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Friday, June 24, 2016

Reviews on "Song of a Flying Sparrow"

Review Point: 3 out of 5
Author: Rajeev Pundir
Genre: Fiction/Humour
Publisher: Author’s Ink
ISBN: 978-9385137440
Page Count: 135
Edition: First

Story is about two friends Chiya and Chanda. While Chanda is from a poor family, Chiya is the only daughter of billionaire Mr Ruhela. Chanda has to support her family to have survival out of the toughest period, on the other hand, Chiya who has everything a wants to have lacks love from her parents, the only desire. Story takes a turn when Chiya comes to know that Mr Ruhela is not her father and both of her parents were divorcee ante their marriage. Chiya leaves her home sickness and comes out to find her actual father. How tougher her journey is? Who is Mr. Tyagi and why Chiya’s mother wants her to marry him even knowing he is a divorcee. What the story actually goes around? Will Chiya find her real parents? Will they accept her? Will Chiya get love from her parents? To know all these things, go through the book Song of a Flying Sparrow.

Strength of the Book
Writer has put his best efforts to make characters and incidences alive. Chiya character in itself is a deep research for the novel. Set in the current trend of society this novel fulfils the criteria of bringing all these things together and throughout the narration. Proper literature is used to print the story in the mind of readers with complete entertainment. Story has several emotional points which make readers to shed tears for the sake of live of characters. Proper starting is given to this and moreover, the book does not take end at end, narrating unexpected change in Chanda’ life, it takes a new beginning which is really an impressive step to keep readers entertained. The very first meet of Chiya with that DU professor is incredibly amazing and layered in tryst of emotions.

The very first thing which brings book down is character justification. Chanda character disappears as story covers pages. Nothing more described about Chanda’s family, it could be better if had, as introduced Chanda among central characters in the beginning. At few points, writer has introduced unnecessary length of narration i.e. communication between pleader and inspector in police station. Chiya’s only male friend is not described separately and hence it is not able to keep readers with him. Theme is nice but platform is weak.

Author Rajeev has done justice with the book. As name suggest, story goes along with. Cover page is also awesome. Blurb could be more impressive. Chiya is introduced as gnawing character for readers which keeps readers tied until the end page. Ending of the novel is really shocking, it is like to make readers out of dreams. At few points, writer has exaggerated the sections which can be skipped as put no effect on the flow. A very common beginning is used but very unique platform is given as story matures after couple of pages. Touching the deep of emotions and someway reality of high-profile people, this novel is a good effort to give light on one of such lives. At last, novel is a good read and makes readers to appreciate author for such book. 

Reviewing Point:
3 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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