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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Reviews On "Innocent Desire" of "Dhisti Desai"

Review Points: 3 out of 5
Authoress Dhisti Desai
Publisher Leadstart Publishing
ISBN – 978-93-84226-83-1
Genre – Fiction/ Super natural
Pages – 304


The story is about the happening and mis-happening in the life of Haven (girl) and Tenace (boy) who meet in college and fall in love gradually. While being in contact with Tenace, Haven comes to know about her inner strength got from her father, grandmother and other ancestors. She faces lot of problems which are caused by persons having natural and super natural powers. Tenace who is true lover and also from the category where she relates to, helps her a lot to get rid the adverse situation and brings her back to her normal life. To know more about Haven and her mystery, dive into the Innocent Desire.

Strength of The Book:

Well set platform is chosen by the authoress. Novel is the perfect mesh-up of love, drama, action, romance and the thing which actually not exist in our world. Chapters are beautifully crafted one by one and presented to readers with the view of each character of story. Justice is done with all characters very well. Perfect situations are tied up with the narration. Also, dialogue writing is really admirable. Story goes in the same flow and makes readers curious by revealing mystery one by one after couple of chapters from beginning. Name, place, characters and story all are selected very cleverly to engage the readers from across the world by making them familiar with the book. Moreover to this, erotic things are fabricated in awesome way.

Weakness of The Book:

Writing style is so normal. Beginning of the book leads to disappointment. Also, the actual story ends multiple pages before the end. Sometimes scenes are stretched overly which make readers to skip the pages.


Dhisti Desai has great imagination power and capability to make readers familiar to unknown & unheard things with her stunning work. Title suits best to the theme selected. Besides this, her works shows her dedication towards the story which compels readers to be curious with her way of presentation. She really knows what to writer, how to write and more specially where to write in her narration.

- Kamal Paneru

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