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Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Interview With Young Authoress "Ashiya Ansari"

Let us know about this young writer?
I hail from Sonipat, Haryana and a school dropout by choice. Quiet introversion and introspection in solitude gave me a flair for the words to pen down my silence. I am a deep thinker, conscientious and sensitive minded person. "The Misty Solitude" is my debut book which I penned down at the age of 19. I am a writer by luck, a poet by heart and a translator on demand. I translate Urdu/Hindi Ghazal and Poetry into English language. My debut translated work is going to get published in a book, this December. I am short spoken and believe that I can better elucidate myself through writing rather than speaking. I don't write to entertain the people but to acquaint them with the stories of seclusion. I am looking forward to make a mark and establish myself in the literary world. 

Please tell something about your “The Misty Solitude”.

One can easily infer from the title of the book that how deeply it deals with the concept of silence."The Misty Solitude" is a literature fiction which comprises of a number of volumes of verse and prose including short stories, novellas and poetry. The reflective thoughts written in many a night are the result of my spontaneous thoughts, my musing, my wonder and awe of the sights around me. “Myself” has been recreated on the paper. The book's theme is such that it keeps all the contents interconnected till the very end. This book is written in dark hazy nights of winters encompassing the portrayal of unspoken words of a silent girl who takes her soul towards solitude. Unspoken words often become the solemn secrets and silence is the shield of them. Author has broken down that shield to acquaint the readers with the stories of seclusion. 

How you collect thoughts to pen down? What inspires you?
"I don't sit with my pen to extrude the thoughts, 
Heart itself exudes them, I just sit to enclose."
It's in these frames of my mind that I have produced my deepest thoughts and emotions within, night after night, page after page. Words come in abundance when I sit in my reflective state. And when I am all at peace, especially one with the night, there is an outpouring of words tangled with feelings and emotions. Here my creativity takes over and I just start to write. Moreover, there is something in the tranquillity of night which makes me to write. In person, none have got to inspire me yet. 

Please tell about your published work.
Well, The much of whatever I penned down till date has been published in my debut book. My debut translated work is going to get published soon in the book entitled with "Behind The Curtain". Also some of my work is published in two anthologies. I seldom write for the anthologies, e-magazines etc. 

Which are your favorite books and why?
I am not into reading, seriously. And that's the foremost demerit of me being a writer. I haven't read even a single novel yet in my life. Reading helps us to hone our writing skills, I strongly concur with this because I once tried, just for a while though. It helped. I'll try to bring me on the right track soon. 

As being a girl how would you justify condition of women in India?
The condition of women in India has been improved much more as that of before. They are being educated and fighting for their rights. India too is reciprocating women in every possible way. Though at some places their conditions are still miserable but I hope with the endeavours of India and the whims of time, women will be worshipped in India by heart and soul. Besides, I would like to say that those who take undue advantage of being a girl, deserve nowhere to stand in this world. Our existence belong to each other and both (Male and Female) of us should stay abreast. 

Who you follow in your writing career? Who are your best authors?
I don't follow anyone in my writing career. I just follow my passion and my dream. As I just told you I haven't read anyone yet so I can't tell you who is my favourite author and who I aspire to be. As soon as I start reading, I hope I'll find the one whom my thoughts resemble to.

What are your expectations from the readers?
Readers are the denizens of writer's world of imagination. Yes! It's true that a writer just draw the contour, a reader fills it with colours. I just expect my readers to con my work not just to read. 

Your future plans about writing step?
I am nowadays engaged with a project of translation. Besides, planning to write the next book which too will be a literature fiction but this time will try to write a full fledge novel instead of a compilation of stories and poetry. I'll present a different kind of stories to the readers this time being a poetic raconteur. But the sad part is that the project is going to take a long span of time.

Interview by -
Kamal Paneru

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