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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reviews on "Pandora's Box"

Review Point: 3.75 out of 5
Author: Tushar Sen
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of leadstart publishing
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-84027-93-3
Edition: First
Page Count: 166

About the Book
Pandora's Box is the collection of 21 short stories namely The Devil's Workshop, The Ferret, The Satanic Provocations, The Moustache Gang of Eldorado, The Paying Guest, WW II: First Air Combat, The Cryptic Patient, The Free Fall, David and Goliath, Blood Thirstry Prototypes: Vampirical, Philosopher's Stone, Torrent, Pandora's Box, Adobe Acrobat, Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright, The Vicious Circle, Convicted?, Laughing Gas, Unnoticed, Hail Mogambo, and The Last Viking. These stories come from the past, as early 19th century and World War period, and present time as well. Touching the hidden facts of history in an uninterrupted manner, this book brings amazing stories in limelight.

Strength of the Book
As the name is, the book is. One of the finest ways to knit a book by letting people travel the time via these short stories. Writer has really done great job for writing such book. The way he has prepared platform for each and every story of the book and then moved well is amazing. Unbeatable concept of presenting stories in such new ways while entertaining readers is admirable. Almost all stories are quite interesting. Where on one hand, it talks about the time during Hitler Kingdom in story The Satanic Provocations, it deeply touches the ancient time with The Last Viking while narrating the saga of hero of Norwegian history of 15th century via the guide Emil appearing in the museum to enhance the knowledge of visitors. Besides, writer has finely maintained base of The Paying Guest and The Cryptic Patient and given shocking ending to the stories. Character justification is done quite well in all 21 stories. Stories are full of surprises and joy with sorrow. Writer has enlivened the characters in most of the stories. Those who are lover of historical will find it best when it walks around one of the powerful heads of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. Pace of the book is much effective to bring ecstasy to the readers while going through each and every story. Literature is quite sharply used and most importantly wherever required most.

Few Lines from the Book

The stations are usually the most emotional places filled with tears of joy and agony.
The Paying Guest

She had asked him to not be late, but men hardly listen.
The Paying Guest

But, nevertheless, he rejoiced at the slice of niceness that his luck offered today when he bumped into her and spilled coffee on her speckless lavender shirt.
Laughing Gas

Weakness of the Book
Story The Ferret is quite weak while thoroughly depicting the life in the search of musk. The Satanic Provocations also in the same way makes readers disappoint by going aside of book's tryst with interest. Laughing Gas and Adobe Acrobat stories do not start with the interesting face and let readers to skip the pages. At last of story The Last Viking, conversation between Emil and his owner is written in foreign language and no translation in English language is provided for the same, it leaves quite negative impact when you end your book in such a way by depressing readers on last page.

Pandora's Box is one of the finest collection of short stories I came across. Amazing platforms and well set stories are the backbone of this creation. Cover page is not impressive at once but deeply it is designed quite attractive. Blurb is also interesting and brings readers close to the book. Book starts with touching story and with very little fluctuation of interest of readers, goes smoothly up to the end. Those who seek love story in each and every book will be disappointed with this though it has story The Paying Guest, but the majority of the novel is beyond love and all alike. Dialogue writing is effective. Sentence construction is quite well and the way Tushar has proceeded the story in the particular rhyme of desire of readers is the best part of the book. If anyone tired of reading same stuff again and again, must read this book which has variations in each and every chapter with full of interest factor.

Few Best Stories

The Devil Workshop
The Paying Guest
The Cryptic Patient
The Philosopher's Stone
Pandora' Box

Personal Opinion
I have never read any book of short stories with so much variation. I thoroughly enjoyed it from the very beginning to the very end of the book. It could be more pleasurable, if writer had given translation of the conversation took place in foreign language in the last page.

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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