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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review Of "The Trial Of 2091"

Hats off to the imagination of Sarang Gupta. He has knitted the story in most effective way it could be ever. It has given a new way to think to reduce the crime in properly scheduled way. Story comes with the confusing startup but it is well explained with the image representation to bring smoothness in the mind of reader. He had pushed the story forward with a heavy plot which covers the prerequisite things to engage the booklovers. Every chapter brings reader more close the mystery solved and arises the curiosity to turn the page.

Writing could be more effective. Not all but somewhere chapters are not arranged properly. Characters are forgotten step by step, they must be evinced. Footling is also included to enhance the literature which is not that much impressive. Gibberish leaves the breaths of the story at many places.

Story goes slowly on very smooth way and doesn’t let readers to be bored. Better explanation is tied by creating a virtual scenario. The end of the story is awesome; literature is at its peak in the entire novel. Multiple stories are connected with each other very cleverly without creating balderdash. Author has revealed eureka with the depth of love and revenge which were dissembled.

Story is really a nice attempt to preview the e-future of human and surrounding. It tides the patience and curiosity up to the end page and leaves a smile over the lips and great respect for author Sarang Gupta for such creative work.

-Kamal Paneru

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