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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reviews On Novel “@ Dreams”

Review Points: 3.25 out of 5
Author: Joginder Rohilla
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net 
Genre: Fiction 
ISBN: 978-81-8253-546-6 
Page Count: 223 

About The Book
Umang Saxena is a middle class teenager who has just qualified engineering entrance. He seeks for admission in government college to kept himself away from high admission fee demanding colleges. Finally he gets chemical engineering in NIT Kurukshetra college which he never dreamt. Branch is completely away off his expectation but he survives better and creates the milestone in his life. His big brother always motivates him to follow his dream till the end. How he motivates Umang? What path he follows to have success? How he becomes mechanical engineers? Does he get success in the end or turn to failure? Who is Pavitra and how she is connected to him? To know all these question, go through the interesting ride of @Dreams

Strength Of The Book: 
A well known topic, engineering with the teeth of ragging is selected which really captures mind of readers. Narration is good. The concept of Learning Therapy is introduced which is really impressive. Motivation to the lead character is given in awesome way which really teaches readers to handle the adverse situations. Ragging portion in the book is described beautifully which seems much real. To engage readers impressive dialogues are written. Title of the novel suits to the story. 

Weakness Of Book: 
Story goes damn slow up to the half. In much of pages “…” used to complete the sentences, which really leaves a negative impact on the way of writing style of author. Much of the story is described in the prologue which makes end lesser attentive. 

Joginder Rohilla, author of this novel has performed a good job and presented a nice entertainment to the hostellers. This book is really an admirable string of motivation for all persons chasing their dreams. This book will surely help to graduate engineers to recall their graduation life in best way. Cover page could be impressive. 

Review Point – 3.25
Review by – Kamal Paneru

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