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Thursday, July 17, 2014

an unspoken love

Andrew and Ganga (an unspoken love)
Sometimes love comes between two person with very first glance. In that evening, clouds and insane wind were making a threatening environment but blemishing the beauty of the empyrean. There in a big grassy ground, Ganga was waiting for Andrew. Andrew was her lover who she met only three days ago. She fell in love at very first sight. Andrew was an Adonis. She proposed him and he accepted it because Ganga was the beauty girl and more adorable. She was the one whose look could compel anyone to stare for eon. After a long wait of two hours Andrew came and stopped at few distance from her. He shied and then smiled. As he saw in her eyes, Ganga suddenly became restless. Her heart started to beat so fast. She could feel and hear her breathe too in that heavy rainy noise. Her eyes shed a drop of tear which raindrops washed out. Her impatience was increasing and Andrew was afflicting her from that distance. On seeing her restlessness Andrew smiled and forwarded his hand to ask her to be closed. He showed her lingering love by putting a love filled palm on her face. Ganga felt so happy, and then he gradually unlocked her lovely hairs which were falling on her face. Andrew kissed her lips deeply for first time and Ganga couldn’t resist. They enjoyed their first love kiss which was awesome. Andrew held her hand and spoke a smallest poetry on her beauty. It made her Ganga to fly in the endless sky. Her heart melted down with those lines of poem. He could feel her running heart beat so took her in the arms tightly. It enraptured her. She closed her eyes and found herself most lucky woman of the whole universe.  That was the moment; Ganga had waited for whole life. Time had been stopped and the only thing which running was, their deep breathes. Andrew and Ganga were made for each other.
“I have to go”. Andrew said.
“Why? You just came few seconds ago”. Ganga asked. Andrew didn’t reply and remained silent. His silence was the catastrophe to Ganga. His words and silence both scratched her heart. Andrew left her hand and turned. He wanted to say the truth but her tears made him weak.
“Ganga I Love you”. Andrew said but her lips were trembling. Ganga wanted to stop him to leave but her throat had been filled with endless emotions. Andrew wanted to tell him about the nearest end of his life. He was suffering from a disease which had overwhelmed her life. Now he was approaching to death with time. He left her there and went. Rain on the ground had been stopped but Ganga’s face was wet with the tears yet. She kept watching till he disappeared. Night had introduced itself but that darkness was nothing in front of the darkness of her life. Andrew had enlightened her life and her dreams too. Now she was going through the unbearable pain and waiting in vain. Andrew died just after the few days of that meet. Ganga is still unknown to this truth. Now it has been two years but she waits for him because according to Ganga, he is not returned yet so he will come. She never tried to know why he left and why doesn’t he come back. She has a hope to make herself enliven in the pain. To be cherished and make her own heart fool, every morning she wakes up and keeps open the door to let her first love come in.

-         - copy right @ Kamal Paneru

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