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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Reviews on "Voices of the Silent Creek"

Review Point: 2.75 out 5
Author: Vikkas Arun Pareek
Editor: Nivedita N
Publisher: Nivasini
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-81-917944-6-7
Pages: 210

Shanti, who is a daughter of poor farmer, in her very early age was compelled by her family to get married with Mohanlal, son of the Bheem Singh, head of the village. There at the home of her husband she finds a different face of life and lives a cursed life. Meanwhile, her sister Bhano falls in love with with Krishna, brother of Mohanlal. Shanti knows the reality of her house so forbids her sister to get married in the same house. Bhano feels hatred for her sister and keeps avoiding her. Both sisters have a connection with the creek. Bhano has spent her life there with Krishna. Will Bhano marry Krishna? Will Shanti live life happily? Who is Arti? How will she come in her life to change the entire scenario of that village? How creeks speak, what are its voices? To know more, go through the novel Voices of the Silent Creeks.

Strenght of the Book
Novel roams in the backward areas of Rajasthan and throws out a real and bitter face of Indian rural people. Plot is nice and depicted well. Character justification is done well and maintained in the equal importanace throughout the story. Author has given a real view of rural places, names, acts and incidences give more real look to the story. Being women centric, this is very different book from the views of girl, i.e. how a girl survives in the adversities of life and shares her heart. Title selection is really admirable. Nice ending is given.

Weakness of the Book
Dialogue writing is weak. No literature is used in the book, which could give amazing look to the book. Book has many of ups and down in narration. At many of points, it turns weak and kind of boring too. Writer has made a failed attempt to polish few of issues (like Shanti's condition) to make more impressive. Writer has not worked more on the connection of Creeks and both sisters. Mano character could be described more.

While giving a nice story to read, this novel also gives a glance of Indian backward areas. A place and people which are being ignored for hundred of years and not been changed in the age of modernisation are described well. Cover page is amazing and perfectly suits to story. Moreover, title is really unique and impressive. With the sting of weak narration, book looses  interest in middle but covers all the things to let readers have a story of happy and nice ending. Author Vikkas has put his great effort to give it original look. If you want to have it with a spice of literature and much of attractiveness, it will disppoint you. While would be the best entertainer as per story.

Review Point:
2.75 out of 5

Review By:- Kamal Paneru

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