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Monday, April 4, 2016

Reviews on "Love Forever @ Rajpath: Approved... As Proposed"

Review Point: 3.5
Authoress: Kalpana Mishra
Subtitle: Approved... As Proposed
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Genre: Love
ISBN: 978-93-82665-64-9
Edition: First, 2016
Page Count: 222
Target Audience: Above teenagers

The story is about Shalini and Kartik working in one of the government department of Delhi. Shalini has no dream about life partner and getting married, the only thing she focuses on is her career. She is too conscious about her personal life. While delivering her way with each other happily, she comes in contact with Kartik, a man of her kind of dream world. Slowly she notices her inclination towards him as he is working in the same office. Them gradually come close and love sprouts between them in purest form. In love with him, she finds herself at cloud nine and her life takes u-turn when Kartik suddenly disappears. In the way to seeking him, Shalini faces a bitter truth of Indian culture still running in few backward places of nation. To make her relationship alive, she, with the strength given by her family and friend Raavi, tries all steps in well manner and put her best to save Kartik from the illogical concepts about relation having orthodox people. Will he be able to get her back? What step will he take to conquer the adversities? How will she cope with her personal and professional life? What is the truth behind disappearance of Kartik? Was it his choice or the slap of fate? To know go through Love Forever @ Rajpath. 

Strength of the Book:
Pioneer 27.03.16
Justifying the breath of theme, this book is written in well suited manner to keep readers close to the book. The way authoress has presented the story simply shows her hard work and thinking capability. While talking about love, writer has given platform to Zabaria Shaadi, one of the biggest insects in Indian culture at rural areas. Showing intense desire of a lady to get her love back, this book also discuss the pity condition of a person trapped between his aim and expectation with life and old traditions which are just to keep people inside the boundaries of compulsion. As being a debut author, writer has well managed the beauty of story and given it a matured face by being associated with the thing which is being ignored and killing the dreams of many youngsters. Email conversation was also a taste enhancer in this romantic journey. Ending is done quite fine.

Weakness of the Book:
Character justification is not done properly. They suddenly disappear from the story in regular way. Too many characters are introduced which add a somehow illogical and boring section in the book. Notwithstanding the pace, it has much fluctuation of interest and romance. Literature is the breath of love story and here is absent. Rural area of Kartik character could be described in more beautiful way as it is. Blurb tells much of the story which leads readers to skip the pages.

Love Forever @ Rajpath is a beautiful ride of emotions, desire, love, struggle and relationships. While on one hand it talks about the purity of love between two matured persons, it depicts the bitter taste of Indian culture on the other. Giving a glance of government offices, this novel touch the actual beauty of love-like relationship where lust is away from thoughts. Writer has brought an unheard and much ignored topic in her narration, Zabaria Shaadi, which is the strength of the story. Teenagers are not the target audience of this book. It discusses much matured topic of the actual problem of man trapped in the orthodoxy traditions and woman dying to get everything on track. Cover page is quite impressive and title completely suits to the story. Book makes people aware about the dirty traditions which are somehow associated with over beloved ones. The way writer has prepared the book will definitely not be liked by teenagers but secure a safe place in the shelves of rests.

Reviewing Point:
3.5 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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