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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Reviews on "Chasing Illusions"

Review Point: 3 out of 5
Author: Utakarsh Jayant
Publisher: Frog Books, Imprint of leadstart publishing
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978-93-52013-55-5
Edition: First
Page Count: 239

About the Book
With his small family, Ajay lives in a small village Bagbola near Delhi area. He is much confuse about his doing and not sure what to do to have better future. He loves Vidhi since childhood, she lives next to him. Then in the race of being ahead, Ajay with his friend Chhotu comes out to earn money. He tries all good and bad ways to follow his dream. Soon in the company of politicians, he enters in the business of real-estate. Here following adversities, he becomes culprit by collapsing lands of farmers. With his unending desires and hunger of money, he keeps going ahead with the layer of corruption and power. What is his actual dream? Will he come back from that world of sin? Will Vidhi be with him? Will politicians ditch him? How will he face farmers further? To know more, go through the Chasing Illusion.

Strength of the Book
Book is narrated in such a beautiful manner that each and every bite of the scenario is described properly. Nothing seems imaginary there. Writer has maintained a flow of the book throughout the narration. Proper separation is done to distinguish stories running together with the major one. Centralised character is perfectly depicted with action, emotions and behaviours. Very simple language is used which makes readers go through in flow. Place and incidences description is done very well. Besides, dialogs are also written properly to maintain the consistency of entertainment. Digging real facts of real-estate world, this book gives light on the conditions of poor and farmers who are being looted by powerful persons. Ending given to the book is impressive and leaves happiness over readers' face.

Weakness of the Book
Book lacks interest. Theme chosen is perfect but plot doesnt do justification with it. Dialog writing is not that much impressive. Very pity thing for a reader is when the very first page of book contains grammatical error and it is one of them, errors continue in much of pages. Blurb is not impressive. Cover page also leaves a negative impact. Character justification is not done properly. Also, chemistry between Vidhi and Ajay lacks attention of readers.

Author Utakarsh Jayant has put his best efforts to make this book impressive and somehow he has been successful in it. At present, Indian farmers are really facing bad days and losing their lands, this fact is well clicked in this book. Author has done great job and studied well. Blurb is the naive form of any book, if it is not well, it will not grow. Blurb is not grasping. The way author has made fiction seeming real is amazing. Well-set platform and proper dialog writing give it strength. As a debut work, Utakarsh has proved his capability to stand alone uniquely with claps of admiration.

Reviewing Point:
3 out of 5

Review By:
- Kamal Paneru

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