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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reviews On Novel "Adhira Love: Lost & Found"

Review Point: 2.75
Authoress: Aditti Gaur
Publisher: Author’s Ink India
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 978-93-85137-13-6
Edition: 2015
Page Count: 211

Riddhi is doctor cum friend of Adhira and narrator of story. Adhira is suffering from a disease Bone Marrow Aplasia, in which the bone marrow greatly decreases or stops the production of blood cells. Adhira has only eight months more to survive. She has a best friend circle including his brother Siddhartha, Priya, Shikhar and Anirudh. Adhira runs a studio when she spends much of her time to get relax. Adhira is married to Akshit for last five years but lives alone. Who is Stephy and why Adhira hates her? Who is Shikhar and what changes he brings in her life? What happens to Adhira by that disease? What about Riddhi’s life? Will Adhira get her love back? To know answers of all these, go through the Adhira Love: Lost & Found.

Strength Of The Book:
Narration is done by first person for third person, lead character of the story. It is one of the unique ways to present a book. Lovely love story embedded this book is narrated beautifully about the struggle of a lady who is in the last days of her life. Novel motivates readers to abreast the worst and take things calmly in each condition. Central character is depicted well throughout the story and also equal value is given to each character. Dilemma of true love remains till end. Each thing is beautifully written very step by step to maintain a flow.

Weakness of the book:
Beginning of the book is really weak and is not able grab the attention of readers in starting chapters. Story surrounds with multiple characters together which create a confusion in readers’ mind. Platform is not that much strong. Book lacks literature. To aggrandize the narration Hindi songs are written which somehow leave negative impact. Ending could be more impressive.

With the unique and different way of narration, this book stands better to be loved by readers. Cover page doesn’t suit to narration. Emotions are beautifully expressed throughout the book. With little weak ending, this book makes reader a bit disappoint but leaves them with a smile. This is the best crisp for those who die for different love stories.

Reviewing Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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