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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reviews of novel “From Afar”

Author: Frank Scozzari

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

ISBN: 9781625261939

Genre: Fiction Love & Travel

Edition: First, 2015


The story is about the Morgan Stanfield who is from California, United State. The character is truly mad about to have love and all with the girls which he searches from social networking site. He puts the trust on the women who meet there and at last gets fabricated with nothing from each lady. His passion towards the happy life and future makes him to travel the world specially the Russia country. Here he learns lot of things from the life and himself.

Strength of the Book:

Book has beautiful love stories of the main character with different women from corners of the world. One sided love is expressed with innocence and in its purest form it could be written ever. Each place which is mentioned is written in such way that virtual images of the city and things float in front of the eyes. The entire story is divided in 25 small segments to keep each and everything separate but connected with the stems of the flow and interest. It doesn’t let reader to be bored even anywhere. Russia country is described in the best manner to let readers be familiar with the place where they never been. The church, the museum, the lover’s bridge and all are revealed with utmost vision. It shows what a man can really do and how far go when he trusts someone blindly. Also the story warns people to choose their love and life partner from social networking websites. The literature is in its best form too.

Weakness of the Book:

It would lead the readers to disappointment who don’t love to read about tours and travels. Being an author, writer should respect the culture and identity of a country. In any form, German language must not be abused and people not compared with barking of dogs. Besides this, some characters in the starting are added unnecessarily.


Author Frank has written best thing with the love stories and beauty of the Russia country. He really knows what to write and where to write. His way of presenting the literature, love and the places together speaks his in depth work and dedication to the book. Also, the story ties the attention of the reader up to the ends of the page. Frank has much potential to engage the minds of the readers and nurture with the best poison of his work.

Reviewing Point:

4.2 out of 5.

Review By:

- Kamal Paneru

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