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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Reviews on “Fizz...”

Review Point: 4 out 5
Author: Kannan
Genre: Fiction/thriller
ISBN: 978-93-52017-64-7
Pages: 239
Target Audience: Above 12 year old

Syed Ashraf Pasha is of forty and the third in command in the Pakistani Army. He with his army friend Borg, plans a mission in his mind to shake India and the entire world without having blame of done anything. He calls Qadar to strengthen his mission as he has deep expertise in the nuclear field and wittiness with the intelligence bureaus. They plan to have a nuclear blast somewhere in Afghanistan near Pakistan border to shake the tectonic plates which directly relate to Himalaya.  But, it turns tough when one of their hired members discloses it to media. Rizwan, their follower comes to handle the further mission with Habibullah. How they arrange nuclear bomb? How they enter in Afghanistan crossing border? Will they be able to succeed their mission? Will India face the bitter taste of their plan? What western countries will do to fail their plan? To know, go through the novel Fizz...

Strength of The Book:
Writer has chosen a platform which is beyond the imagination of common people about the terrorist. Dialogue writing in precised way makes the interest a lot. Narration doesn't let readers to feel bore even in a single line. All issues are stated in straight forward way. Issue which is much sensitive and problem for entire world is chosen. Writer has maintained the dignity of all the high authority people of India, Russia, China, Pakistan, USA and other countries while writing dialogues. Moreover, beginning of novel is amazing and story goes till the end on the same pace. Character justification is done in best way by giving perfect ending to the story at right time.

Few Lines From The Book:

The advantage of having a scientist to detonate the bomb, rather than a soldier, is that he can take a decision based on his knowledge and wisdom. Soldier is trained to follow instructions, while a learned man evolves by questioning the orders.

Silence won't serve any purpose. If you have the audacity to spoil something, you should have the ability to plan something else too. I knew the faith quotient I enjoy is negative.

He can't control even a single wife, but has two. In a way, he is like your unofficial prince of India - he wants the power but not the responsibilities. Even power, he cannot digest.

Weakness of The Book:
Characters after characters are introduced chapter by chapters which makes readers confuse. Though narration is best but few incidences of past (i.e, Qadar' Aunty, Rizwan) are written unnecessarily. As written for Indian and out of the world, this book makes readers to have feeling of HATE for Pakistan.

Fizz... is based on terrorism activity in unbiased way. As everybody knows, human mind adapts negative thoughts quickly, this book is an example of negativity. Just for entertainment with the curiosity with page after page, this book is really amazing to be read. As directly blaming Pakistani army and their thinking, this book is not able to get love from that country and all which favor it. Novel fills Indian with the feeling of patriotism and let them feel worried for the north Indian while reading the story. In our country, when a child is not able to spell Pakistan, he is taught to hate Pakistan. Child hates without knowing their point. In the same way, this book riddles readers mind of readers with the anger for Pakistan which is not good message for humanity at all. Title perfectly suits to the story but cover page is not a bit impressive. Novel also clears the dust of people's mind who think Muslims are not good in anyway. 

Saying of My Colleagues on Fizz... :
He shouldn't have presented this story. The earthquake which we felt on 26th October 2015, which center was in Afghanistan, may be terrorist caused it after reading his novel. It should be banned by government. Though you are writer and you have freedom to write anything but you shouldn't give others chance to harm human in anyway. But salute to the writer who has such mind blowing thinking which one can not imagine ever.

Review Point:
4 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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