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Friday, February 2, 2018

Before the Print (2): Why Should I Love You?

On the very next day when everyone was curious and worried about GATE result, my main concern was the breath of this story. Writing was over and the game began. It had been produced and needed to be baptized. I needed a long break from everything to have it a name. Both of the titles keep nagging my mind each and every minute and later it was named as Why Should I Love You…??? 

FB page helped me a bit to create a small mass over it. Then the era came of rejection. One by one, I approached some twenty or more publishers, but most of the results were common – not selected.
Meanwhile, I had joined an IT company in Noida as a writer. Life of Delhi–NCR gave a new expose to my thoughts. I revisited my manuscripts and did some amendments in order to polish the manuscript. The story was/is about love and betrayal; hereby, another name Love Blister hit my mind. Previous rejection sucked my patience but I kept trying. Meanwhile, plenty of self-publishing organisations showed interest on it; but I really was in no mood to go for self-publishing as was completely unaware of market scenario. I wanted a publishing house to adopt this baby and look after under their shelter.

Then, a publisher from Bengaluru showed their interest in it; they were ready to publish it under their name. Quite happy I was, I quickly coordinated with them and had NOC. A person who is strong of words would surely fall in front of terms and conditions. I was among those people and chose not to go with them. While the story was having shower of rejections and it got a shelter, I snatched it back to have battle further. After few days, again one by one, seven more publishers showed their interest in it. Meanwhile, I kept editing it to make perfect and ignoring the offers. A year had been passed when Half Baked Beans Publisher accepted it and ensured me that they will publish if after two year -- 2017.
I was done. I forwarded it to their shelter and relaxed. Now I had two years to add and delete words in it with the item. Yeah, many times I read it as third person I found few instances very beautiful and could not believe that it was only I behind it.

Up to the year 2017, it had been of 53000 words. I had deleted prologue and increased the length of epilogue in order to do proper justice with all the characters of the story.
With reading plenty of novels, I came to know this factor and also focused on better ending.

A story that started in the summer of 2011 was going to be published in the summer of 2017. Six years… a span of six years. A story that started during time of Orkut is being discussed somewhere in the posts of Facebook. A story that was facing rejections is now available on ecommerce websites. Why Should I Love You…??? is alive now and with the blessings of readers, always will be.

There are ample of instances that I did not discuss here; not that I could not dare, but few secrets are not be revealed.

© Kamal Paneru

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