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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Reviews on "The Ribbon Trap"

Review Point: 3 out 5
Author: Shine Syamaladevi
Publisher: Lifi Publications
Genre: Fiction/Romance/Suspense
ISBN: 978-93-82536-90-1
Pages: 272


Smita and Krishnaprem are true lover since their teenage. They spend their lives together and much happily. Krishnaprem is alone in his life and lives in orphanage, while Smita has well setteled family. They secretly get married during their teenage and on the other hand, do not let people know about this truth. Later, Smita clears civil service exam and Joins police force. Here, in her duty, she faces couple of people adverse to her thinking and expectation. Then a day comes, when she, while roaming with Krishnaprem, meets with an accident, so called one of the worst days of her life. This day changes her entire life and Krishnaprem, her lover, tries his best to bring her back to normal while going through the same. Would he be able to conquer the adversities? What type of accident she meets? What type of people she faces during her duty? Who is Surender Kulkarni and why story covers him? To know, read The Ribbon Trap.

Strength of the Book
Book starts with amazing prologue which stitches readers with the story. Well-set characters are played in the book. Plot chosen is very nice and suits to modernisation running in our lives. Describing past and present seperately with a date pattern, way of presentation is good. There comes a time, when readers find their interest with the book at peak. Smita and Krishnaprem characters are crafted much beautifully and writer has perfectly used the location of Delhi city to give it more original look. Ending is done so peacefully by making everything clear and solving each and every matter running throughout the book.

Weakness of the Book
So much characters are introduced in the story which make readers perplexed with the story. At time, few things have introduced unnecessarily which let readers to skip away the pages. No literature is used to depict and enliven the romance part of the book. Holding together the suspense and love story, it at mid annoys readers who are fond of only one genre. Way of presentation is so simple. Story has much ups and downs of twist of interest. Epilogue is damn precised and is sum up of the entire theme at once.

Having strong theme of love and suspense, this book talks on one of the sensitive topic AIDS. Flakes of emotions, mystery, plane romance, a touch of teen age and then of maturity make it a good read for readers who love to have all the things in a single book. Book cover is not attractive. Blurb is too short and does not expresses more about the story, which stands a big negative factor. In the mid, story is stretched so much. Romance in the book is not of that level. Also, though the suspense factor is mentioned well but a little bit weak way of presenting such strong theme diminishes the expectation of readers. This book ensures full entertainment and shock-read. Way of co-ordination between past and present narration is really appreciable. Depicting the intense desire of a male for his dear one, this book would surely be loved by the readers of mid-20s and 30s. And yes, writer is right to write that patient gives up hope when he comes to know that doctors make him fool, but the truth is there is no drug to cure AIDS.

Review Point:
3 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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