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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Reviews on "Chords of Life"

Review Point: 4.25 out 5
Authoress: Chords of Life: Symphony of the Darkness
Genre: Fiction/Love/Short stories
ISBN: 978-81-8253-553-4
Pages: 139
Edition: First

About the Book:
Book is a collection of 22 short and micro stories and equal poems. Giving emphasis on the importance of life, this book touches different aspects of human life. Consisting of matured stories, this book is targeted to the age group from 16 to 60 or above. Connecting the dots of life of all types of persons, this book is presented with the blend of emotions. Two more authors Zarfasheen Zia and Charly Priest have contributed in the book with their story A Human Connection and The Blogger respectively.

Strength of the Book:
All 22 stories are mind blowing and never heard before. Being unique of their types, these stories are extracted from the corridors of our life. From the very beginning, books maintains the interest of readers and does make them bore even for a while. Each segment of human feeling is present in the book. Also, Story alignment is amazing. Each story ends with the sweet poem which is closely related to the story in a different manner. No grammatical issue is present and book is properly mixed with the US and UK English style, which gives a different view to readers to have it peacefully. Dialogue writing is really good and much effective. Also, it has proper taste of literature.

Few lines from the Book:

It was a moment of eternal peace for her. She had died the day she was sold and was nothing more than one of the living dead, satisfying hungry souls. It was her time to gain the final freedom.

She was getting accustomed to her life alone. A smile adored her beautiful face and the thunder seemed to rhyme with her music. Her sleek and slender fingers were elegantly moving on the black and white piano keys.
                                                                                                                                        -(Let's go home)

I kept looking at his face, waiting for those big blue eyes to flutter open and his lips to curl up in that infectious smile which had ability to light up the whole world. My heart longed for him to move...even just a I would know that he was alive, that he would make it through this. But time stood still just like his body.
All that was left of him was his blood, now mixed with dirt and dust.
How was it possible? He was right there, alive and well and now he was gone? Even though we never talked, we still connected. I wish I had more time to dream with him, go to know him better and may be plan our future together.
                                                                                              -(A Human Connection) by Zarfasheen Zia

Weakness of the Book:
In few chapters, book has typo errors. Presentation could be more effective. Book lacks consistency from the beginning to the end. Cover page is not that much impressive.

This is one of the unique and impressive ways to present collection of short stories. This book is best spice for readers who are fond of reading but get less time. Language is simple but attractive. This book is perfect sum up of the creativity, imagination, hard work of authoress as well as a crisp of emotions, feelings, touching moments and humanity. It promises to readers an admirable read without any bang of boredom. Authoress has made characters alive in her narration. Book is not centralized on the characters of a particular age group but roams around the different stages of ages of different persons who are somewhere among us.

Few outstanding stories in the book are:
  1. You will hold my heart forever
  2. A Moment
  3. A Final goodbye
  4. Sandcastles
  5. Feel the rain
  6. Goodbye
  7. Mother
  8. A Human Affection

Review Point:
4.25 out of 5
Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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