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Friday, June 19, 2015

Reviews On "Things End But Memories Last Forever"

Author Kumar Milan
Publisher - Author’s Ink India
Genre – Fiction/Love
ISBN – 9789385137204
Page Count – 160

The story is about engineering student Abhi who is the topper of his school. He is in love with Nikita (at first). Gradually situation changes and he finds himself in love with Riya who is a neighbor. Story changes when an accident of Abhi’s family happens on the way to Vaishno Devi. After it the survival becomes tough to Abhi and story narrates how he conquers his feared destiny to have brightness back in his life. Also flashback story goes together with his fight with present. To know more read the book Things End But Memories Last Forever.

Strength Of The Book:
The story is beautifully crafted with real appearing incidences. Dialogue writing is amazing. All characters are defined properly. Story goes in the same flow up to the end and somewhere deeply touch the heart of readers with described melodious moments. Dilemma remains till the end of the story and doesn’t let readers to skip out the pages without reading. Besides this, addition of very usual family drama makes narration alive by affecting the morale of story.

Weakness Of The Book:
Story goes so fast from the very first page. Grammatical errors leave negative impact. The entire story is circulated with the group of teen agers which is not able to drag the attention of readers of twenties or thirties. Writing style is not matured type. And lack of literature really makes readers depressed with the book. Irrelevant things are also embedded.

Title of the book doesn’t suit with the story. The way of narration is really unique and admirable. Story is fragmented in different parts which are scattered up to end. Ending is done in awesome way but the matter of the book could be more impressive with touch of more fictitious moments and thread of literature.

Review Points: 2.5 out of 5

Review By: Kamal Paneru

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