

Review Point – 3.5
Review by – Kamal Paneru

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