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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Reviews On Novel "Endless Life"

Review Point: 4.75 out of 5
Author: Surinder Deol
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-52013-20-3
Edition: 2015
Page Count: 264

Malti, who is child, lives with her Sona Dadi. Her parents have not much time to spend with her. As time passes, Sona Dadi leaves the world and Malti is compelled by her parents to get married. Finally she gets married with Rakesh, who is a surgeon and lives in America. She moves there and finds a new friend Deepti. Within couple of months, Rakesh leaves her alone and starts to live with his love Susan. Malti gives birth to a child Amit and spends rest of her life with him. Amit loves Zeena, an Indian girl and gets married with her without telling Malti. What compels Malti to come back in India while having a good set up in America? What tragedy Malti faces? How she meets Zeena? What happens when she meets her childhood lover Harish Malhorta after 32 years of separation? To know, go through the Endless Life.

Strength of the Book:
Book is a mind blowing journey of emotions. It is fabricated with many of social topics including woman and her existence in the world of alive corpse. Divided in three parts, this books touches each wave of joy to let the readers love the book page by page and word by word. Narration is really amazing. Each character is defined properly and given best justification. Story goes in the same flow till the end with perfect crisp of unique writing way and struggle of Malti and Amit. Love story between Amit and Zeena is truly different and admirable. Literature is also used to sew the chapters with the desire of readers. A fabulous ending is given to the story with a hosanna. Some words which I really loved are-

We cried together in the ecstasy of our pleasure.

When a woman says: ‘Don’t touch me’ it does not mean ‘Don’t touch me, ever.’ It means: ‘Be someone special for me so that your touch is meaningful.’ When a woman says that we are going to be friends but not lovers, it does not mean that love and friendship are mutually exclusive.
Life is an unending succession of new beginnings and fresh starts. No one point is either too early or too late.
Thinking is the enemy of love, Malti. When we think we weigh arguments for and against. Love has only one side. You love someone, or you don’t.

Weakness of the book:
Except some typos, I couldn’t find any error and weakness in the book.

This book is really close to the life of a woman who survives in the worst and tackles each and every situation with determination. On the other hand, teenagers and youth will surely love the book with the mind blowing love story and the way of narration. Author Surinder Deol has touched the real breath of narration and literature to let booklovers have unforgettable book for their shelves. This story makes readers cry and holds their breath with pain of characters. Book touches real life problems which are present in India for years, like women empowerment, girl education, poverty and step to terrorism. Cover page of the novel could be more impressive but story perfectly fits to the title.

Reviewing Point:
4.75 out of 5

Review By: - Kamal Paneru

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