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Sunday, April 26, 2015

nothing changed yet

Have you forgotten me??? I asked this question to you several times when you were not with me. Nothing to something, then something to confusion, then confusion to love, then love to ecstasy and at last loneliness. This is the unbearable truth of our relation. Today on April 26, 2015, I completed four years when I heard you last time at 10:40 of mid night. You were crying badly and I faced the anger of your catastrophe parents. I must not say but your mother is a bag like the “surpanch” of NH-10 movie. I woke up late by seeing you in my dream. We spent happiest moments together again. I saw, I was in the deep sleep, somebody knocked my door. My roomy refused to leave the bed due to the favorite sleep of morning. So I had to face that unknown face standing next to door. I opened the door with the yawning and got mind block when saw you in front of my eyes. Your spread and untied hair were telling you had taken your bath and your “tilak” told me you did worship. You were to temple for me and for us. You kissed my cheek and asked how I am. I took you in the balcony and welcomed the lord sun with folded hands.

I couldn’t sleep last night. You said.

I slept a lot. I said

Hmmm, I know… because I prayed to give you relief all the time.

Do you miss me every day?

I don’t think, I should answer.
You said and I read your eyes. Love was embroidered in your eyes and I could feel the beauty.

I shouldn’t have asked this question. I said and kissed your forehead. You hugged me tightly and I found it happiest moments when we saw 3 peacocks started to dance in the terrace of building next to ours. They were happy with us and aggrandized the happening of the moment. I felt so relax by hugging you after a long time.

When did you wake up today? I asked and rubbed your back.

I didn’t sleep for entire night.

Ummm…. Why?

I wanted you to see me the first on your morning. Here some four years ago, when left each other without our wishes. And I came here to start it again.

Wow… it’s a surprise for me.

We have waited for four years, now no more. Come to my home and ask me from my parents.

I love you.

I love you too, if you cant come to my home please take me with you for now and for ever.
You said and I hugged you more tightly.

I will never ever leave you even for a while.

I feel myself happy when you are with me and when I think about you.
I said and kissed your head.

Will you be happy with me forever? You asked.

Do you really need an answer?

you said and smiled.

You be fresh, I have to go right now. Today I want to spend my whole day with you.

Really? But please don’t go.

I will be back. We will go Aksardham temple will end our day at India Gate.

Wow… nice idea.

Okay… bye….
You said and left me there by kissing on my palm. you were descending from the stairs and suddenly you fell down. As I heard your scream my dream broke down. It was a terrifying dream. Though I know it was not real, but to pacify my heart I quickly opened the door and ran towards the stairs with bare feet. There was nothing but silence. My roommate ran behind me to know the matter.

What happened? He asked.

Nothing. I replied.

-(c) Kamal Paneru

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