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Monday, January 16, 2017

Road Accident: A Terrifying Journey

I was traveling to Nainital from Delhi, a journey of 300 km. I took my bus from Anand Vihar bus stand and boarded on at 8:00 p.m. Fog was too dense in the nearby area, hence driver to prevent any trouble to passengers was driving the bus quite slowly. All passengers were packed under their blankets and the warmness of AC. Things were going quite well until that moment. It was, I think, Kashipur area, a border of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. It was 1:00 a.m. at night and the road was clear, I could see twinkling lights at horizon. To save the time, driver sped up the bus without letting passenger disturbed. I with ear buds enjoying movie on mobile, my eyes were turning sleepy. Two bicycles were crawling on road and our bus was to overtake that. And yes! We did it. Then, a thing happened which I had not expected. A Mahindra Bolero overtook our bus in speed at stopped at the mid of road with roaring of tires, so did our bus. A Punjabi person came out of driver seat of that Bolero and started to seek something under his seat after opening the door. He took out a Kirpan and approached our bus with running feet. He with full of his power hit that weapon on the front glasses of our bus, in no second glass broke and scattered into thousands of small pieces, he then, even after resist by driver, broke all window glasses one by one and abused driver a lot. I was stunned on it, everybody woke up with that noise, we were trapped there. He also fused the headlights of our bus and then ran away. There was no light on the road so it was quite difficult for driver to drive in such darkness, then two of passengers took out their big torch and set next to driver to show the path, with speed less than 20 km we reached the police station after 2 hours and filed a complaint against that person stating his vehicle number.
-- Kamal Paneru