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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Reviews on "Love Is Blind"

Review Point: 3.5 out 5
Authoress: Tasneem Sara
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 978-81-8253-492-6
Pages: 142
Edition: First

Samay is a teenager and lives in Bombay with his friend Ray. Both work in salon owned by Ray. Samay's mother lives alone in village. Her husband went so far from both of them to serve the world with his goodness. But he often sends letter to his son. Samay does not like his father at all. He reads his letter with no mood. Here at salon, once Samay meets Kena. Kena is simple and beautiful girl but physically disabled. He is dazzled by her simplicity and then slightly they come close. Kena tells him each and every secret of her life one by one and asked his too. Ray gives him complete freedom to co-operate with his salon and life with Kena. Then one day, when Samay visits Kena's home, after their dinner everything gets changed. Samay finds himself lifeless. What happened to Samay? What Kena did or how would she save him? Will Samay meet his father ever and love him? To know more, read "Love Is Blind".

Strength of the Book:
Amazing start. Book will bring readers in the valley of love. Emotions are described beautifully. Character justification is proper. Writer has touched the desire of readers and pinched them nicely with the proper use of literature. Dialogue writing is much effective. The way of narration makes readers to be more close with the life of Samay and Kena. Story goes on the same pace and doesn't let readers bore throughout the narration. Though, book is written with the male view but equal importance is given to male and female characters viz. Kena and Samay's mother. Ending is good and really different from other love stories.

Few Lines from the Book:
I wished I could reach out to her, and pull her in my arms. My feelings had nothing to do with her beauty. Undoubtedly, she was beautiful, like the ones who could melt you down in your seat. She had a magnetic face, with a speck of practical wisdom, hair that covered the swell of her breasts and skin the colour of cream. Her personality was full of charisma, but it was her simplicity that I found alluring. At times, when I stared at her, I found her a perfect epitome of sheer beauty.

Weakness of the Book:
In the last quarter of the book, story becomes boring and with lack of interest. Dialogue writing doesnt seem worthy for this part. Kena character is defined in such a way that she is normal person while it is earlier told that she is physically disabled. It makes readers confuse.

Authoress Tasleem Sara has presented a pure love story with the bites of romance emotions peep out from the heart. Each and everything is shaped perfectly to give book the best taste to meet the desire of readers. Title completely suits to the story, while cover page could me more impressive. On the other hand, readers may feel hatred for writer to give such different end to the book. Kena character in the book will make readers to fall in love with her.

Review Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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