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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

in the lap of silence

“Kamal, Place your hand over me, I want you to heal me”. I still remember her words. In that evening I saw her for very last time. Some two years ago when we met first time, she was shivering with the cold. And a thread of sneeze was overwhelming her to be squeezed. Completely wet with the demon rain drops she was heading to nowhere on the footpath. Thunderstorm had made the silence in the road. Her suit was flat to her body and she was trying to cover her head with the dupatta.  I was driving my Innova and illuminating the impression of that rainy season. I saw a girl, an alone girl was moving on the footpath and her feet were trembling. Its men’s tendency they do not leave a girl, especially when she is alone. I slowed down and turned my car lil bit to her 
She needs help, I must drop her”. I said to myself. I was not intended to get her; I just turned on my coin of helping nature. I stopped my car some 15 feet ahead of her and by peeping from the left hand side door of my car as I opened my lips to speak something, her beauty dazzled me. How beautiful how elegant she was. But on keeping it aside I asked her to come with me. She denied and everybody knows why. But when I said her “you will be sick, strangers are better than known, so trust me atleast once, I’ll drop you where you want, you won’t get any rickshaw or auto to be with” she agreed with a thanks on her lips. As she entered in the car, she made entire seat wet with her cloths. Her home was some one kilometer away from there. Actually not her home, she used to live there on rent. She was from Indore. Such a nice combination she was from Indore and I from Indrapuram of Delhi but both were working in Ahmadabad. She shifted here few days ago. I dropped her at her home. She requested me to have a cup of tea and I couldn’t deny the request of such adorable girl.
What do you do? Study or job?” I asked.
job”. She replied precisely.
“Some 2km away from here, at Jaanvi software Pvt Ltd.”
“Really?” I asked though I was not ready to believe that those sweetest lips of the world can lie. It was my company. I was the owner of Jaanvi Software Pvt Ltd. I had incepted it some two years ago in the remembrance of my love. It was a small company but continuously growing.
Hmmm, what do you do?” I wanted to tell her the truth but I didn’t. I do job in a small company. I changed the topic. She had joined us few days ago and then I came to knew who my company workers used to talk about. Really she was amazing. On that day I regretted why I don’t take interviews why have I opted HR and other members to scrutinize the talent of knowledge and beauty. We became friend and exchanged our numbers. In further days we talked a lot, and gradually she fell in love with me without knowing me much. And I was much dedicated to my ex lover who was almost a wife for me. When she proposed me I denied by saying I have no feeling for you. Though I liked much but it was unfeasible for me to fall in love again. She cried in front of me a lot and said those words I have written in the starting. I was fortunate that somebody loved me without knowing my possession. But I was the man of words. She left me there that day when I told her I love someone else. She couldn’t know that I was the owner of the company, and generally it happens a normal employee can’t see the owner of the company. On the very next week I came to know she had left the company and had left the footprints of her heart in my mind and most probably somewhere in my heart. After one month I started to miss her. I phoned her, that was switch off, I went to her room, she had left that before. I checked the mail id of that girl from the docs records of employers. I mailed her but after the very first very first mail she blocked my there. It has been two years, I have never seen such elegant such kind such beautiful girl as she was. She was the name of charming person she was the meaning of adorable and she was more than that what I can’t explain in words. But I miss her; I feel I have lost something. Actually that was not something, she was more than that. I think everything after my first love. Yesterday she replied me on mail, and today I am going to meet her and say her that “dear let me wake up from the lap of silence because I love you. Squeeze me with you lingering love.”

-         ©Kamal Paneru