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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reviews on "Every Heart Has Something to Say..."

Review Point: 3 out 5
Authoresses: Neha Ghosh, Madhurima Halder
Publisher: Omji Publishing International
Genre: Fiction/Love/Romance
ISBN: 978-93-84028-30-5
Pages: 192

Aarohi is a teenager and from Shillong. To have further study, she, with the choice of her father and need of her own desire, goes to Culcutta. She has dream of becoming a doctor. Before starting study here in college, he fortunately comes in contact with Aayan and feels attraction for him. Aayan is a young boy of her age and known to her as a life saver of a drowning child. Slightly they come close and fall in love with each other. Whenever everything goes well, Aarohi gets a biggest shock of her life and finds Aayan' shoulder best place to shed the tears. She spends her days in ecstasy of his love until that day when everything changes and she finds herself unable to stop the moment. What happens between them? Is Aayan completely loyal to Aarohi? Does he love her equally as she does? What was the biggest shock for Aarohi? Why there love story is unique? To know, read "Every Heart Has Something To Say"

Positive about the Book:
Overall, it is an amazing love story. Perfect use of literature make is more impressive book for the readers. Knitted keeping in mind the expectation of teenagers and maturity level of people from twenties, this book is best crisp to dive in romance of Aarohi and Aayan. The use of phrase "Let it hurt" is really admirable and brings readers more close to this love story. The way of presentation makes readers to feel it their own story. Besides, ending is also well and gives immense pleasure to readers. Emotions, literature, scenes are perfectly used in the book to make it the perfect one, which meets to the expectation of readers.

Negative about the Book:
Character justification is not done properly. Novel begins with the deep touch of grammatical errors. Chapter titles are really not impressive and somehow make readers to skip the pages to read further. Writer has created a confusion the confusion by not mentioning the time that the first chapter is from future time. Aarohi is taking about movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani while narration about her past of almost 20 years back. It is quite disappointing too to not clear this and few other similar points. Friends of Aarohi, slightly disappeared from the story which once the main part of. Besides, few chapters are embedded unnecessarily which compels readers to skip pages together.

To let readers have pleasure while reading in love story, this book has been quite successful. If you do not like to see errors in reading, it will disappoint you. Heart touching ending having this book is written such peaceful manner to entertain readers in best way. Cover page is not impressive. Blurb could me more impressive according to story. Those, who opt book by reading blurb only, would surely give it up and miss a sweet and touching love story. Literature has strengthens the story well and in this way it makes a secure place in self of readers for this book.

Review Point:
3 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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