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Monday, September 21, 2015

Reviews On “I Dream Of Clyde Monro”

Review Points: 4 out of 5
Poet: D. Everett Newell
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Type: Poetry
ISBN: 978-81-8253-577-0
Page Count: 121

About The Book:
Book is a collection of 90 poems and a micro story. Poems are generally motivational. Depicting the emotions of humans, this book leaves readers to be lost in the pain of survivors. Lori Wilson, Doug Hodges and Corey E Newell have also contributed in the book with one poem from each end. Writer has prepared this book after being inspired from Mike Meachem for the character Clyde Monro and from his family for narration of other poems.

Full of inspiration, feeling and purity of literature, all poems are really worthy to be read again and again by readers. Touching the humor of family, this book also gives light to social bugs. Few of poems reveal the hidden truth of history which makes readers to be more close to this book. Writer has dedicated his some special poems to special people.

Alonzo Cushing Medal Of Honor” to all that act in bravery, they know, they act, not void of fear but act in the wraps of it.
Can You Spell Satan, Have You Seen The Face Of Evil” to USA and all nations that fight for peace and freedom for all.
Christmas Celebration” to all Christian at Christmas time.
Do You Like, Like her” to all teenage boys and their first loves.
Fallen Officer” to all officers and their families that sacrifice for us to keep us safe.
Genius” to all who set goals and make them, that is truly genius.
Ghosts” to subject of ghosts and paranormal.
Laughter” to all of us, that have lost a light in this sometimes dark world.
Ok” to all that suffer depression during the holiday seasons.
Reach Out” to all that don’t have that someone to reach out to.
The Stump” to Lily Dale the author of “The Town That To The Dead”
Terrorism” In remembrance of France, Charlie Hebdo and all senseless killings.
Walk Away” to all of us who suffered a split with someone we invested a lot in.

Other Knocking:
Poet has also dedicated few poems to his relatives, family members and other people who are close to him. Writer has written a special poem “Mr. Chemical” to that chemical which caused death to his dad and cousin.

At the beginning, readers are to try hard to correlate the poems with the title of the book but as book matures, readers find themselves lost in the book and get the actual meaning of book at end. Proper ending of the book justifies the name. The way of pinning a micro story in the book is also unique. By writing poems for each corner of this world which has gained success to get appreciation from the readers. He has best imagination and presentation capability. All these qualities make him extraordinary poet. Few of poems which really impressive are mentioned here:

Alonzo Cushing Medal Of Honor
Can You Spell Satan, Have You Seen The Face Of Evil
Fallen Officer
Forget Their Names
Mind Is A Sponge
Monsters Of The Mountains
Mr. Chemical
Pyramid Of Man
Thick Or Thin
Walk Away
We Are Left Asking Why?
We Are Geckos
What Is A Dream?
Dirty Tin Cup (micro story)

Review Point:  4 out of 5

Review By:
-Kamal Paneru

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