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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Reviews On Novel "Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused"

Review Point: 3.5 out of 5
Author: Pravin R. Rathod
Publisher: Frog Books, Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-52013-19-7
Edition: First, 2015
Page Count: 234

Tik (Pratik), Kash (Aakash), NP(Aniruddha Patil) and VJ (Vinay Joshi) are chap friends and enjoy a lot their young age. Narration is done by Tik. NP is a clever beat among them and knows better how to engage the situation either good or bad. After completing their basic education, all of they join different colleges of different cities for further study. Tik, who is a guy of bit shy nature gets a girlfriend via Orkut. He enjoys her company a lot. Story takes a turn when VJ calls all three to GOA for a secret. They play a game and reveal their secret on by one starting from Aakash followed by NP and VJ. What are their stories about? Why are they damn confused? What is hidden behind the face of those faces? To know the answer, go through the ride of Confusingly Interesting or Interestingly Confused.

Strength of the Book:
Each and every character is justified well. Nice incidences are embedded in the story to make more familiar to readers. Story properly follows the theme of the book and ends in best manner. Perfect spice of teen age naughtiness and curiosity gives strength to the story. Characters’ thinking such as “Fuck their mentality then, because if they really think that we are not old enough to take our decisions properly, then why the hell do they force us to get married in the first place at such an immature age?” and on many other small points crafted beautifully. Kavya’s character is also described finely which enthralls the readers and makes them feel the pity thinking of people and survival of a girl in it. Ending of the book is really amazing and touches the heart.

Weakness of the book:
First chapter of the book somehow not related to book anymore till the end. Story is damn slow up to the half till they reach Goa. Lack of literature can be seen in it. Dialogue writing is little poor and somewhere grammatical mistakes are also there. Narration could be more effective. Many of unnecessary incidences are written which compels reader to skip the pages.

This book is perfect spice to have entertainment. A blend of multiple love short love stories, this book is good sum up to try the same love topic in different manner. Title and cover page of the book properly suit to story and the theme as well. If you wanna be perplexed with the interesting life of four youngsters and feel their heart amazingly, go through the book. While discussing love and all of their lives, book raises a question on the thinking of people for those money and status in society matters more but the happiness of their own family children.

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By - Kamal Paneru

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