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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Reviews on An Anthology "Zindagi... The Story Of Life"

Editor: Vastik Amera
Publishers: Author’s Ink Publications
Category: Fiction “Life”
ISBN: 9789385137088
Page Count: 59

As the name indicates, book revolves around the centralize theme consisting of five beautifully crafted love stories. Covering real to dream world, love to passion, teen age to old age, innocence to maturity, the book is best mesh up of unique thinking of young writers.

Story 1
It Started Without Any Reason by Niharika Mishra

Writer has narrated a small love story of teen agers. Proper justice is not done with the story teller. Characters are scattered around the central person. Things run so fast like skipping the moments. Lack of patience is visible which leaves bad impression over the writer. But, story is given ending very cleverly which leaves smile over the face of reader for giving awesome breathes at end.

Story 2
Intoxicated by Yash Pawaskar

Appreciable work is done by the writer. Well platform is set to give light to well known but avoided message to humans. Dialogue writing is awesome and compels readers to be tied with the story. Curiosity increases with the pages and well knitted sheet of literature and incidences make it more worthy to admire. The way of presenting the things is very well.

Story 3
Am I Alive by Mani Khanna

Awesome penning by writer for the thing which is being neglected by youth. Writer has made things more real by evincing the feelings of a guy who has lost his wife. Line by line, story drags the attention of reader. Adorable netting of story with the cover of literature and real incidence of history make bookworms bow down in the respect of mind blowing work of writer. 

Story 4
The Dream At The 7th Night by Prateek Singh

Little bit confusing and wonderland platform is set by author to make dilemma of love from the starting to end of story. Pure love is expressed in the story with much common things by making more familiar with the story. Message and theme is not well set which doesn’t engage the mind of reader and lets him to turn the pages.

Story 5
Yours Forever… by Ajitabha Bose

A well known love story of young couple is presented by adding crisp of literature, interest and actual feeling of love. Narration best suits for Bollywood masala movie and fits on short stories. Nice plotting is done and proper justice is given to each character of story. Writer collapses the thinking of readers in amazing way by leaving them smiling face of best end.

Overall Book Review:

Writers have played there role very well but editor Vastvik Amera skipped his duty completely. No formatting is done in the book. Sentences are not enclosed in inverted commas too, so it creates confusion where dialogues are end and narration is start. Also, story sequencing could be done in better way. Besides this, grammatical errors are too much which start from the first page and goes up to the last. So the book doesn’t stand worthy to its cost. Short description of the theme, the book is about, could make it more impressive. Well described stories are included which tie readers and make them feel to respect the thinking of writers. Here is the ranking of stories as per their impression

1. Intoxicated
2. Am I Alive
3. Yours Forever…
4. The Dream At The 7th Night
5. It Started Without Any Reason

Review Point: 2.5 out of 5

Review By: Kamal Paneru

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