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Saturday, October 7, 2017

You Will Always Be in My Dreams

To the one who can handle me at my worst and cheer me at best

we got separated yesterday.
She had tears in her eyes
I had pain in my heart
She told 'I love you so much'
I thought 'nobody would love you as I'
She told 'it seems you dont love me'.
I closed my eyes.
She told 'I want to leave'.
I wished if she asked what I wanted
She told 'I will miss you daily'
I expressed with my eyes 'I will more than that'
She said 'promise me, you will take care yourself'
I heard her name in my heartbeat
She showed her diary full of her time with me
I couldn't show the unpublished manuscript of 273 pages based on her
She told how she spent time without me
I smiled thinking name we had decided for our first baby
She waved bye
I hugged her last time
She decapitated words inside her
I thought if it were a dream.
She kept looking the way until I disappeared
I wished she stop me.
She had said 'I will miss you daily'
Now, I get hiccups daily
And strive to publish those now 412 pages.

- Kamal Paneru (Kani)

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