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Monday, April 4, 2016

Reviews on "In the Shadows of Death"

Review Point: 3.75
Author: Sourabh Mukherjee
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Murder Mystery
ISBN: 978-93-83655-57-1
Edition: First, 2015
Page Count: 382

Sheetal Mehra who until few minutes ago was alive and working in an IT company, located at Kolkata, is suddenly no more. She is found dead in one of the official parties. Her husband Abhinav Mishra and other colleagues are the very first suspect of that murder. To solve the mystery of this unexpected murder, ACP Agni Mitra takes charge of this case and starting working upon with his assistant Arya. Meanwhile, Agni is also having a bitter taste in his personal life, as he is married to Megha. Agni holds both situations properly and proceed accordingly. Will he be able to solve the case? What can be the reasons of murder of Sheetal Mehra as she was naked in the toilet? What problems Agni will face while ablating the truth? How far he is from the actual truth? To know, go through In the Shadows of Death.

Strength of the Book:
Maintaining the curiosity of readers in every line, this book is knitted in very close manner of perfection. Step by step writer has revealed the things whenever required to keep the consistency through out the story. Character justification is properly done. Characters are given proper values as per requirement of the investigation of the case. Sharpness of Agni is really admirable. The way he concludes from the talks with suspects to solve the case is presented beautifully. At many points, writer has made characters alive. A girl dead at half naked state is very reporting work for readers which tie them to know whether she was raped or died during struggle to save herself.

Weakness of the Book:
Story runs of pace and leaves breath at mid. Much fluctuation can be seen. Also, the personal life of Agni could be depicted more beautifully as it appears as brief to entangle the situations of his professional life. Story starts with the scene of theme which is expected by readers in the later delivery of pages.

The actual theme of the novel perfect suits to the title "In the Shadows of Death". Amazing suspense and thrill based this work raises admiration for the writer in the heart of readers. Though theme is so common but the way he has presented the characters and their role does not say that this is debut work by him. Writer is right to say that no matter how far we are educated and having well-knowledge and power, but if there is any who is narrow minded thinking, he will definitely make us feel shaken from inside. Beauty of the theme has given a light on the pity thing running in our society. Depicted well, the story is stated not only for engaging readers with suspense but also to bring at front a part of human which is never beneficial to human-kind in anyway. Besides, cover page could be attractive. Blurb is not that much impressive but the book is.

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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