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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Reviews On "3 @ a Time"

Review Point: 3.75
Publisher: Om Ji Publishers
Genre: Fiction/Love
ISBN: 978-93-84028-36-7
Edition: First, February 2015
Page Count: 192

Dipankar, who is not handsome and much dull in study, takes admission in MBA college at Khandala. Here he gets a good friend Sunny as roommate. At the very beginning of college, Dipankar falls in love with Deepa. But, gets big jolt when comes to know the truth about her. He diverts his mind and gets committed with Priya. Within couple of months of relationship with Priya, he meets another girl Sonali. Love takes place between them. Meanwhile another girl enters in the story, Ritika, who is girlfriend of Sunny, proposes Deepankar and again he becomes committed with another girl. On the other side, he is also engaged with Naina who lives in Pune. Besides, Pooja is also best friend of Deepankar. But story takes twist when all Priya, Ritika and Sonali come in contact. What happens next? Who Deepankar actually loved at last? Will he be able to be in college after these love stories? To know, go through the entertaining journey of 3 @ A Time.

Strength Of The Book:
Writing style is really good and suits best to story. Character justification is done properly. Every detail of a life of student is explained very well which gives strength to the story. Book doesn’t make bore to readers and lets them laugh on the stupidity of characters. Writer has touched the real desire of teenagers and people of their 20’s and 30’s. Dialogue writing is also a positive factor which makes book “a must read”. Author has presented the very common theme in effective manner.

Weakness of the book:
Typos and grammatical errors stick to story after couple of pages from start. As per the theme, book lacks literature which is the breath of love story narration. Writer has not worked much on other issues after love stories which are depicted in the book. Though the end is good but the way to end the book is a bit poor.

Full of entertainment, this book is best to read by youth. With best narration, writer has touched the heart of readers and got success to have appreciation from them for his work. Title and cover page do not properly match to the story. Book makes professionals to remember their old days spent in college and other turns at that spell of age. Those, who want to have spice of love, must read life of Dipankar with this novel “3 @ A Time

Reviewing Point:
3.75 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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