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Monday, July 20, 2015

Reviews On Novella “Bharathi And Her Theory Of Everything”

Review Points: 3 out of 5
Author: Anil CS Rao
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Genre: Fiction/Sci-Fi
ISBN: 978-81-8253-582-7
Page Count: 99

About The Book:
Story is knitted in a sci-fi tone and based on Bharathi’s time travel in past as well future of 2070. Bharathi has scenario of everything in mind to relate the future droids. Along with Bharathi, life of Arun Rao, who is a writer, is also narrated. Arun has a doctor wife, Reena Rao works in Harbor General Hospital of Baltimore city. Story takes ride when Bharathi makes her friend doing time travel. Who is Aryaraj? What is AYUHUASCA? Who kidnaps Reena Rao? How Arun saves her wife while having no job? To know answers of all these questions, go through the mind seed of Bharathi and Her Theory Of Everything.

Strength Of The Book:
Amazing platform is chose for the book. No unnecessary things are added along the narration, which make readers to read line by line. Mind blowing thinking is used to correlate the past, present and future. New terms of technological world are introduced. Sentences are written clearly and do not end with any type of mesh-up. Superb ending is given.

Weakness Of Book:
Writing is in pace. Too much technical terms are used which will disappoint a reader from non technical domain. Lack of literature leaves a negative impact. Also, the central person is suppressed by other characters of story.

Author Anil Rao has performed his job in well manner. Each bite of fiction is related to the world of science which gives immense pleasure to the readers who want to have their hands in molding of future technology. A must read “Bharathi and Her Theory Of Everything” to enter in the world of future.

Review Point – 3 out of 5

Review by – Kamal Paneru

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